All Meeting Minutes

2-18-18 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:     Feb 18, 2018

Start Time:        5:00 pm

End Time:         5:26 pm

Location:        CSC yard








Joel Gussman



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Mary Lucus-Flannery



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Joshua Leihe



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Will Yu



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Zach Simson



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Will Spargur



Port Captain (co)

Lydia Lopez



Port Captain (co)

Jacqui Zechar




Peter Kuhn



Secretary (co)

Pilar Schmidt



Secretary (co)

Carolyn Brown




Commodore: Greetings!

  • We got our grant! Special thanks to Josh Leihe who put in hours preparing the application with Peter’s help.
  • I prepared the annual report for DBW. DBW sent a “secret rider” to audit us at one of last season’s open houses, Gunther was their skipper and they were very impressed with the sailing and the open house event.
  • The annual DBW meeting is coming up on March 20-21, myself and Carolyn Brown will be attending.
  • Ali Andress, the Waterfront Manager claims that small dock replacement on track for this summer. The work window for that project closes in October so the dock should be should finished in summer. A big Thank You to everyone who attended the waterfront meeting to support the dock.
  • Ryan Alder completed the application for our free birth renewal, it will be voted on at the next Waterfront Commission meeting.
  • We amended the Operating Rules to include a clear sexual harassment policy, you can read it on the website. Pilar Schmidt is the conduct chair, she will be handling any complaints of harassment, as well as running sexual harassment clinics for day leaders, excomm, and anyone else who is interested. Our goal is to make the club more inclusive and friendly to all members.
  • We need a Youth Ride coordinator. This position is extremely important to the club. it’s part of our grant and part of the work we do for the community.
  • We are being sued in small claims court over a capsize during open house. We were given a non-specific demand letter with medical records. Although we have paid medical expenses for demands in the past, we have not pay anything to this defendant because their medical records indicated that their medical expenses were covered by insurance. Subsequently, the defendant has filed for $10K in small claims court. An excomm member will represent us if we have to appear in court, I can’t do it because a lawyer cannot go to small claims court.
  • We recently had a great annual excomm retreat where we discussed the future of the club and how to make the club a better place. Since we are often dealing with immediate needs, we haven’t been been as forward thinking as we could be. We want to start thinking about having a clearer vision for the future, because although this place is awesome it could be even better. I plan to convene a Capital Improvements Committee, discussions will include facilities upgrades such as classroom, heat, new buildings and/or new locations.
  • Lastly, we are always concerned about safety and security. There was a break-in at Cal Adventures recently. If you see anything, call the police, tell the marina office, and the private security guard. If it is safety concern, call 911. If barred members show up, call the police.


Vice Commodore: (Mary) open house season has recommenced. If you are volunteering, read the email, we have new procedures. March 11 is our next open house, bring your friends! Please post pictures and positive reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Instagram and use  #calsailing.  We are going to announce a committee that will focus on increasing membership. Our goals are diversity and inclusion, we recognize that we may need to do things differently to attract more diverse members, and it’s important to have transparency. (Lonnie) we have a projector and are planning to host movie nights on weekends when the weather is warmer.

First Vice: not too much happening with Dinghy’s will be getting a replacement Quest for the one that had a recent hull failure. There are 2 more quests on order and the fiscal year ends in April. If you want to run a repair clinic let us know. If there is a problem that you think can be solved, send us email. You are welcome to do experimental fixes as long as they are reversible.

Second Vice: we are on track to get new foil boards mid-March. There will be a lesson plan for foiling and surfers will have to be rated. Look for an announcement. We are replacing older novice boards and some JR boards, to get new equipment for this season. In April we will start JR clinics, for new JRs to get more experience in high wind. Hoping other J+ and seniors will continue teach.

Third Vice: all keelboats in good condition, Portugal Princess is due for a haul out and full paint job as soon as we figure out the most cost effective way to do it, now that we have to pay daily storage fees.

Port Captains: we hired two new day leaders, and we are doing more VDL trainings.

Secretary: the clubhouse AED was tested and is working fine. We have 2018 promotional postcards, please share them with your friends, colleagues, schools, clubs, fitness centers, etc.  

Treasurer: at the next GMM we will vote to increase dues to compensate for the minimum wage increase in Berkeley. The increase is expected to be about $10/quarter.

Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition February 1 2018

As of February 1st we had $50,026 in the bank, down $11,911 from 11/1/17. Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club.

Income 11/1/17 - 1/31/18


Regular memberships


Donations (thanks!),credit card cash rewards, surplus sales (keelboat equipment)


UC workstudy reimbursement


Total Income


Spending  11/1/17 - 1/31/18


Clubhouse and Yard-- garbage service, portapotty service, DSL service for clubhouse computer, lightbulb, screws and washers, gloves, organizer boxes, hooks, tags, wire, bunnysuit, blades, bits, heat gun, spray paint, cord, hose, solder, wire, jig saw blades, dish soap, steel strip, paper towels, aluminum pans, markers, umbrella, BBQ parts, toner for printer, anemometer and transmitter, cups, spoons, stirrers, padlock, screws, coffee, tire valve adapters, tire inflators,  batteries, snack, propane, Xmas decor, trash cans, dust masks, duck tape, paper towels, hot chocolate, roofing materials yard shed.


Dinghies--spinnaker, sail covers, gennaker, line, cleats, harnesses, lantern,  carabiners, trapeze rings, tiller clips, needle kit, wire, box, keyfloat, tires and tubes for dinghy dollies, rig tape, bungee cord, eyebolt, snap shackles, lanyard, chafe sleeve, resin syringes, paddles, tiller universals, velcro, swivel, patch kit, tire levers, cheek blocks, cotter rings, labels, quick pins, sail repair tape.


Rescue skiffs--propeller guard, engine parts, gas


Keelboats--sail repairs, hull cleaning, winch bearings, hatch latch, snap, halyard, windex, line, mainsheet, fasteners, D shackle, rivets


Tools--drillbits, spraypaint, screwdriver, scissors, vise grips, screws, tire irons, acetone, wire strippers, air tool connector, oil, nuts, wire brushes, pads, wrench sets, oil spray, silicone spray, oil squirt can, socket sets, hex bit set, tape measure, sawzall


Windsurf---footstraps (less refund on returns), harnesses, sanding discs, masking tape, spray hood, trashbags,  respirator, carbon fiber cloth, resin, catalyst,  respirator filters, gloves, sail repair tape


Activities--food for November Open House and General Membership Meeting, gift cards for General Membership Meeting, fruits, snacks for clubhouse, pizza Thurs racing dinner, food for parties, coffee for clubhouse


Communications: USSailing membership, copies of letter to City, postage to ship VHF radio for repair


Safety Equipment:  VHF radio repair, postage


Bank--credit card charges


Dayleader wages and taxes, food, boatercard fees


Insurance--refunds on workers comp and general liability


City of Berkeley--2 months rent on clubhouse/yard space


Office Supplies: envelopes, CF numbers


Taxes: use tax on wholesale purchases, DMV fees, less refund on property taxes


Total Spending



Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!