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August 12, 2018 General Membership Meeting

Meeting Date:     August 12, 2018

Start Time:        6:15 pm

End Time:         6:30 pm

Location:        CSC yard








Joel Gussman



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.


In kitchen

Vice Commodore (co)

Mary Lucus-Flannery



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Joshua Leihe



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Will Yu



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Zach Simson



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Will Spargur



Port Captain (co)

Lydia Lopez



Port Captain (co)





Peter Kuhn




Carolyn Brown





Commodore: We are looking for a volunteer to help lead up the CSC effort for California Coastal Cleanup Day (Part of a worldwide coastal cleanup day) on Sept. 15 from 9am to noon. The volunteer will need to get the word out to CSC members and coordinate with Cal Adventures and our local Coastal Cleanup coordinator. Coastal Cleanup Day is actually really important and DBW puts pressure on us to participate. We do not just pick up trash but we also keep statistics. For example, this allowed the state to track that plastic bags are no longer in the top ten pieces of trash picked up, which basically means the plastic bag ban was very effective. I believe our clean up efforts will be along the South Sailing Basin.

Get signed up for Yahoo group, so you can learn about events like Coastal Cleanup, Cruises, special clinics, and other opportunities at the club.

We are coming up on your 70th year at the club we want to have an anniversary party at the November GMM. Announcements will be forthcoming for volunteers to help create an awesome party for the 70th anniversary.

Vice Commodore (Mary): Let’s give Lonnie a big high-five because he does so much. We are proud of how smoothly open houses are going and we are grateful of all the work everyone puts in at open houses. This year’s open houses have been capsize-free, let’s keep that record going. Keep loving our new members, take them under your wing, and help them be part of this great community.

First Vice: Almost all of our 26 dinghies are sailable. One JY15 needs the mast and rigging installed and one Quest needs to have sails put up and some additional small components to be sailable. We have new headsails for the Quests, and held a clinic to show members how to install them. Tim Garcia will be doing a dinghy repair clinic in the next month. Anyone interested in coordinating a repair clinic or doing repairs in general should contact James Clarkson.

Second Vice: Thank you windsurfers for helping out at open house

Third Vice: This quarter we are back to a 6-boat fleet as The Boat Formerly Known as Portugal Princes (tm) is back home. Even with a few early regretful scratches, she is absolutely beautiful.  Huge thanks to Sheldon, Greg, Robert, and over a dozen others who collectively put in almost 1000 hours of work, saving us thousands of dollars in KKMI labor. The rest of the fleet is in good condition.  We're getting ready to order some new sails, and the merits and maybe Pomodoro will be getting new running rigging soon.

Rear Commodore (sailing):

Dinghy Instruction (last 3 months) - Running about the same number of students Saturdays, slightly lower on weekdays. Thanks to those who have been doing Ground School on Saturdays, where we’ve been running in the 40s of students, many waiting an hour or more.

Fast Track - 4 completed, 1 remaining. Really good program, great fun, great results. 

Keelboat Program - Slowed down a lot because of work on Portugal Princess, that took away instructors. Picking up now. We now have Keelboat Lessons Coordinator, Oliver Palmer, who is doing this for the next 3 months as a Senior Project. Not only will he coordinate lessons, he will help set up a process to do that in the future.

Sailboat Ratings for 2018 - 43 Novices, 52 Juniors,,3 Seniors, 3 Cruise

New Instructors - Some recent Juniors have been doing a lot of teaching, many thanks for that. Gene, Memo, David, and others.

Rear Commodore (windsurfing): Ratings for 2018, novice = 177, junior = 36, J+ = 13

Secretary: the clubhouse AED was tested and is working fine.  

Treasurer: Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition August 1 2018

As of August 1st we had $22,469 in the bank, down $14,796 from 5/1/18.  We expect to be reimbursed $12,000 by the California Parks and Recreation Division of Boating and Waterways for novice windsurf boards we purchased this quarter.

Income 5/1 - 7/31/18


Regular memberships


DBW grant--reimbursement 2 RS Quests (Q7 & Q8)


Donations, surplus equipment sales (old skiff outboard motor), credit card cash rewards


Windsurf locker memberships


UC workstudy reimbursement


Total Income



Spending   5/1 - 7/31/18


Dinghies--2 RS Quests (Q7 & Q8), JY15 gudgeons, fast pins, line, hose, block, barb, coupler, sanding discs, sandpaper, nuts and bolts, shackles, shroud adjusters, drain plugs, bubble solution, disposable gloves, pins for Selden boom end and gnav fittings, case, tool, 1st aid kit, dry bag, pin, shackles, stay adjuster, compass, 16 paddles, U adapter, tiller clips, sling parts, stainless angle,  tires, tubes for dollies, food for dinghy workparty, sail repairs


Dayleader wages and taxes, payroll processing


Windsurf--20 sails, 8 novice windsurf boards, deposit for 5 more novice windsurf boards, 2 windsurf foil boards, foils and foil wings, 18 masts, 26 mast extensions, power box, board nose protectors, carbon fiber, nose pads for boards, mast extensions, repair tape, line, collars, washers, redeck, disposable gloves, release fabric, epoxy hardener, windsurf sail repairs


Clubhouse and Yard--windsurf sail rack and cover materials, supplies for dinghy container shelving, tables, trashbags, painting supplies, coveralls, tape, power tap, DSL service for clubhouse computer, porta potty service, propane, lumber, pipe, padlock, dock repair supplies, power cord tap, varathane, screws, washers, sandpaper, caulk, glue, rubber spray, acetone, stain, electrical supplies, sanding discs, sanding belt, toilet seat, cat food,  swim noodles, hooks, calipers, creamer, ping pong balls, snax, dish soap, bandaids, dump fees, no smoking signs, lattice, roofing, screws, disposable eating utensils, cord, paper towels, whistles, spray paint, screw eyes, weedwhacker parts, blower, hose valves, foam, light solvent glue sticks cord wire, sprayers alcohol brushes dowel, yard pavement sealant


Insurance--marine liability annual premium and amendment, Directors & Officers annual premium


Activities--dock fees and food for cruises,  food for Open Houses and for General Membership Meeting 5/13, food for parties, coffee and cocoa and fruit and snax for clubhouse, food and supplies for Thursday night racing dinners, food for Fast Tracks and Advanced Dinghy Seminars and lesson BBQ's and women's sailing clinic


Keelboats--remainder payment for yard work on KFAPP (boat known formerly as Portugal Princess), spark plugs for keelboat motors, painting supplies for KFAPP refurb, extension cord, hull cleaning, fender, winch handle, winch handle kit, battery charger, connectors, CSC hoodies for PP haulout workers


City of Berkeley--rent on clubhouse and yard space


Use tax on wholesale purchases, DMV registration


Safety Equipment: wetsuits, sunscreen, dayleader booties, radio exchange warranty, shackles, knife, line


Bank--credit card processing, bank fees


Rescue skiffs--241 gallons of gas, propeller guard, propeller guard repair, key-switch, fuel primer bulb, oil filter and cotter pin, tow line, thru-hull, sling straps, diode, cleats, screws, wire connectors,


Tools- sander, discs, cordless vac, tape measure, blades, dremel kit, extension cord,  rivet nut tools, sander pad, scissors, pliers, clamps, torch, screwdrivers, pliers, caulk, sponges, sanding belts, markers, screwdrivers, air compressor repair parts, pincers, chisel, hose clamps, sawzall parts, tape measures, spark plug wrenches, drill bit set, screws


Communications--Iwindsurf subscription for clubhouse display, hoodies for Excomm, website software subscriptions


Office Supplies--ink cartridge, laminating


Total Spending



Special thanks to Birk Huber, Alan Ostreicher, Daniel Boldi, and Ben Lee for coordinating Fast Tracks. Also thank Marie Duvernoy for coordinating Adv. Dinghy, David Hrdlicka for coordinating Senior Study group, Caryl Wolff for coordinating Women's Sailing Clinics, Deepti Karandur for coordinating Youth Rides, and Roger Tong for building the new Junior sail racks. Thank Lonnie for the sail covers. Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!