All Meeting Minutes

11.15.18 GMM minutes

Meeting Date:     Nov 15, 2018

Start Time:        8:00 pm

End Time:         8:30 pm

Location:        Berkeley Yacht Club








Joel Gussman



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Mary Lucus-Flannery



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Joshua Leihe



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Will Yu



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Curt Lanyi



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Matt Hess



Port Captain (co)

Lydia Lopez



Port Captain (co)

Brenden Kallaby




Peter Kuhn




Carolyn Brown




Commodore Joel: Thanks! to the band, the cooks, and all of your clubmates. Thank you to some members who put in extra time; David Fawcett for his work as our parking liaison, and thanks to all the people who come to the meetings to support us at Park & Waterfront Commission meetings, Robert Ofsevit for leading the coastal clean-up, Nick Goyhenetche for coordinating Thursday night racing. We have some new Excomm members, Will Spargur stepped down and Matt Hess is our new rear commodore of windsurfing. Zack Simson stepped down and Curt Lanyi is our new co-2nd Vice Commodore or windsurfing.

Our grant renewal is due Nov. 30 big thanks to Josh Leihe for taking the lead and putting it together, he put in a lot of work. This year’s grant is more competitive, since the Department of Boating & Waterways grant budget is reduced by $300,000. I’m currently working on the annual report for the Department of Boating & Waterways, if you have photographs of CSC activities please send them to so they can be included in the annual report.

Please make security at the marina a priority. I witnessed a drive-by shooting in the J-dock parking lot in late August. The only way to combat crime in the marina is to have a greater police presence, if you hear anything suspicious call 911. This is what the marina management wants us to do.


Vice Commodore Mary: Lonnie puts in an incredible amount of work and deserves a lot of credit for all the things happening at the club. As Vice Commodores, our focuses is membership and interacting with community. At Open Houses you’ll see Lonnie making everything happen behind the scenes while I manage all the activities out front. The 2018 Open Houses each had between 150 and 350 participants and achieved our goal of offering this opportunity to the community. Two things that made this season’s Open Houses successful were having many new juniors skippering in pairs and our new banquet chair Steven preparing all our food. I want to thank Christina Polito-Halter and Ryan Alder for stepping up and running Open Houses when I was unavailable. It is also wonderful that we were able to provide dinners for the advanced dinghy classes and create stronger community to help our junior skippers achieve senior rating.


First Vice Dan: I’m one of three First Vices in charge of the dinghy fleet. We have 26 boats, including a brand new JY. I’d like to name a couple people who deserve thanks for the hours they have contributed to maintaining our dinghy fleet. Tim Garcia did a very productive JY repair clinic for his senior project. If you are interested in doing something like that ask Tim how it went and see what else needs work. Additionally Daniel Boldi, Dave Elias, Peter Kuhn, John Bongiovanni, Cooper Butler-Brown, and Carolyn did significant work on various boats in the fleet. We’ll be getting one new boat next year and concentrating on keeping the rest of our fleet in working order. Please come see me or the other 1st vice, James and Josh, if you want to help maintain the fleet.


Second Vice Curt: We had a great windsurfing season, we got new gear including foiling boards. We built a new sanding room which is very nice and healthier for anyone sanding and safer for the environment. We have new gear coming next year hopefully it won’t get trashed. I also saw lots of sailors trying out windsurfing, keep it up.


Third Vice Ryan: Not a lot of news on the keelboat side. We have many new senior and cruiser skippers. We want to thank Sheldon and Greg for their work to maintain the fleet. Pomodoro is for sail. She might be sold to someone here and staying in the family. We are looking for a replacement, something fun and different for us to play with. If you see anything for a reasonable price or free, let me know. Dec. 8 is the Berkeley lighted boat parade and the Harbor Master, Ali Andress, asked us to participate. Senior or cruising skipper who want to participate can send us an email and we will help decorate a boat. Lon did this last year and got third place.


Rear Commodore John:

  • Dinghy Lessons – running about even with last year, slightly fewer students on Saturdays, slightly more on weekdays. Lessons on Demand going well. New Juniors (and Novices, even) are coming out and teaching. Thanks!
  • Keelboat Lessons – we took a hit this year because of the extensive work on Portugal Princess, but we’re recovering. Oliver Palmer has been Keelboat Lessons Coordinator, which has helped bring more order to the process. We are working to carry this work on at the end of his Senior Project.
  • Fast Track – 5 successful Fast Tracks this year. This continues to be a popular and successful program. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially the organizers.
  • Advanced Dinghy – incredibly well organized, thanks to Marie Duvernoy.
  • Workshops – lots this year. Some great Women’s Sailing Clinics, both dinghy and keelboat; racing; rudderless sailing; single-handing; others.
  • Ratings awarded:
  • 76 Novices (ahead of all of last year)
  • 70 Juniors (behind last year, but ahead of 2016)
  • 7 Seniors (1 more on the way, good year) and 4 Cruise (a record)
  • And some of the effects. A lot more Cruises this year, more than twice the participants of last year, almost twice the number of cruises, and four times the number of dinghy cruises compared to the previous year.
  • Blogs – great instructional material. Thanks to those who have written them. I encourage others to do so, and I’ll help by editing.
  • Looking Forward:
  • Senior Study Group, coordinated by Mariya Ryazantseva
  • Cruise Study Group, coordinated by Elyakim Renat
  • Fast Tracks (need coordinators)
  • Advanced Dinghy (need coordinator)
  • We live or die as a sailing club based on our instruction and our instructors. Thanks to all of you who have taught, and I encourage others who to do so. You’ll learn a lot teaching, and you’ll find a lot of support at the Club for you.


Port Captain Brenden: I want to remind everyone that on days with poor air quality, the Day Leader decides if the club is open. If they don’t feel comfortable with the conditions they will email the list and let everyone know. If there is no Day Leader or Volunteer Day Leader the club is closed. A huge thanks to the Day Leader team. Over the summer 3 day leaders have gotten junior skipper rating and/or junior windsurf rating. We get a lot of support from our Volunteer Day Leaders. A big shout out to Tony Shermoen and Tone Toe. They have been here many days to  keep the club open and made it possible for people to go out on the water. If you want to become a Volunteer Day Leader or refresh your VDL training, contact the Port Captains. A reminder that there are no schedules Day Leaders on Tue and Wed during winter break, VDLs can help our to keep the club open. Winter is coming there will be more low tide situations, please anticipate adjusted hours for tides. Winter is also the season of storm winds, remember that the DL/VDL is in charge. always check in with them before going out.

Parking Chair David Fawcett: Most of you are aware that the marina is looking at changing the parking here, primarily in response of the ferry commuters taking up a lot of spaces in the South Cove parking lots. Big thank you to everyone who has come to the Marina meetings and the Part & Waterfront Commision meetings. It has made a big impression on the marina staff and P&WC members. Paul Kamen has also been influential in the planning process and promoted an alternative plan to the Marina staff.  Last night we first heard of an unannounced plan from the marina staff for the new parking plan. The good news is they are going to leave the South Cove lots the way they are so we can park for free all day after 9am and for free all day on weekdays. They are looking at implementing a fee for the early hours on weekends, with the intention that the ferry riders will park elsewhere. Thanks to everyone who came out, the marina is listening to us. They still want time limits in the J/K/L/M birther lots. They will give us free 72-hour passes for the cruise participants if they implement a fee in the J/K/L/M lots. I think we are on the right track. Look at the proposal on the marina site. Email Ali Andress, she will take comments until the end of this year. They plan to roll out this plan in march, and they may make adjustments to the plan before then. The marina staff really want to work with us to make this work for everyone.


With 68 members present, We lacked quorum as required by the bylaws and will therefore vote in the Excom members at a subsequent Excom meeting.

We are just short of the 69 members needed for a quorum. What we’ve done in the past is take a symbolic vote. As far as we know all of the current positions are uncontested. If you are in favor of supporting this excomm for the next half year give us your support right now. Anyone disapprove?

Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!