All Meeting Minutes

2206.01.29 - Excom

Sunday January 29, 2006
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer) and member Matthias Rothske

Absent: Michael and Dan (co-1st Vice Commodores), Asma (2nd Vice Commodore), Michael S. (Port Captain)

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore: Saul went to the Aquatic Center Directors conference and US Sailing Community Boating Council meeting. The members of the Community Boating Council want to put a listserve together so members can communicate more easily. One of the resources that they hope to have in the archives is a list of granting organizations and who they have granted. Saul has been appointed a member-at-large of the National Community Boating Council. The next meeting is in March, in Chicago. He was on a panel of sailing organizations that teach adult classes. People were surprised that we don't use the US Sailing teaching model, where lessons start on day x and end on day y. Went to a seminar on MOB and as a result, Saul suggested that we get orange emergency throw bags for the keelboats. One tip learned was to drop sails once you get your hand on the MOB. The Lifesling is good because it is easy to put around a person and strong enough to lift people. Saul received compliments on our website and the longevity of the club.

Vice Commodore: CSC was mentioned in a positive way in "Practical Sailor" magazine. We have an ad in the Latitude 38 racing schedule issue. This Thursday Jamuel sent 727 postcards out regarding the upcoming general membership meeting, and ordered burgees so they could be given to members who donate to the windsurf container fundraiser. Mike Hummel is organizing the Shorebird Center Sailing program with Denise Brown. He could still use a few more people to help out. Jamuel will make a pitch at the general membership meeting. Jennifer Kirkland is cooking the meal.

3rd Vice Commodore: (via email) 'taint much going on with the keelboats currently. Have authorized Peter to discard of Huey (we made a motion about this forever ago) at his discretion since DBW saw fit to buy us a new boat.

We need to get back to the guy who has that Ensign. Anyone interested in taking a look early next week? Or shall I tell him to list it?

... other stuff, like the Commander that Saul found, I'm happy to discuss at the General Membership meeting on Thursday.

Rear Commodore: January lessons are down from last year. Sheldon is working on the Senior skipper study group syllabus. Will, Saul, Jan, and Jim P. are signed up to teach. The testing situation was bad last year. Sheldon will talk to Mark Y., rating chair, about the written test, and will email syllabus to Saul to look over. He's working on setting up the Cruising skipper study group. Allan Champion will give his JY clinic again on March 5th. Glenn Barton and Peter will give motoring clinics. Saul will give a "How to Teach Dinghy Lessons" clinic in mid- April or July. Dave Carey will moderate a person overboard roundtable. Saul and Dave are working on a Crew overboard clinic.

Secretary: Caryl volunteered to sit at a table at the general membership meeting to take donations for the windsurf container fundraiser, and give out calendars and burgees to those who made donations.

Treasurer: No report, will prepare Financial Statement for General Membership meeting. Next reort to Ex-com will be Feb. 12.

Peter wrote an annual report, which included photos, that Saul will take to the Waterfront Commission. The report is a requirement to maintain our free berths. We have to give a financial statement and describe what we do for community service. For the grant we received from the State of California, we have to meet deadlines, submit invoices, and apply again for next cycle, 2/1/07. We need to indicate that we would like to be considered again.

Jamuel made a motion that Ex-com not meet before the general meeting. Saul seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor. Next Ex-com meeting is two weeks from today.

Saul will be looking at a commander that is for sale.

Saul made a motion to adjourn. Sheldon seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor. Meeting adjourned.