All Meeting Minutes

2006.02.02 - General

Thursday February 02, 2006
Pre-General membership meeting
Ex-com members present: Saul, Jamuel, Dan, Michael F., Asma, Will, Sheldon, Michael S., Peter, Caryl Ex-com did not meet prior to the general membership meeting.

Officer Reports

Saul: I'm Saul, Commodore. I recently went to the US Sailing National Symposium. I've been appointed member-at-large of the US Sailing Community Boating Council. Don't forget to use escrip to support CSC. Just designate CSC when using your credit card at participating stores. There is no cost to sign up. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

Jamuel: Thanks to Saul. I'm Jamuel, Vice Commodore. Basically that means I keep track of the membership and publicity. We currently have 124 active members. Thanks to Bill Moseley for the great job he does on the website. On March 12th we are holding a visual distress workshop. This Sunday we have an Open House.

Dan: I'm Dan, co-First Vice. There's not much to report between November and now. Ed Shirk has come up with a new system for the DNS signs for the dinghies. I'm working on an online parts manual for the dinghies. The Lido parts manual is done.

Asma: I'm Asma, Second Vice. Thanks to all those who helped rebuild the clubhouse, especially John McBride, Roberto and Logan. This is our slow season. We are waiting for wind. We are very well equipped for it when it comes. Thanks to Mitzu and Peter Kuhn for everything they do for the club.

Will: I'm Will, Third Vice. Thanks to Greg S. for rebuilding the floor of Louie, and to Peter Kuhn. I'm hoping to have a J-dock clean- up soon. Sheldon and I will let you know when that will be.

Sheldon: I'm Sheldon, Rear Commodore. Thanks to all of you. We do a fantastic job of teaching. There were 1974 individual sailing lessons in 05. This is down from the year before.

We had 298 class days, about the same as in 04. There were 98 individual windsurfing lessons, and 22 separate study groups and clinics. There will be Fast Tracks this summer. Senior and cruising skipper study groups are starting soon. Also, a How to Teach Dinghy Sailing clinic, capsize clinic, and rudderless sailing clinic. March 4th Glenn Barton of Barton Marine will give a motoring clinic. March 5th Allan Champion will give his wonderful JY 15 clinic. Peter Kuhn will also be doing a motoring clinic.

Michael S: I'm Michael, Port Captain. We have dayleaders scheduled every day.

Peter: Happy birthday to Narcisse!

Financial handout distributed to each table.

Caryl: No report.

Mystery Announcement. We applied for a DBW grant. They had $600,000 to give out to be shared among all who applied. We asked for $29,980 and were awarded $16,200. Thanks to Heather, Peter, Sheldon, Jill Marshall, Brad Marshland, Malu, Lori and Caryl. We received $6k for a new keelboat and 2k for keelboat sails, 7k for a new skiff, and 1.2k for windsurfing sails. The DBW generally continues to grant money year after year. The grant period started yesterday, Feb 1st. Peter will be asking for 3 bids for our purchases where possible. We have until August 1 to spend the money.

A motion was made to adjourn, and seconded. Meeting adjourned. Many thanks to the chefs for tonight's dinner and dessert.