All Meeting Minutes

2006.02.12 - Excom

Sunday February 12, 2006
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Michael Faw (co-1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Michael Scalet (Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma (co-Secretaries), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer) and members Greg S., Darren, Lori Tewksbury, Allan Champion, Andrew Molitar, Mike Kelly, Michael Nielson, Cliff Regalis, Brian Buchanan, Robert O., Matthias R.

Absent: Asma (2nd Vice Commodore)

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore: Saul received an anonymous letter at his home address from someone who was angry we put "FOR SALE" as a subject line on Craigslist, and then user was directed to Open House information. No other Ex-com members received the complaint. Saul attended the Waterfront Commission meeting last Wednesday. Marine berthers will see a 12% increase in berth fees.

WFC requires us to give a report two times a year, because we get free berths for our keelboats. In reporting to the WFC, Saul reported on YMCA rides, Shorebird Nature Center lessons, Open House rides to the community,and rides to at-risk youth. He told the commission about the grant we received from the Department of Boating and Waterways, the awards we received from US Sailing and the renovation of our clubhouse. Still, someone wanted to see us do more for youth. Saul was asked about the status of our lease. He let WFC know he has not heard anything recently from the city. Cliff mentioned that he would be talking to the city in the next couple of days regarding our lease and others.

Vice Commodore: With regard to our March Visual Distress workshop, we are now on our own. The Coast Guard will not participate because of liability issues. We will rely on the flare manufacturer representative to give the presentation. Because we already publicized that we will get rid of people's out-dated flares, we will have to dispose of them. Jamuel will talk to Wilder to see about any legal issues that could come up. Michael Faw suggested that the Coast Guard give a lecture, instead of actually handling the flares, and perhaps bring a bin to dispose of the flares. Jamuel will check with the Coast Guard.

1st Vice Commodore: Michael-All the dinghies are sailable. Dan (via email) All boats operable. No entries in the logbook.

3rd Vice Commodore: No report.

Rear Commodore: The senior skipper study group has been organized and will meet in the same school facilities as last year. Sheldon will need help from one of the senior candidates in the group. Since this is the second year that we are using the school's facilities, Sheldon suggested offering the school a calendar, burgee, and invitation to our Open Houses. All agreed. He is working on the cruising skipper study group. Paul Herzmark has offered his home for the meetings. We may need a few more instructors. Approximately 7 or 8 people have signed up for the senior study group and 7 have signed up for the cruising skipper group.

Port Captain: Dayleaders are lined up through the month.

Treasurer: We have $42,397 in the main accounts (plus $2178 in the CSC Xtras account), down $2,333 from four weeks ago when we had $44,730.

In the last four weeks we've collected $4,599: $3,540 regular memberships, $100 YRA membership, $631 UC work-study reimbursement, $901 shippers insurance payment for lost Ensign hardware, $140 windsurf container repair donations (thanks Ben for being calendar boy at the meeting!), $25 windsurf board/sail donations, $33 general donations, $19 interest on our money market account, $7 booklets, $104 BBQ donations from 1/15 and 2/5 Open houses.

And we've spent $6,932 including: $2,767 dayleader wages and taxes for Jan., $837 2/2/6 General Membership Meeting (BYC rental, 1/2 of food, printing, and postage for notices-thanks Jamuel, Jerry, and Jennifer), $778 insurance (non-owned autos and 3 months of workers comp insurance,) $654 plane/hotel cost US Sailing / DBW conference Long Beach (thanks Saul!), $601 tools (vibrating saw, cordless drill, heat gun, saw blades), $576 newspaper ads (SFState newspaper), $565 keelboats (Huey disposal, Louie deck repair, Nenya, chainplates--thanks to the chainsaw gang, Greg, and Saul!), $462 lease for February, $291 BBQ food for 1/15 and 2/5 Open houses (thanks Jennifer!), $220 dinghies (boom lifts for P15's, block & plastic,) $198 for 16 burgees (send in your donation today!), $123 garbage service for clubhouse Jan - Mar, $106 skiff (parts for Merc 30 starter motor, sling for sketchmobile), $60 postage, $54 for teaching award plaques (thanks Saul!), $13 racing booklets (thanks Gary!).

Secretary: Caryl - The new CSC brochures, which include the 2006 Open House dates, have been printed and are at the clubhouse. We have a couple more OH dates this year, because we added Sunday of Presidents' Day weekend and the Fourth of July. We also have bright yellow postcards with one side listing our OH dates and the other side giving directions to CSC. Handfuls of these can be placed in libraries, the Oakland and SFO airports, restaurants, etc. Lori-Learned about a J24 for sale. Will email Ex-com more information.

New Agenda items:

1) Senior Project Proposal. Andrew Molitar, Mike Kelly, Cliff Regalis and Michael Nielson would like to organize a CSC booth at the Strictly Sail Expo in Jack London Square April 19-23 as their senior project. The nonprofit fee to have a booth is $150, which is significantly lower than what is charged for non-profits. Peter made a motion to accept their proposal. Motion failed for lack of a second. Discussion. Cliff was asked to put a proposal in writing and present it at the next Ex-com meeting. The four also were asked to read up on the Operating Instructions, so they will be sure not to misrepresent the club when giving information to people who come to the booth.

2) CSC becoming an official BoatUS Child Life Jacket loaner location. Will made a motion that CSC participate in the BoatUS Child Life Jacket loaner program. Saul seconded the motion. Discussion. There is no cost to the club other than administering the program (i.e. dayleader logging the checkout and return of the jackets). Boat US provides promotional materials, log book, and life jackets. We would provide the jackets on a loaner basis for any adult wishing to check them out. This service is free/no-cost to the borrower. The motion passed with all in favor. Michael Scalet will let the dayleaders know that they will be the ones to dole out and sign in and out the lifejackets.

3) Merit 25 purchase. A motion was made online by Michael Scalet and seconded by Peter. It reads: I propose the purchase of the following keelboat for the Cal-Sailing Club. I will insure that everything that is required for the boat's purchase and to put her into service is done. I also will see to her continued maintenance. The persons listed at the bottom of this page have volunteered to assist me in such an endeavor.

1980 Merit 25 Sailboat w/ Trailer and Outboard - $7500

1980 Merit 25 Racer/Cruiser Hull #815

Very Good condition dual axle trailer with brakes and extension, Yamaha 4hp 4 stroke excellent condition, New Light weight Laminate 155% sweeper, Very Good heavy Laminate 155%, Very Good heavy 100%, Two Spinnakers in Very Good condition with turtle, Two Mains in Very Good Condition with boom cover, NEW Mast and Boom, Mast raising system, NEW Plastimo Contest 101 Compass, GPS/Depth with Large LCD Humminbird Matrix 20, Set of two speed winches, All Lines lead to cockpit, Full lifelines, with pulpit and stern rail, New Spinlock Power cleats, Gen/Jib tracks added to deck, New Tiller with Cover, Cushions in excellent condition, Skeg stiffening operation done, All Lights work - Newer Battery, Anchor and rode, Bumpers, Porta Potty, Below waterline is now sanded down to barrier coat awaiting paint.

The boat is located in Arizona. I have arranged to have the boat professionally surveyed and if the survey does not reveal any significant flaws in the vessel, Allan Champion and I would agree to meet the owner in Southern California where he would meet us with the boat. If the boat then passes our personal inspection we would present the owner with a check not to exceed $7,500 and tow the boat back to Berkeley with Allan's pickup truck. This should all happen by the end of February. The preparation of the boat for sail should be completed, at the latest, by the end of April.

Since the boat comes with a trailer, we would install the bottom paint while the boat is on the trailer. After this work has been completed, the trailer would be sold. We would have Pineapple sails make us a storm jib. Peter Kuhn has volunteered to insure the outboard motor is serviceable and properly maintained.

If floatation is deemed required by Excomm, I will see that it is installed. That issue seems to be subjective since the Ensigns have it while the Commanders do not.

If anyone intends to race the boat, I propose that they must actively participate in the preparation for sail and on going maintenance of the boat, since racing will be the most demanding use of the vessel. I would personally oversee this until a chair can be appointed to administer this duty.

Expected Overall Cost of Boat: Purchase of boat: $7,500, New anti fouling bottom paint $450, Fuel cost to pick up boat $230, Proceeds from sale of trailer ($1,000), new Pineapple storm jib $1, 000, Total : $8,180.

Below is the list of persons who have volunteered to assist in the project and its on going fulfillment, however I have only mentioned this idea to a few people so this list probably will expand.

Allan Champion, Caryl Woulfe, Seth Clark, John Mankey, Jamuel Starkey, Jan Crosbie-Taylor, Peter Kuhn.

Discussion. Saul is not sure the Merit 25 is the right boat for the club; he still thinks we should solicit fleets for a donation. Doesn't think a boat like the Merit is an entry-level boat that introduces people to the water.

Jamuel: More people would be interested in sailing a more modern boat and interested in giving back to the club by teaching on it. Jamuel read a note from Seth, which said that if the survey on the Merit is good, he votes yes to purchase the boat.

Will made a motion to spend no more than 45 minutes discussing the Merit. Peter seconded the motion. The motion passed, with all in favor, and one abstention.

Will: The Merit only holds 5 people at most. It can't competitively race without us putting a bunch of money into it. We have keelboats that just sit now. Only 18-20 people a year check out the keelboats.

Allan: Only holding five people is not a good point. The JY only holds two people and is a popular dinghy to sail and race. Often, keelboat lessons have five or fewer students.

Sheldon: Thanks for the civility. I see argument for and against getting a Merit. My concern is that 1) we fully meet DBW grant objective and 2) Excomm create guidelines regarding the use of the boat.

Michael Faw: I'm not into racing himself, but can still see merits of the Merit. Neutral on the Merit 25 itself, but do we only want old, clunky boats, or do we want to take a step up? I think we can, within in context of the DBW grant.

Lori Tewksbury: I am a Junior who hates the ensigns and commanders. I would like to see a more modern, high performance boat. I'm not interested in becoming a senior if the only keelboats are ensigns and commanders.

Saul: I'm not against having a boat like the Merit in our keelboat fleet, but I'm against using DBW money. I would like to see it donated. Saul suggested that the Wednesday night lessons don't seem as consistent as they used to be, and that because of the lack of the soicial element, they seem less popular.

Question: should there be a separate rating for a new keelboat, and if so, what kind of criteria?

Andrew: I would be more excited about getting my senior rating if we have something zippier that the ensigns and commanders.

Will: I've been to DBW meetings, and I think we can fit a boat like the Merit into our program using grant money. I hear complaints about our current keelboats/senior program: Boats look bad, smell bad, have old sails, senior rating is too hard to get/hazing.

Robert O.: I think it's a myth that the senior rating is too difficult, and I don't think there is a hazing process. I would be interested in adding a more modern boat to our fleet, and I'm not a racer. Regarding a Merit or like-minded boat not holding as many people as an ensign or commander, Robert noted that he never takes out more than 8 on a commander or 6 on an ensign.

Darren: I participated in an Open House, joined the club, became a Jr. and taught. I raced with Seth on an ensign, but became frustrated by the limited performance of the boat. I found an option to sail a J24. If the club had a similar boat, my energy would go more toward the club. I do not like the ensigns or commanders.

Caryl: I disagree that the senior rating is too hard. It does take time, but once the rating is given, lessons are done. The senior skipper will feel confident in all conditions. Safety and using good judgment all come in to play. You have responsibility for yourself and everyone else on the boat. We have to purchase a keelboat by 8/1. If we get a boat donated, we will still need to purchase a boat with the grant money by 8/1. I would like to see a more modern boat added to the fleet. Many people are taught on keelboats like a J24 or Merit, how many on an ensign or commander? If we bought a Merit or similar boat, we would still have 2 commanders and 2 ensigns. At least one of the three ensigns could be sold to make room for the new boat.

Allan: I'm curious, what other sailing organizations teach on boats with full keels and attached rudders? (Saul noted a few).

Brian: I'd like to be taught on a boat that I would most likely sail or race on, and it's likely that won't be an ensign or commander.

Saul: It's obvious that we all agree we would like a newer, higher performance boat, but is the Merit the right boat? And is it the best use of the DBW grant, or is there a better boat to spend the money on?

Jamul made a motion to spend up to $500 to have a survey done on the Merit. Peter seconded the motion. Discussion. 4 yes, 2 no, 2 abstentions. Motion passed.

A motion was made and seconded to table Michael Scalet's motion to purchase the Merit. Discussion. Saul doesn't feel Ex-com was given enough time to decide on the motion. Sheldon, Saul, Lori Taguma and Caryl expressed that it would be prudent to let the membership in on the motion. Peter said that he put out an email to the list asking for proposals and Michael was the only one to make one.

Peter made a motion to untable the motion. Will seconded the motion. 5 yes, 2 no, 1 abstention. Motion to untable the motion passed.

Saul made a motion to retable the motion. There was a second. 5 yes, 3 no. Motion passed.

Will made a motion to adjourn. Jamuel seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.