All Meeting Minutes

2006.02.26 - Excom

Sunday February 26, 2006
Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm.

Present: Commodore Saul Schumsky; Vice Commodore, Jamuel Starkey; First Vice Commodore, Michael Faw; Port Captain, Michael Scalet; Treasurer, Peter Kuhn; Co-secretary, Lori Taguma. CSC members Jennifer Koon and Mathais Rothske.

Commodore’s Report (Saul): At John McBride’s suggestion, we are looking at possibly acquiring a used 29’er for the club.

Vice Commodore, Jamuel: Our CSC Flare Demonstration is scheduled for March 12th, coinciding with the Windsurf Kickoff party. The Flare Demonstration will include a pre-demonstration video, followed by the demonstration and opportunities for individuals to shoot flares. The Coast Guard has been alerted, as well as the Fire Department. Where is Heather, the membership chair? The Berkeley Yacht Club has invited CSC members to participate in the Wheeler Cup, which is scheduled for the first weekend in April.

First Vice Commodores (Michael F.): It looks as if the Rhodes is officially sold. One J-Y has something wrong and we have suspended one novice member for unofficially sailing during Open House rides.

Second Vice Commodore (Asmaa) in abstentia: Things will be getting busy soon. My plan for now is to advertise about windsurfing and raise funds for the club. The party on March 12th, will be to promote the club in the bay area. It has been advertised in various places, such as craigslist, Berkeley boardsport, and sfba. We will be selling equipment and asking for donations, so hopefully, not only we will increase memberships, but also make money from the event.

We need no more equipment for the moment, but as more and more windsurfers are using the club, we will be requiring to replace masts, booms, universals pretty soon.

Port Captain’s Report (Michael S.): Corey is going to continue to Day Lead part time, Monday through Wednesday. We need volunteers to cover several mornings, until Work Study people will arrive at 2pm. Please see me for volunteer work hours.

Treasurer’s Report (Peter): We have $41,962 in the main accounts (plus $2178 in the CSC Xtras account), down $435 from four weeks ago when we I said we had $42,397, mostly because after I said that, we decided not to take the $901 the shipping company sent us for the box of Ensign mast parts they lost, and to keep trying to get them to pay for the mast they dented, which they don't really want to pay for.

In the last four weeks we've collected -$285: -$901 shippers insurance payment for lost Ensign hardware (refused, but included in last report, so a minus here), $530 regular memberships, $74 UC work-study reimbursement, $10 windsurf board/sail donations, $2 booklets.

And we've spent $150 including: $125 inspection of Merit in Phoenix (possible keelboat purchase), $25 postage for donation thankyou's.

Co-Secretary (Lori): Nothing to report.

Agenda Items:

1) Michael S. moved to accept Jennifer Kroon’s Senior Sailing Fast Track Project. She will also lead her new Junior crew in a dinghy and keelboat Spring Cleaning Party at the end of the Fast Track. Motion passed unanimously with (6) in absolute favor. She gave the Senior Spiel to herself, outlining her commitment and responsibilities as a Senior CSC member.

2) Motion made by Peter to spend 8k to replace the backup skiff's hull and trailer, keeping the Yamaha 25 hp motor from the current backup skiff (known as Patrick). About 7K of this will be used to buy a Boston Whaler hull. The budget for our DBW grant includes 7K for this, and the cost of the hull will be reimbursed by DBW. A J-Y trailer will be converted to another skiff trailer, like the one under our current Boston Whaler skiff (known as Spongebob). About 1k will be needed for bottom paint, orange side paint, and other stuff to fix up the new hull. Motion passed with (6) in favor.

3) Discussion regarding possibly acquiring a 29’er with road trailer, with two sets of sails. It is a planing dinghy and made for max 320 lbs. or less. Alternatively, a I-14 or 505 is possible. The people who want to acquire the 29’er will send a proposal to Ex-comm.

Peter made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed, all in favor.