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2006.03.12 - Excom

Sunday March 12, 2006
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Michael Faw (co-1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Michael Scalet (Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma (co-Secretaries), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and CSC members Cliff Regalis and John DeNero. >>

Absent: Co-2nd Vice Commodores Asma/Lydia

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore: Thanks to Jamuel, and to Bob Clark of the Derema Group, for organizing the Visual Distress Signal workshop.

Cliff Marchetti, Berkeley Marina Waterfront Manager, thinks that our lease is going to come up at a Berkeley City Council meeting in April. By City Council decree, we can't see the proposal until the council sees it. We will have to mobilize everyone, especially Berkeley residents, to come to that meeting.

Vice Commodore: The Flare Shoot Demonstration and Training Event held today was a resounding success. We had ~50 attendees with maybe half being from the general public. Thanks to Alex and the folks at Svendsen's Chandlery and Bob Clark and the folks of Derema Group for both supplying and donating flares for the Club's use during the event. Sven's provided us with new discounted flares that we were able to resell to participants. Sven's also donated flares to be stored on the keelboats. (Saul gave them to Will to place aboard). I will be personally writing letters of thank you to both companies as well as Latitude 38 expressing our sincere appreciate for their support of CSC.

In terms of actual flare sales it appears that we took in ~$250-300 dollars during the event. The proceeds of the sales above and beyond our cost (we purchased them at wholesale from Sven's) will directly benefit the club 100% and will be applied to the CSC General Fund.

Extra thanks to Bob Clark, (Derema Group). He is the Orion (flares) manufacturer's rep. Bob was on-site during the event to provide details and instruction on the proper, safe usage of the various types of flares that were demonstrated and ignited by participants. Bob was also kind enough to objectively compare and instruct us all on not only his product line but the various other brands that were on hand.

Thanks also to Peter Kuhn for his tireless work supporting not just CSC but this event in particular. Peter was instrumental in obtaining clearances with the Berkeley Harbor Master and Berkeley Fire & Rescue. Additionally Peter has written a post-event wrap-up/press release detailing the event's outcome, including a description of the event and numerous pictures. The presser should appear soon on the CSC Website.

Extra Special Thanks to Saul for helping me organize and run the event. Saul was instrumental in the event's smooth operation and successful outcome. In particular as the "face of CSC" Saul quickly took control of greeting arrivals, explaining the event details, and served as the demonstrator and safety coordinator (until his ears were ringing too much to think straight). Saul's cool approach and friendly rapport with the participants were greatly appreciated.

Finally Super Special Thanks to Jim Pottinger for a wonderful BBQ--we can always count on Jim for preparing and tending to a feast of legendary proportions!

PayPal Account ============== At Saul's behest and with Peter's blessing I've created a new PayPal account for CSC. It is linked directly with the CSC bank account. As soon as PayPal concludes confirming the details of the account we will be able to use PP as a payment-processing engine for club activities. Specifically we will be adding "Donate Now" buttons to the website to allow visitors the opportunity to "give from their hearts" as they view our wonderful website.

I will serve as the CSC technical interface into PP, Peter will be Mr. Money Bags, and I will coordinate with Bill Moseley (our webmaster) for placing PP scriptlets onto the CSC website as we see fit.

Myself, Peter, and Saul all have the account login information into PP so hopefully we won't lose it (and any money) some time down the road.

First Vice Commodore: No report.

Second Vice Commodore : (via email) We had a great crowd for our windsurfing kickoff party. Due to the bad weather, the attendance was not as much as expected. I will send you a photoshow of the event in a separate e-mail. We made around 200 dollars in donations and windsurf sales. We gained a few members. Thanks to Peter for all of his help. Thanks to Jim for the BBQ, to Mitsu and Herb for helping me clean up, to Corey for putting up the canopy. The equipment that has not been sold will be kept for the next events.

On a different note, I have been in contact with a professional female windsurfer, who will be coming to the club for talks. Also, Kevin Kan representing JP and NeilPryde will be giving us super cheap deals on amazing JP boards. These deals are available only to the club since it is non-profit.

Third Vice Commodore: No Report.

Rear Commodore: The senior skipper study group has met twice and will meet again next week. The cruising skipper study group starts Monday, March 13, and will meet every Monday for a total of six weeks.

Port Captain: No Report

Treasurer: We have $36,552 in the main accounts (plus $2178 in the CSC Xtras account), down $5,410 from two weeks ago when we we had $41,962,. In the last two weeks (including 3/12) we've collected $3188:, $901 shippers insurance payment for lost Ensign hardware, $285 shippers insurance paymen,t for 1/3 of damaged Ensign mast, (thanks Saul and Gunther!) $1135 regular memberships, $351 UC work-study reimbursement, $172 3/12 BBQ donations, $120 3/12 surplus windsurf board/sail sales, $124 3/12 flare sales (VISA sale yet to come), $50 Rhodes 19 sale, $20 windsurf container repair donations, $15 other donations, $14.71 interest.

And we've spent $8,598: $3486 50% payment for Whaler rescue skiff hull and shipping (will be covered by grant), $2749 dayleader wages and taxes and payroll processing, $849 payment for flares to sell 3/12 (return credit not in yet, will count as income), $462 lease payment, $368 food for 3/12 windsurf party and flare shoot (thanks Jim Pottinger!), $268 toolshed stairs materials from Ashby Lumber (thanks Dan Pond!), $214 food for 2/2/06 General Membership Meeting (thanks Jennifer!), $133 keelboats -- gelcoat supplies for Ensign (thanks Greg!) and sail repair, $52 windsurfers -- sail repair supplies (thanks Don Drummond and Mitsu!), $16 tools (recip saw blades).

Co-Secretaries: (Lori) I'd like to thank the CSC members who not only continue to support each other while on the water, but as a part of the sailing and windsurfing community.

New Agenda items:

1) Senior Skipper Proposal by Cliff Regalis, Michael Nielson, and Mike Kelly. Cliff appeared in front of Ex-com on behalf of the three of them, and distributed their written proposal. The proposal is to organize and man a CSC booth at the Strictly Sail Pacific at Jack London Square, April 19-23. Cliff reported that he would have a colorful CSC windsurf sail and the CSC banner to draw attention to the booth. He will have a TV and DVD/VCR to show CSC videos and DVDs and some candy. He will also have information about the club, the various windsurfing and sailing activities, and the club's equipment. Saul suggested that Cliff write a script ahead of time that answers the questions that people usually have. Saul volunteered to help with the script. There are things that should be said, and things that shouldn't be said.

Other details: A maximum of six people can be at the booth at one time. The cost for the booth is $150. Cliff has some volunteers lined up, but will seek out more. Saul asked Cliff to put a schedule together listing CSC volunteers and the days and times they will be working at the booth. A minimum of 2-hour shifts was recommended. Saul also suggested that the volunteers get together before the boat show to discuss the schedule, logistics, and script, so that everyone is on the same page. All of the volunteers should read up on the Operation Instructions prior to the event.

Will made a motion to approve Cliff's senior skipper proposal and allot up to $300 to cover expenses. Michael Faw seconded the motion with an addition that the proposal include all three member's names. So, the motion becomes to approve Cliff, Michael, and Mike's senior skipper proposal to organize and man the CSC booth at the Strictly Sail Pacific, and allot up to $300 to cover expenses. The motion passed with all in favor. Jamuel gave Cliff the "senior spiel."

2) John DeNero's Senior Skipper Proposal. John's proposal is to organize and run a Fastrack July 17-21, with a Pre-Fastrack orientation on the evenings of July 11 and 12. John has taught at Fastracks before, understands how they work, and has checked that there will be enough water in the South Sailing Basin that week. Will made a motion to approve John's proposal and to allot him up to $200 for a BBQ at the end of the Fastrack. Caryl seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor. John heard the "senior spiel" given to Cliff, and understands the responsibilities of being a senior skipper.

3) U.S. Sailing Spring General Membership Meeting. Peter made a motion to spend up to $1,000 for Saul to attend the meeting in Chicago next weekend. Michael F. seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Will made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jamuel seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Meeting adjourned.