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2006.04.06 - Excom

Thursday April 06, 2006
Excomm Meeting Notes 6/4/06 Excomm Members Present: Allan Champion, Commodore Will Lowe, co-3rd Vice Matt Jones, Rear Commodore Lori Tewksbury, co-Secretary Michael Scalet, Port Captain Dan Pond, co-1st Vice Peter Kuhn, Treasurer Jamuel Starkey, Vice Commodore Jennifer Kroon, co-Secretary Other CSC Members Present Sheldon Coad Brian Buchanan Waleed Sabra Start Time – 6:30 Treasurers Report We have $43,815 in the main accounts, plus $2200 in the CSC Xtras account, down $1,086 from two weeks ago when we had $44,901. We took in $6,980 regular memberships $182 BBQ donations 5/28/06 Open House $20 windsurf surplus equipment donations $13 booklet sales $9 regular donations $16 Interest Total $7,221 And we've spent $4,070 dayleaders wages and taxes $1,363 dinghies--3 new JY jibs. sail repairs March-April, anchors, epoxy, paddles, etc, food for fast track BBQ $644 new skiff hull prep materials $569 food for 5/14 and 5/28 OH BBQ's, propane $462 June lease payment to City $281 keelboats--new mast stuff, Louie repair supplies, sail repairs $255 windsurf seminars--pizza for 5/14 and 5/28 clinics $201 print OH flyers $131 plaques for Tom Bates and Loni Hancock $122 windsurf rental locker containers--2 new locks, painting supplies $106 windsurfers--epoxy, caulk $103 rescue skiff gas, spark plugs, switch glue Total $8,307 No snacks/drinks were provided for this meeting – it is noted in the minutes Agenda Issues - Lori suggested having the agenda set ahead of time and posted on the web/list and have a running item titled “senior projects” to accommodate any last minute seniors who show up to present their projects - Will – add new agenda items to every agenda to cover unexpected members and such who show up and are not on the agenda Agenda Items - Sheldon’s senior project - 3 Saul motions (lifetime membership, can take boats out anywhere as long as he didn’t fall out, cruising (single hand boat – look on email skipper) - purchase used JY - low tide teaching - mother duckling teaching (with skiff) - spend up to $5000 on hoist maintenance (we owe the city that money) - Sheldon’s senior project - Peter moved, Will seconded that Sheldon’s work on excomm count for his senior project - Will also wants to allocate $1000 retrofitting the keelboats for the summer season (since Sheldon won’t be doing the work) - Michael seconded Will’s addendum - motion with addendum passes unanimously Lori proposed that agenda items submitted before Thursday 6pm, Lori/Jennifer will post the agenda on website/CSC list - sec keep track of proposals and discussion - put it on the list serve and website Friday prior to the meeting - it will happen Saul motions - Peter moved, Michael seconded - Single hand any of the club keelboats in the Sr area, both day and night, provided that he wear harnesses and tether and stay clipped to the boat at all times except for departure and arrival at the dock or when in the cabin. - Lifetime membership - Cruising skipper - Passed unanimously Used JY for sale IN SD - cost: $1500 - don’t know much about it but if $$ approved we could purchase boat if it checks out - similar to the merit purchase – if it turns out, but it, if not, don’t - Don McPherson and whoever goes with him will check it out and pick it up in SD - $2200 proposal - $1500 for boat with a trailer (we will negotiate), $500 for gas, food, $200 for boat parts - some discussion about condition of boats - Will asked about the dingy budget for the year – about the same as last year - We do have room in the yard for it (Rhoads is gone) - Surveyor not worth it for a dinghy - We will get pictures of it before we send Don down - Lori says it’s a good idea b/c people will use it - Allan moved, Michael seconded approving $2200 to pick up JY in SD if it looks nice - Passes by Unanimous vote Teaching Discussion Low tide Teaching - Matt printed out the low tide – 5 more low tides on Saturdays through September (not a problem for M/Th lesson b/c low low tides happen in am only in summer) - How low are these tides? Could the sketch mobile work? - If we can get 1-2 seniors or more (people authorized to put boats in water no matter what) or do lesson in keelboats) then people who aren’t familiar with tides, etc, etc, people would be able to go sailing - sail on keelboats, go out rudderless, would work - how many people randomly show up on these days? - Sheldon: varies – average 4-6 people - Seems that a lot of people are showing up Saturdays right now – 23 people for lessons, 12 skippers also – well covered - What if a senior is present and there is low water – could senior supervise juniors to teach at that time? - Ed suggested that put boats in water at higher tide, sail to marina, drop students off, pick up some more, sail back to club - Possibly allowing the juniors to sail outside the junior area when accompanied by skiff - Motion: Allow juniors to sail outside junior area during regularly scheduled lessons under supervision of person appointed by rear commodore as long as accompanied by the skiff - Will pointed out in the long term we have to figure out what we are going to do b/c of the lack of water - tie up precision Friday night, move CSC back to old spot at Hs Lordships? - Allan – set a rating for this? - Whoever rear commodore wants to appoint….. - Matt makes motion, Michael seconds - Passes unanimously Mother duckling teaching issue - lesson time when there’s not enough teachers and lots of students on the bench - get boats in the water and get the students sailing - do lesson by skiff - questions – only for novices? Or people who have never been in boats? - Requires someone familiar with operating the skiff…. Volunteer day leader rated? Yes - Teaching the basics of sailing on land first (like Cal Adventures) - Hopefully have students to pair up – more and less experienced students - Set buoys out in novice areas – circles, etc around the buoys – distinct area to sail around - Area for sailing would be at the discretion of the volunteer day leader/teacher - Set at wind limit rather than area - Motion: Amember appointed by the rear commodore may supervise unrated memers to sail the club boats during organized lesson times - How does rear commodore authorize? Verbal. - Write in log book and post to excomm list - Matt moved, Michael seconded - Passes unanimously Up to $5000 to deal with the city for hoist maintenance as needed - Peter moves the above, Michael seconded motion - Passes with unanimous vote Will moves to adjourn, Jamuel seconded - passes unanimously Next excomm meeting is Sunday June 18 at 6:30