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2006.05.07 - Excom

Sunday May 07, 2006
Caryl & Lori
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Michael Faw (co-1st Vice Commodore), Asma (co-2nd Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Michael Scalet (Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and CSC member Matthias Rothske.

Absent: Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore)

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore: Sally, of Pineapple Sails, commented to Saul that she is confused as to who has permission to bring in CSC sails for repair. Apparently a member brought in sails and said we needed them repaired by a certain date. Part of the reason we get a discount on sail repairs is because we don't give Pineapple deadlines. Michael S. indicated that he knew who the member was, and would tell him/her about the "no deadline" policy.

Beth Burstein has been appointed Advertising Chair. Bill Moseley will add her to the CSC website contacts page.

Saul reiterated that he would not respond to an online motion unless it was an emergency or had been discussed at a prior Ex-com meeting.

Vice Commodore: Jamuel was not present. No report.

First Vice Commodore: Michael F. reported that lots of repairs have been made, and continue to be made, to the JYs. Thanks to all who have helped, and to Ethan Peterson, whose senior skipper project is to get the JY fleet shipshape and to add a spinnaker rig to one of them.

Second Vice Commodore: The windsurfing season is finally here, and the windsurfing events at the cal-sailing club are starting to happen. The first windsurfing fast track of the season will be next Saturday (May 13th) from 12 noon and until 4 p.m.

Third Vice Commodore: I have found a volunteer who is going to make new winch mounts for Daisy and mount them. He will be attending an ExComm meeting to have this approved as his senior project.

Rear Commodore: Lessons are down 5 percent from last year. Sheldon counted senior and cruising study group sessions as lessons. The cruising study group went really well and consisted of 7 sessions, all at Paul Herzmark's home. Sheldon recommends a total of 7 sessions next time as well. Navigation takes a long time to learn. Paul also volunteered to do navigation sessions on his boat.

Matthias Rothske will give a rudderless sailing clinic May 14. Norman Thomas is doing a Fast Track from June 5-9, and John DeNero is doing one from July 17-21. We still need someone for August, and someone to volunteer to run women's lessons this summer. Eight new juniors came out of the May Fast Track run by Jennifer Kroon!

Port Captain: Everything is running pretty smoothly now. After finals we may have some problems, around May 19th. We may have a few days where there will be no dayleaders. I will have to ask for volunteers. Riana's work-study money is gone soon so she has to go. I have hired a couple of new dayleaders and we have to hope they can replace the folks we are losing after finals.

Treasurer: We have $41,303 in the main accounts (plus $2,210 in the CSC Xtras account), up $4,996 from two weeks ago when we we had $36,307.

In the last two weeks we've collected $10,596: $4,760 windsurf locker membership, $4,690 regular memberships, $548 UC work-study reimbursement, $334 E-scrip rebate, $175 BBQ donations 4/30 Open House, $70 windsurf surplus equipment donations, $12 interest, $7 booklet sales.

And we've spent $5,600: $3,492 on dayleaders' wages and taxes April, $845 on new skiff hull-- sales tax, registration, barrier coat, bottom paint and fasteners, $325 on garbage service and painting supplies (thanks SFAI students!,) $287 ($462 less $175 key deposit refunds) on lease, $124 on JY15 anchor lines, cleats and other parts (thanks JY'ers!), $120 keelboats--re-masting stuff (thanks Saul!), $101 on boat show expenses (parking, table cloth--thanks Cliff!), $96 on postage for GMM mailer, $95 non-pyro distress signals for keelboats (thanks Saul!) $50 to pay forklift guy to move CSC15 construction container (thanks Michael!), $45 windsurf sail repair tape, $18 on BBQ stuff (lava rocks and cleanup bags--food receipts not in yet).

Secretary: Regarding Sheldon's report that lessons are down 5 percent, the 25 or more rainy days in March and extending into April may have something to do with this. I attended the cruising study group sessions and thought they were very useful. Many thanks to Paul for having the study group meet at his home, to Sheldon for setting up the group, and to the teachers: Paul Herzmark, Allan Champion, John Mankey, Dave Cary and Bill Gavelis.

New Agenda items:

Approval for Matthias to organize a Windsurfing trip to Sherman Island two weeks from today. Saul made a motion to give Matthias perpetual permission to organize CSC windsurfing trips, with the stipulation that he let Ex-com know of the particulars ahead of time. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Windsurfing Safety Pack. Asma would like the club to approve name?, a CSC member and MBA student at Cal, to make and market CSC windsurfing safety packs that would be sold through CSC. The safety pack would include items like extra rope and light sticks.. It would be a modification of the Windsurf Hawaii pack. Name? will research the project, get cost estimates, etc. Saul and Peter offered to help. Rather than make this a voting agenda item, Asma will get back to Ex- com with more details at the next meeting.

Tuesday Night JY races. Michael S. made a motion to have the club officially sanction the Tuesday evening JY races starting immediately and to proceed through October, 2006 with the understanding that they remain in their current format and that a racing rating not be required for participation. Peter seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Two new sets of sails for the JYs. Michael S. made a motion that the club authorize the purchase of two new sets of JY sails. Peter seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. Saul commented that one design sails are not required as we are not racing one design. He feels that buying good sails is more economical in the long run. He checked with Hogan Sails and got a bid for a Precision jib in the $200- $250 range. Pineapple's estimate was much higher, more like $300 - $400. Labor is the biggest factor in sails. North Sails are not made to take our kind of abuse. Outcome of the discussion: Saul will get a price from Pineapple for both jib and main for the JY. Michael S. will get the information from North Sails about the weight of their cloth, etc. The idea here is to compare the two products to see if one will reasonably last longer than the other (with similar performance). This way we can make a business decision rather that just go with North or with Pineapple. One other thought that was discussed was the fact the Pineapple gives us wonderful pricing on all the many repairs we need. The flip side is that if we buy new elsewhere, that may go away. The motion to buy JY sails was tabled pending more information. Saul okayed a future online vote on the sails given we already had this discussion.

Asma also asked that we do an online vote for the project she presented regarding Cal Sailing Safety Kits to be made up by name?. Peter agreed to help him locate prospective suppliers for the components. We should see the business side of this proposal in future online messages so we can decide if it makes business sense to use Club resources to create Cal Sailing Windsurfer Safety Kits for sale to the general public.

Next Ex-com meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on May 22nd at the BYC.

Motion to adjourn by Will, seconded by Peter. Vote was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned.