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2006.06.18 - Excom

Sunday June 18, 2006

Excomm Meeting Notes 6/18/06


Excomm Members Present:

Dan Pond, co-1st Vice

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

Jennifer Kroon, co-Secretary

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Mark Yampanis, appointed for co-3rd Vice


Other CSC Members Present

Geoff Wycoff

Michael Neilson



Start Time – 6:30


Treasurers Report

We have $47,090 in the main accounts, plus about $2,200 in the CSC Xtras account, up $3275 up $3,275 from two weeks ago when we had $43815.


Income last two weeks:

$4,730             regular memberships (166 sold so far in June and we're not even 2/3 thru month, vs 182 last year ALL June, 229 7 year historical average)

$567                UC workstudy reimbursement

$121                DMV refund new rescue skiff hull registration (overpaid)

$112                BBQ donations 6/11/06 Open House

$25                  windsurf surplus equipment donations

$20                  regular donations

$8                    booklet sales

Total:    $5,583


Expenses last two weeks:

$773                keelboats--Ensignmast parts, Merit 25 haul, sail repairs (4 jibs), 15 D batteries for Visual Distress night signals

$518                food for fast track 6/5-6/9 (thanks Norm!)

$300                cut up and haul away old Lido trailers, trash

$267                food for 6/11OH BBQ (thanks Jennifer!)

$146                Ad in Sierra Club Yodeler magazine (thanks Beth!)

$110                dayleader wages  and taxes (late paycheck for Jason)

$75                  tools-vise for board hospital, files, saw blades

$52                  gas for skiffs

$22                  new skiff hull prep materials

$21                  windsurfers-- sail repair tape

$17                  Kinkos bill for computer svcs--General Membership meeting flyers (thanks Jamuel!)

$8                    pens for clubhouse

Total:  $2,309


No snacks/drinks were provided for this meeting.

Agenda Items

- Geoff Wycoff's senior project

- Michael Nielsen's senior project


Geoff’s senior project

- Michael moved, Jennifer seconded

- Passed unanimously

- Geoff is going to make all 4 of the JY15's spinnaker and trapeze ready.

- Will coordinate ad JY15 regatta and BBQ to encourage skippers to invest the time and energy needed to become proficient using both the spinnakers and the trapezes.

- Spinnakers are not standard gear on JY's, JY purchases spinnakers made by Vanguard for their 420 dingy.  Costs are based on the Vanguard Catalog.



Total Item Cost

Spinnaker retro kit (includes sail)



Trapeze retro kit

2 x 240



3 x 272


Spinnaker Pole

2 x 151


Deck Hardware for spinnaker (for the 2 boats that already have traps)

2 x 215


5 mm line (spin. Halyard, foreguy, topping lift, sheet, guy)

500 ft @ ~.60 per foot


Shock cord (trap attachment line, spinnaker pole return, pole storage)

60 ft @ ~.80 per foot


Misc Rigging and materials



Rigging totals:



Regatta BBQ supplies



Senior project total expenses





Michaels’s senior project

- Michael moved, Dan seconded

- Passed unanimously

- Upgrading the fiberglass winch mounts and winches on Donald to a stainless steel system such as we have on Daisy.  Michael Nielsen will fabricate two stainless steel foundations and install the two new Lewmar two speed winches that have alread been purchased.

- The boats will be DNS while the work is happening, however, Michael may only install one winch at a time so that the boat is DNS for the shortest possible time.  The boats will not be inoperable before an open house or a scheduled club cruise.



Micheal moves to adjourn, Peter seconded

- passes unanimously



Next excomm meeting is Sunday July 2 at 6:30