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2006.07.02 - Excom

Sunday July 02, 2006

Excomm Meeting Notes 07/02/06


Excomm Members Present:

Allan Champion, Commodore

Jamuel Starkey, Vice Commodore

Dan Pond, co-1st Vice

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

Jennifer Kroon, co-Secretary

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer



Other CSC Members Present

Sheldon Coad



Start Time – 6:30


Vice Commodores Report

We had 211 new memberships in June.  We need to finish coordinating with Albany YMCA for rides.  We will probably not be doing BYMCA rides this year.  We will see if Caryl Wolfe is willing to coordinate the rides.


1st Vices Report

Dinghy repairs going well.


Treasurers Report

As of today, the 4th, we have $56,614 in the main accounts, plus about $2,200 in the CSC Xtras account, up $9,522 from two weeks ago when we had $47,090.


Income last two weeks and a day:
$8,163             DBW grant (reimburses new skiff hull, 3 Lido trailers purchased in May)

$5,957             regular memberships
$339                UC workstudy reimbursement
$195                BBQ donations 6/25/06 Open House
$31                  windsurf surplus equipment donations
$15                  interest
$7                    booklet sales
Total:    $14,707

Expenses last two weeks and a day (payday):
$3,061             June dayleader paychecks taxes payroll processing
$462                July lease payment
$332                food for Open House BBQ 6/25 (thanks Jennifer!)
$332                sandwich signs (thanks Beth!)
$202                new flyers (thanks Max!)
$184                pizza for 6/14 Waterfront Commission meeting (thanks everyone!)
$148                pizza for 6/17 windsurf fast track & open house (ditto)
$138                windsurf sail stickers (thanks Tom Trippe!)
$80                  two dozen Sr. keys
$77                  new membership logbook (thanks Heather!)
$67                  gas for skiffs
$37                  cutter & disks for Lido rail repair
$25                  YRA dues for non-CSC member (thanks Lynda!)
$16                  snack for cruise (thanks Scott!)
$11                  bolts and brackets clubhouse bench (thanks Mark!)
$11                  new skiff hull prep materials
Total:    $5,183


No snacks/drinks were provided for this meeting.


Agenda Items:

Jamuels Senior

Cruising Changes

Bank Accounts



JY Jibs

Sheldon's Keelboat Fix up

Jamuel's Senior rating

Motion: to approve Jamuel Starkey's senior skipper rating.  Michael moved, Peter seconded.  5 votes yes, Jamuel abstained.


Cruising Changes

  • Short notice cruises:  The cruising chair will decide what the cruise policies will be.
  • Cruises on non-club boats:  Peter will check with our insurance to see if this is okay.

Bank Account Signer Changes

Motion: Jennifer Kroon, Secretary, Allan Champion, Commodore, and Peter Kuhn, Treasurer are formally authorized to sign checks on CSC's bank accounts. Peter moved, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Motion:  The ad chair be authorized to place ads for up to $2600.  Peter moved, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.



Motion:  The club will spend $3300 on new lifejackets.  Peter moved, Allan seconded.  Passed unanimously.


JY Sails

Motion:  The club will purchase 2 new JY jibs and 1 JY main for up to $1000.00.  Peter moved, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Sheldon's Keelboat Fix up

  • Working on cleaning up and stocking the keel boats will all of the proper supplies and gear.  Needs to purchase some nylon double braid line for dock lines and fenders.

Motion: Authorize Sheldon to spend an addition $1000 for fixing up the keelboats.  Peter moves, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Dan motions to adjourn, Jennifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Next excomm meeting is Sunday, July 16, 2006.