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2006.07.16 - Excom

Sunday July 16, 2006

Excomm Meeting Notes 07/16/06


Excomm Members Present:

Allan Champion, Commodore

Dan Pond, co-1st Vice

Asma Asyyed, 2nd Vice

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

Jennifer Kroon, co-Secretary

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer



Start Time – 6:30



Treasurers Report

As of the 16th, we had $57,883 in the main accounts, plus the $2200 in the CSC Xtras account, up $1269 from our July 4th meeting when the main accounts held $56,614.



$5,480             regular memberships

$628                UC workstudy reimbursement

$327                BBQ donations 7/4&9/06 Open House

$5                    windsurf surplus equipment donations

$35                  booklet sales

Total:    $6,520



$1,971             keelboats: new mast rig supplies (thanks Saul!), cleanup/safety (thanks Sheldon!), winch foundations Daisy (thanks Michael N!)

$801                dayleader paychecks taxes payroll processing

$608                food for Open House BBQ 7/4&9 (thanks Jennifer!)

$514                dinghies: cam cleats, trapeze harnesses (thanks Jane!), rig tape, gloves

$293                new skiff hull prep materials

$281                SF Weekly ad 6/28 (thanks Beth!)

$260                credit card machine, umbrellas, deadbolt

$237                tools: sander, drills, files, bits, etc.

$165                11 new PFD's (crummy yellow)

$79                  gas for skiff, kill switch lanyard, key, hinges for hatch repair

$25                  windsurf:  gloves

$17                  snack for keelboat cleanup work party

Total:    $5,251


Agenda Items:

Windsurf Clinics

Novice Boards

Minor Membership

Michael Scalet and Ethan Peterson's racing rating

Marshall Lombardo's Senior Project

Windsurf Clinics

Motion: The 2nd Vice can grant permission to anyone she sees fit to do a windsurf clinic outside the junior area (limited to 1/2 mile out) including the leward shore.  Michael moved, Jennifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Novice Boards

Motion: To spend up to $1200 for 6 new novice windsurf boards.  Peter moved, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Minor Membership

Orion Read is a new minor member.  He has completed the sailing program at Cal Adventures and sailed with Robert Ofsevit, who said that he is a good sailor.


Michael Scalet and Ethan Peterson's racing rating

Motion:  Michael Scalet and Ethan Peterson be given the racing rating and be able to sail the dinghys in the cruising area.  Peter moved, Jennifer seconded.  5 voted yes, Michael abstained.


Marshall Lombardo's Senior Project

Motion:  Marshall will construct the concrete for the 2nd dock and is authorized to spend up to $600 on supplies.  Peter moved, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Michael motions to adjourn, Jennifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Next excomm meeting is Sunday, July 30, 2006.