All Meeting Minutes

2006.07.30 - Excom

Sunday July 30, 2006

Excomm Members Present:


  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Jamuel Starkey, Vice Commodore
  • Matt Jones, co-1st Vice
  • Asma Asyyed, 2nd Vice
  • Will Lowe, 3rd Vice
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Lori Tewksbury, co-Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Other CSC Members Present


  • Sheldon Coad
  • Saul Schumsky


Officer Reports--Treasurer

As of today the balance in the main accounts stands at $50,462, down $7,421 from 7/16 when we had $57,883. Income last two weeks $3,120 regular memberships (234 memberships issued thru Friday vs. 199 for 7 year average!) $425 UC workstudy reimbursement for student dayleaders $436 BBQ donations 7/23/06 Open House $30 donation $18 booklet sales Total: $4,029 Expenses: $6,000 Capri 25 hull (to be reimbursed by DBW) $998 dayleaders $884 new PFD's (26 nice red ones -- thanks Jane!) $881 Capri 25 trailer motor sails trip fuel dinner trailer wheel etc (thanks Geoff Dan Michael S!) $642 SF Bay Guardian ads 7/12 & 7/19 (thanks Beth!) $375 BBQ food 7/23/06 Open House (thanks Jennifer Kroon!) $339 copying bill membership cards 1000 green 1000 white cards, dues envelopes $301 winch foundations Daisy $252 mural paint and plywood for backing $242 bagels Sat am's (thanks Michael S) and pizza windsurf fast track 7/15 (thanks Asma!) $218 Waterstart clinic 7/23 food and Moonlight Madness 7/8 food (thanks Isabelle and Michael S) $137 dinghies -- cleats, JY CF numbers, P15 shroud adjusters, gloves $82 insurance for add new Whaler skiff hull and delete R19 & 470 $78 fuel for skiff $11 new mop for clubhouse $5 keelboat maintenance -- used part from Urban Ore $5 bank charge Total: $11,450

Agenda Items


  • Senior Project Proposals
  • Keelboat Purchase (already passed unanimously online)
  • Ranger 23 Donation (already passed unanimously online)
  • Shakedown Cruise (already passed unanimously online)
  • Novice Windsurf Board Purchase (already passed unanimously online)
  • Keelboat Issues and Maintenance (presentation and discussion)

Senior Project Proposals -

Karl Barker – move motor from old skiff to new skiff and get the new skiff ready to go (this is already done) – sailing senior project - - passed unanimously - - Will gives him the senior speech -

John Gartner – organize YMCA rides for the summer (ongoing – started last week and continues next week) - - not only is this his senior project, but he gets a year free membership - - passed unanimously -

Lori Tewksbury – women's sailing clinic - - passed with one abstention (Lori)

Dan Siskind – 2 waterstart clinics and put together a waterstart handbook (windsurfing senior project)

Marshall Lombardo--organize concrete work for second dock at a cost of $500 to then donate to the city) (already done, already passed unanimously online)

Review online motions that were approved since the last excomm meeting:

Allocate up to $8000 for purchase of keelboat (Capri) and expenses to get it to club; trailer to be sold after boat is in the water, cost to be reimbursed from DBW grant (motion made by Allan online, seconded by Jamuel; unanimous approval online)

Marshall Lombardo's senior project (organize concrete work for second dock at a cost of $500 to then donate to the city) (already done) (motion by Peter online, seconded by Allan, unanimous approval online

Accept the Ranger 23 donation (motion by Peter online, seconded by Michael, unanimous approval online)

Allow Michael Scalet, Geoff, and Dan Pond to take the Capri within 17-mile radius for a shakedown sail when it is put into the water (with rules for sailing to be determined at a later date) (motion by Peter, seconded by Michael, unanimous approval online)

Buy a JP 180 ASA windsurfing board for $500 (motion by Peter online, seconded by Michael, unanimous approval online)

All online motions were voted on as a block – - Allan moved, Jamuel seconded – unanimously approved

Discussion of which ensign to keep (now that we have the Capri and Ranger)

The only comment in this discussion was that the Ensign that used to be red (Dewey) is the only one that has the bulkhead and berths that have solid wood and could be maintained

Naming of the Capri and Ranger was tabled for now

Keelboat Issues and New Boats

There was a lengthy and substantive discussion about club keelboats and keelboat sailing experiences and if we should try to change how keelboats are checked out, maintained, etc in view of the fact that we have two new keelboats.. - Saul Schumsky and Sheldon Coad (former excomm members) were present and contributed much to the discussion. - Some major points in the discussion included: • We're at a decision point as a club about keelboat sailing experience. If we are happy with what has been happening (maintenance, etc) – new boats will look the current boats. Are alternative but there are prerequisites. • We need some way to ensure that maintenance happens on a regular basis maintenance schedule with structure around that to make sure it happens if we are going continue to put wet sails, wet bags, wet foulies, wet pfd's the boats will stink • We are at a point to make a decision – not going to happen again – give that some consideration… •There was a specific concern raised about the roller furler on the Ranger – it is delicate and expensive to fix. • There were suggestions about leaving monetary deposits to use the boat(s). • It's part of a rental mentality – people need to think of things as their own, not a rental. • – There are a few other groups like us with volunteers and the way they do is they have one specific person who is called when there is damage and they decide if it's sailable and then organizing the work to fix it. • Saul mentioned that he is willing to work with Sheldon to come up with a maintenance schedule – but then it needs to get done (which is the real issue)…… • Saul and Sheldon offered to work on possible policies for the new boats (checking out, maintenance, etc) and present options back to ExComm at a later date.

Will moved that both the Capri and Ranger be marked as not sailable except for the purposes of ascertaining the sailability until further excomm action. Michael seconded. Unanimously approved.

ExComm Meeting Dates

Excomm meeting dates for the rest of 2006 Lori will re-organize the dates and send them out via email,. They will be approved at the 8/14 meeting and then posted on the web.

Next ExComm meeting is Sunday, August 14, 2006.