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2006.08.14 - Excom

Monday August 14, 2006

Excomm Meeting Notes 8/14/06


Excomm Members Present:

Matt Jones, Rear Commodore

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

Andrew Molitor, Co-3rd Vice

Lori Tewksbury, Co Secretary

Allan Champion, Commodore

Jamuel Starkey, Vice Commodore


CSC members present:

Brian Buchanan

Karen Huie

Ken Shepherd

Logan Byrn


Start Time:  6:38

Vice Commodore's Report

- Q1 memberships over the 8-year average by 10%

- On track to continue that for the next quarter

- Way over last year (we were down last year)

- 220 more memberships this year compared to last year (May-July)



Todd Price's Senior Project

Matt Harvey's Senior Project

Excomm Meeting Dates

Sale of an Ensign

Windsurfing Trips

Ranger 23

Sale of Surplus Equipment

Capri 25

3rd Vice Commodore

Purchase of a 505


CSC 15

Dinghy Parts


Todd Price's Senior Project

Advanced Dingy Sailing Clinic(s), motioned by Jamuel to table, Matt seconded.  Passed unanimously.

- inadequate b/c he is not teaching and not enough hours

- need to do more than organizing


Matt Harvey's Senior Project

Motion: To wire the club for WiFi access (already completed).  Michael moved, Lori seconded.  Passed unanimously.

- some discussion about the merits of WiFi connection for a sailing club – we are a sailing club

- benefit – wind meter is online and we can use

- could get a computer that can take credit cards online and that would be great

- security issues regarding credit card use covered by credit card companies


Excomm Meeting Dates

Motion: Approve the following Excomm meeting dates for the remainder of 2006:

Sunday, August 27 at 6:30

Sunday, September 10 at 6:30

Sunday, September 24 at 6:30

Sunday, October 8 at 6:30

Sunday, October 22 at 6:30

Monday, November 6 at 6:30 before the general membership meeting

Sunday, November 19 at 5:30

Sunday, December 17 at 5:30

Michael moved, Allan seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Sale of an Ensign

Motion: Sell or dispose of one Ensign, which one to be determined, preferrably to a CSC member who will buy it, remove it, repair it, and resell it to the club.

- Nenya, Louie or Dewey?

- Dewey has a rig and the other two do not

- there is a mast for Nenya on the dock to be put up

- Nenya has to the most stable decks

- get rid of Louie first

- need to have a boat identified before we have a motion on this….

- we have the Capri and the Ranger (if we keep it)

- Louie is Ken’s favorite boat

Motion:  To put Louie up for sale cheap (Michael will put an add on craigslist), (if in two more excomm meetings Louie is not gone, make another motion….).  Matt moved, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously


Windsurfing Trips

Motion:  Review and approve windsurfing trips for junior windsurdsurfers and above to Sherman Island as long as they are authorized by 2nd Vice and provided that the organizer give 3 days' advance notice to ExComm by email to the list, supervise equipment transport and use, certify the competency of all members using club equipment, and ensure that club members not going on trip have enough boards and sails for conditions in Berkeley.  Moved by Allan, seconded by Matt.  Passed Unanimously.


Ranger 23

Decide the fate of the Ranger:  Fix and keep or sell?

- seems like repairs might have begun?  No – these are test holes

- below the furniture is OK, above the furniture is rotten

- can’t decide the fate of it since there is no report – no action taken


Sale of Excess Equipment

Motion:  Peter will sell any outboard engine(s) he deems necessary.  Michael moved, Jamuel seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Motion:  3rd Vice is authorized to approved the sale or disposal of the excess Capri sails.  Lori motioned, Allan seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Motion:  To sell the dead rescue skiff and trailer.  Michaed moved, Matt seconded.  Passed unanimously.



a.  the dead rescue skiff hull and trailer (or it can be given away)

b.  two stroke outboards (9.9 hp four stroke Evinrude--4 came with Ranger and Capri,  we don't need them all)

c.  Capri sails we're not keeping

- need to have an inventory of the sails we might sail

- wait on selling the Capri sails

-  we need a more specific inventory of what we might sell



Report back from Michael and Peter regarding the condition of the Capri

- Brian:  electrical work mostly done (only one cabin light is working, radio is not installed, port lights leaking; seals need to be replaced), bow cleats need backing plates and nuts attached to bolts (no vertical holding force right now), recommend that a life sling be installed (toe rail almost non-existant), also recommend that netting by installed, hardware needed to attach the motor mount needs to be replaced (not marine grade), also more git rot on the bulkheads (says Peter), things that could rot on the boart have been removed though some things should be replaced


3rd Vice Commodore

Motion:  Accept Will Lowe’s resignation from the position of co-3rd Vice Commodore and appoint Brian Buchanan to the position of co-3rd Vice Commodore, (Andrew Molitor, the other co-Vice Commodore is not resigning and will serve with Brian).  Allan moved, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Purchase of a 505


- member approached Allan about purchasing the 505

- attempted to get it donated, but he had just donated it

- found another one for sale

- motion made online, no one responded, individual discussion seems that it was something an individual member really wanted

- until there is more interest, we really don’t have a motion to make

- epitome of a non-club boat, yes?

- racing boat – light, complicated, breakable

- Logan:  just spent a few hours fixing a laser (stuck under the deck) – brand new laser – seems to be an issue of neglect around the lasers – takes a long time to de-rig, etc –

- when we have a group of people who will step forward for this, then we might have a motion to consider

- publicly say that they will step forward and use/take care of these

- needs to be more than an army of one

- Boat Captains – need to sail the boat and stay on top of things – need to actively involved with maintaining their favorite boats – take more responsibility for them

- senior skipper – to sign boat out be on the boat team



A request was made by a member to rent 2 of our kayaks for use on a personal cruise (not on a club boat).

-no one should have the priviledge

-borrow kayaks to go somewhere not around here

-indestructible, he should be able to take them,

-history – this happened once before – a crusing skipper was allowed to take 1-2 kayaks to a remote place, but they donated $ to the club the cost of rent, was a cruising skipper, paid $$, but no one seems to know this guy

-cruising skippers are generally allowed to take things far away

-if someone can vouch for him, he leaves a deposit and pays a rental fee, and no one else will use them…..

-either let him borrow it or not – not rental

Not going to allow the kayaks to be rented.


CSC 15

Motion: Table the discussion regarding the CSC 15 until next meeting.  Jamuel moved, Andrew seconded.  Passed unanimously.

-amend the $$ amount to money that has been spent to date


Dinghy Parts

Motion:  Spend $1750 on spare parts for the dinghys (all).  Peter moved, Brian seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Allan moves to adjourn, Michael seconds, passed unanimously


Adjourned at 7:27