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2006.08.27 - Excom

Sunday August 27, 2006

Excomm Meeting Notes 8/27/06


Excomm Members Present:

Brian Buchanan

Peter Kuhn

Lori Tewksbury

Allan Champion

Jennifer Kroon

Michael Scalet


Other CSC members present:

Will Lowe

Paul Kamen

David Strubbe

Ken Sheppard

Ed Shirk

Matthias Roschke


Start Time: 6:40


Secretary's Report

The minutes for all of the excomm meetings will be up on the website this week.


Treasurer's Report

We got $46,149 in the main accounts, plus $2400 in the CSC Xtras account (yea Jane! she's selling T-shirts!), down $4,313 from 7/30 when we had $50,462.


Income last 4 weeks:

$8,660             regular memberships

$1,092             UC work-study reimbursement

$179                BBQ donations 7/30/06 (leftover envelope) and 8/13 Open Houses

$30                  donation

$26                  interest

$12                  booklet sales

$75                  windsurf locker

Total: $10,074



$3,894             day leader wages, taxes, payroll processing

$2,367             windsurfers- -JP Novice board, 8 Novice mini-sails, vac pump filter/trap, wetsuit glue, loctite

$1,985             keelboats--new radios, Capri windows, Merit keel check, Commander and Ensign anchor and dock lines, Capri wiring supplies

$1,326             8/14/06 general membership meeting room ($425) postage and software fee, food

$964                dinghies--JY spinnifying supplies, Laser tiller, JY shrouds, 
blocks, shackles, etc.

$963                Bay Guardian ads (3 issues)

$731                taxes--DMV register Capri, trailer, Ranger; property taxes lease and newer boats

$523                Fast Track BBQ and snacks, Sat am bagels

$477                food for BBQ Open House 8/13 and 8/27

$462                August lease payment

$174                insurance add Capri, Whaler, delete R19, 470

$133                garbage service

$124                credit card processing fees

$107                dinner -- Ad Committee cruise

$97                  clubhouse--mural supplies, VHF charger for handheld radio

$76                  fuel for skiff

$64                  Rx, pain-killer Jameel (broke thumb)

$55                  dues refund (lost his cell phone on a dinghy lesson and blamed the teacher!)

$30                  cruise expense -- parking, snack

($165)              PFD's (Pkuhn reimbursed twice!)

Total: $14,387


3rd Vice's Report

We are working on getting keelboat status and repair projects up on the (wiki) website and started a CSC keelboat mailing list.


Agenda Items:

Gary Bauer's Senior Project

David Strubbe's Senior Project

Todd Price's Senior Project

P15 Sails

Name for Capri

Purchase of a 505

Catalina 23 Donation

Ranger 23 Deposition

CSC 15 Amendments

Capri 25 Rating

RS Vision

Keelboat Captains


Sale of an Ensign

Sale of the John Dory Skiff

Commander/Capri Sails

Other business


Gary Bauer's Senior Project:

Motion:  Gary will work on Capri 25 improvements including the following: sandwich new wood on the starboard bulkhead to reinforce rotten section, use Git Rot to solidify port bulkhead, install new VHF radio, complete the wiring of the running lights, remove and replace leaking port lights.  ? moved, ? seconded. Passed unanimously.


David Strubbe's Senior Project:

Motion:  David will repair JY's, revise the racing rules test and put on a racing clinic.  ?moved, ?seconded. Passed unanimously.


1. Revise the racing-rules test.

The current one is excessively long and asks too many questions about esoteric and irrelevant matters (e.g. the make-up of the protest committee) -- this seems to be acknowledged by the fact that the test is open-book.  There are no questions about several important things (e.g. taking penalty turns for fouling another boat), and the test focuses unduly on exceptions to rules rather than the main rules.  Some of the questions are ambiguous, and I believe some of the answers on the key are incorrect.  In fact at least one relevant rule (the "anti-hunting rule") has changed since 1997-2000 when the test was apparently made.  The test is unreasonably hard now (as a skipper in collegiate racing for three years I was unable to pass it), but a shorter, more relevant, and closed-book test could reasonably be required of all racing skippers, including for the JY's.  This way we could achieve the purpose of making sure all racing skippers know the rules, without unnecessarily discouraging people from participating.

2. Organize a dinghy-racing clinic.

I will hold a dry-land session at which I will discuss racing rules and tactics, for new racers and others who want to improve their skills.  At the end participants will be ready to pass the racing-rules test to be qualified as racing skippers.  Afterwards we can run some drills and sail some races to apply what was learned, and I will give feedback as we go.  Two possible drills: (1) all the boats must stay inside a square marked out by 4 buoys; try to force other boats outside the square using the right-of-way rules. (2) repeated starts for practicing starting tactics.

3. Do maintenance work on the JY's:

Replace all the missing rub rails with new rub rails with the proper adhesive.  Check all the JY mains (including those in the sail locker) and replace any missing battens.  Make sure all the tiller extensions telescope and procure new ones to replace all those that have failed and install them.


Todd Price's Senior Project

Motion: Todd Price will put together clinics on Senior Dinghy Maneuvers and teach for 5 Saturdays.  ?motioned, ?seconded. Passed unanimously

Michael or Matt can talk to him about his project and can approve or not.


P15 Main Sails

Motion: Purchase 1 or 2 main sails for the P15.  Matt motioned, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Capri Name

Motion:  The Capri will be named Pomodoro.  Michael motioned, Peter seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Purchase of a 505

Motion:  Spend up to $3500 to purchase a 505 dinghy for the club.  Allan motioned, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.



Who:  Mark Playsted, Jennifer Kroon, John McBride, Heiko Panther, Ethan Peterson, Chris Sears, John DeNero, Gunther Webber and Geoff Wycoff

What: purchase a used 505

Where: Santa Rosa or San Luis Obispo (2 boats under scrutiny)

Why: Some folks figure we need a replacement for the 470 as a high performance, advanced dinghy

When:  As soon as possible

How Much:  up to $3500 clams

Background: Mark Playstead and others have been pushing for the club to get a used 505 for a while now. A 29er has been discussed in the past but that boat is really a junior trainer and would probably be over weighted even with two small to medium adults. The idea is to spend a bit more for a good boat and sails rather than get some beater that's ready to explode. The boat should probably be designated for the advanced dinghy rating and above only to sign it out. Mark says that the above mentioned people agree to take responsibility for and lead the charge to acquire, fit out, maintain, check people out and teach on and about the boat.


Discussion:     The club has precedent (the 470) for owning a high-performance dinghy. Even if the boat doesn't bring a lot of value to the club, a resale market exists and its monetary value won't go to zero. Hopefully purchasing a newer, nicer boat and having it sailed by advanced rating holders and maintained by a committed group of members will mitigate the risk that the boat will spend most of its days broken in the yard. Should that fate befall it, however, we can probably fix and sell the boat and get most of our money back.

While the club's investment in this boat will be enjoyed by only a small proportion of our membership, hopefully the availability of this boat will encourage this group, who are among the more active contributors to the club, to stick around and keep contributing. Spending $3500 on a boat that will only get sailed by 10 or 15 random members of the club would be a bad investment. Spending that money on a boat that will get enjoyed by 10 or 15 of our members who we really want to keep is a great investment. It's even better if it attracts more of the same kind of people.

Lori has a concern that purchasing JYs would serve more people - Jennifer pointed out that the people waiting for JYs would sail the 505.  Allan says buying a 505 is not a bad idea.  Having something else high performance not ha bad idea - offers opportunity for growth, etc.


Catalina 23 Donation

At this moment in time, the club does not have the capacity to accept a Catalina 23 for donation.  Lori will reply to the person offering it.


Ranger Deposition

Motion:  Commodore to appoint a member to sell the Ranger 23, who'll get it ready for sale, determine the price, advertise it, and sell it.

Motion:  If the Ranger 23 does not sell, dispose of the Ranger using funds gained from the sail of all sellable Ranger parts.

Brian motioned, Peter seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Discussion:  If we keep it in the harbor it'll cost us about $2200 in slip fees, better to sell it to a member so we can sail it, or sell it for the money.


CSC 15

Motion:  Amend the below motion to approve the money that has already been spent plus $300.00 for the CSC 15.  Allan motioned, Jennifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Three and a half years ago the following motion was approved:

"EXCOM MEETING Sunday February 23, 2003

3)  Ben made a motion to allocate $65,000.00 to build a boat and 4 molds for Antrim CSC 15 design. Motion includes the friendly amendment regarding the initial $10,000. for the previous boat. Motion also includes the friendly amendment to never talk about the subject again. Motion passed with four in favor, three opposed, two abstentions. "


There is a concern with having a blank check hanging out there for a project that hasn't moved forward perceptibly.  Should people want to take up this project they can come to excomm for re-approval of funds, their plan and a timeline.

We raised $7000 from members.  We have spent over $7000 for this including the container.  Allan points out that this motin does not kill the project - it just takes back the "blank check" we have open for this.


Capri 25 Rating

Commodore appoints committee for the Capri 25.  Committee decides the Capri 25 rating for the Capri 25.  Questions of clarification:  this rating would be above a senior rating.  This is a "keelboat dingy" and acts very differently than the Commanders and Ensigns.  It is not quite ready to sail yet - almost.  One thing to note about the Capri - this is not a club keelboat as it is owned by DBW.  It is under our supervision, but is not ours.  Ed Shirk pointed out that we need to be very specific directions in the operating rules so that we can legitimately discipline people who screw up.  Brian has a concern that the operating rules haven't revised in a while - last time was a year ago.  Peter feels that our best shot, that we rely on a reasonable request with a recalcitrant member.  Peter is trying to get to the point that no one can sail the boat who isn't committed to teaching on it.


Allan moved to table the issue,  Peter seconds.  Passed unanimously.


RS Vision

Motion:  To approve up to $750 to send one or more members to the Vanguard headquarters in Portsmouth Rhode Island to test the RS Vision as a possible club dinghy.  Moved by Peter, seconded by Michael.  Passed unanimously.


Keelboat Captains

Each keelboat be under the jurisdiction of a committee headed by a Boat captain, which is authorized by the third Vice to declare boats Do Not Sail, to call upon skippers who use the boat to perform maintenance, and if necessary to recommend that ExComm suspend members for suspension should they refuse to contribute work or if they abuse the boats.  Brian is withdrawing this motion.  It's not needed as committee chairs can be appointed.



Motion:  To allocate up to $900 to continue ads in the Guardian and Daily Cal.  Motioned by Allan, seconded by Jennifer.  Passed unanimously.


Who: Ad Chair Beth

What: Ads

Where: Guardian and Daily Cal

When: the remainder of 2006

Why: Our glut of open house riders and new members are coming from somewhere

How much: Up to $900


People (new memberships, open houses) are coming from somewhere.  Search engines are helping.  Flyers are also helpful.  We have a lot bigger presence on the internet now.  We have a credit with Daily Cal.  We can talk about it now and then re-visit next year.  Maximum of $900 but hopefully it will be less.  $500 in Guardian…..


Sale of an Ensign

Motion: Commodore has the optoin to appoint someone to cycle out and fix the ensigns in a reasonable amount of time or to sell one.  Commodore to appoint a member to sell the boat, who'll get it ready for sale, determine the price, advertise it, and sell it.  Peter moved, Jennifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Question of which ensign to sell.  The one that isn't sailable has a spongy afterdeck.  That's a big job.  That boat has a very nicely redone cockpit and is stronger than the other two.  It's shame to dispose of that.  Can't rob it.  We've got a dolly.  We have a corner in the yard.  Pull the ensign out and put it in the yard with the idea we will redo the foredeck and cabin top.  The question is will everything get done and will the boat get put back in the water.  And if we get it done -fine, but if not, sell it or whatever.  The theory we had when we got the dolly -we would cycle through the ensigns.  It has taken too long.  3rd vice commodore needs to take care of it and get it right.  Ed volunteers to do the deck job and whatever else it needs.  Ed says projects by a succession of senior project doesn't work.  We need a boat captain who will see the project through.  Cycle through the ensign.


Sale of the John Dory Skiff

Motion: To sell the John Dory skiff and trailer, possibly with an outboard.  Peter moved, Jennifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Commander/Capri Sails

Motion: To buy two sails for Commanders and Capri for up to $2,200 with DBW.  Peter motioned, Jennifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Other business: Approve Treasurer's Report.  Brian motioned, Jennifer seconded. Approved unanimously.


Jennifer motioned to adjourn, Michael seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Adjourn at 7:40