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2006.09.24 - Excom

Sunday September 24, 2006

Excomm Meeting Notes 9/24/06

Excomm Members Present:

Allan Champion

Peter Kuhn

Brian Buchanan

Lori Tewksbury

Matt Jones

Dan Pond

Jennifer Kroon


Other CSC Members Present:

Ken Shepard

Gunther Weber

Mathias Roeschke

Felix Goebel

Karl Barker

Norman Thomas


Start Time: 6:00


Treasurers Report 09/10/06

We got $46,636 in the main accounts, plus about $2700 in the CSCXtras account (yea Jane! she's selling T-shirts!), up $487 from 8/27 when we had $46,149.


Income last 2 weeks:

$7,375             regular memberships

$6,000             DBW grant reimbursement keelboat

$376                Open House BBQ donations 8/27 and 9/3

$100                YRA membership

$78                  DMV refund on Capri reg

$26                  interest

$18                  booklet sales

Total: $13,973



$3,369             dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing

$2,085             2 keelboat jibs for Commanders and Capri 25

$1,213             Bay Guardian ads (4 issues)

$1,164             JY spinnakers and cleats

$1,068             Capri 25 wiring, rigging, fixup stuff

$681                workers comp insurance deposit

$660                windsurfers -- 12 universals, Ripper 3.3 sail (replace N338)

$567                Ensigns and Commanders-- (goosenecks, shrouds, blocks, sail tie, webbing, etc.)

$462                Sept lease payment

$375                dinghies--shackles, JY carbon fiber hiking stick, Lido inspection ports

$314                windsurfer maintenance- -sail repair tape, downhaul line

$313                food for BBQ Open House 9/3

$277                skiff and motors--return oarlocks, buy fuel line parts, fixup parts for donated 4 hp 4 stroke

$249                windsurf end of season party pizza

$200                dues refund Jason Morton became a dayleader

$149                credit card processing fees

$149                hand tools, drill bits, drivers

$115                sunscreen

$29                  racing booklets

$27                  printing for 8/14 General Membership Meeting

$10                  hangers for wetsuits

$10                  mural brushes

Total: $13,486


Allan motions to approve, Brian seconds.  Passed unanimously.

Agenda Items:

Felix Goebel's Senior Project

Aquatic Center Directors Conference

US Sailing General Meeting

Senior Dingy Area


Felix Goebel's Senior Project

Felix did his senior project and test 2 years ago (more or less) but he didn't do the senior keelboat test yet (no time to practice).  Rules say that would expire so that everything that he has done has expired.  He is asking to extend this and not have his previous work expire.

Motion:  Give Felix 2 more years to attain his senior skipper.  Peter moved, Brian seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Aquatic Center Directors Conference

Motion:  Approve $500 for Jennifer to attend the CA Department of Boating and Waterways Aquatic Center Directors Conference in San Diego.  Lori moves, Allan seconds.  Passed unanimously.

US Sailing General Meeting

Motion:  Approve sending a CSC representative (Peter Kuhn) to the US Sailing General Meeting in Newport, RI.

This is not an action item this week.

All this group seems to be interested in is racing so it is not in our interest to spend money sending someone to this.


Senior Dinghy Area

Allan - better to make it the senior dingy area - the senior keelboat area was designed b/c no knowledge of currents, navigation, etc.  Allan would extend the senior dinghy area to the senior keelboat area.  The reason for limiting the senior dingy area was b/c of the boats (Lidos).  Some discussion about the anchor line length - is it long enough for the senior keelboat area?  Need more rode.  Question of why there is a difference between the senior dingy and senior keelboat area?  A lot of support for changing the senior dingy area so that it's the same as the senior keelboat area.  However, keelboats are more stable than dingies - if you got into trouble you could overnight on a keelboat, you are more exposed in a dingy.  Radio on the dingies?  What would happen if the day leader was ready to go home and the boat hadn't returned?  Dayleaders are not responsible for Seniors after hours or outside the junior area.  Sign out with an intention so the day leader would know where they were and should the day leader have to look for them?  If you assume they can take care of everything and they can't, they could die.  In the fog, it is very difficult - keelboats at least have compasses, etc.  Concern about dingies being out that far alone - maybe more than one.  Cruising skippers are required to bring certain items (VHF, navigation stuff, etc) with them so a day leader wouldn't come into play.  Dingies can already go in the cruising are with a cruising skipper onboard.  Wouldn’t want to let people do this without reasonable equipment (radio, compass) with them.  We need to be concerned about safety first.  Allan feels that we need more information and then come back to this at the next meeting.  The matter is closed for this meeting.


Allan moved, Matt seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Adjourn at 7pm