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2006.10.22 - Excom

Sunday October 22, 2006

Excomm Members Present

  • Peter Kuhn
  • Michael Scalet
  • Jamuel Starkey
  • Dan Pond
  • Jennifer Kroon

Treasurers Report 09/10/06

Tax returns are in, Dept of Boating and Waterways grant reimbursement is complete (all $16,200 received), mid-year report to City is in.

We got $48,947 in the main accounts, plus $2759.51 in the CSCXtras account, up $2,311 from 9/10 last I reported when we had $46,636.

Income last 4 weeks
regular memberships $8,780.00
DBW grant reimbursement keelboat $2,037.00
Open House BBQ donations 9/24 $247.00
YRA membership $100.00
donations ($45 ws equip, $20 just a donation, $7 escrip) $72.00
interest $22.00
booklet sales $29.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $58.00
sale of outboard motor (3.5 hp twostroke) $150.00
Total $11,495.00
dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $3,457.00
spare spars for Lido, P15, JY $1,154.00
JY P15 Lido repair parts and sail repairs $1,032.00
JY main & 2 jibs $890.00
Daily Cal newspaper ads prepaid $538.00
Oct lease payment $462.00
food for BBQ Open House 9/24, charcoal 9/4 $409.00
Laser tillers $305.00
credit card setup (Discover--$25) and processing fees $231.00
keelboats--winch handles, sail repairs, rigging parts $197.00
gas for skiff, new tow ropes $117.00
DBW conference--r/t plane ticket $99.00
keelboat motor parts $81.00
stamps for Treas (bought twice, oops) $78.00
tools--vacuum pump suction unit & hoses, epoxy pumps $45.00
clothes hangers, garbage bags, sponges $32.00
bagels for Sat am lessons $25.00
taxes--filing fee for charity return $25.00
mural brushes $ 7.00
Total $9,184.00

Agenda Items:

  • 505 Donation
  • General Membership Meeting Agenda
  • Peter's Project

505 Donation

Motion: Approve the donation of a 505 to the club. Michael moved, Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously.

General Membership Meeting Agenda

Motion: Approve the agenda as set forth by Peter and Jamuel. Allan to prepare the officer reports in verse. Jamuel moved, Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously.

Peter's Project

Motion: Approve Peter's project in the boat yard. Michael moved, Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously.