All Meeting Minutes

2006.12.17 - Excom

Sunday December 17, 2006
Start Time: 5:30

Excomm Members Present:

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Norman Thomas, Vice Commodore
  • Dan Pond, 1st Vice Commodore
  • Matt Harvey, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • Matt Jones, Rear Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary

Others Present:

  • Ben Dizon
  • Ming Hua

2nd Vice Commodores Report

Most of the sail inventory is torn and Matt is still working on what sails to fix and how. We have more than 10 new sails that are still not rigged and 2 new booms coming. There is no wind, and if you are trying to windsurf, you are nuts.

Rear Commodores Report

There will be a senior study group after Christmas for those working towards their Senior Skipper ratings.

Treasurers Report 12/17/06

We got $46,840 in the main accounts, plus $2759.51 in the CSCXtras account, down $1,581 from 11/19 last I reported when we had $48,421.

Income last 4 weeks
regular memberships $1,230.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $393.00
YRA membership $100.00
sale of Ranger 23 (thanks Kestutis!) $1,050.00
sale of Ensign (thanks Monroe and Norm!) $20.00
donations ($400 Thanks Dan Pang & Vodafone, 50 ws equip donations, $6 escrip) $456.00
interest $22.00
booklet sales $17.00
Total $3,288.00
dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $1,956.00
keelboats--Commander Donald new winch, Capri Pomodoro nametag, mast rigging hardware Ensign $882.00
new heater for clubhut $49.00
food for BBQ Open House 12/10 $94.00
insurance--workers comp premium $585.00
dinghies--sail repairs, carabiner, waxing bonnet, etc. $155.00
Dec lease payment $462.00
5o5 fixup parts (fiberglass cloth) $64.00
office supplies--new logbook, receipts, whiteboard markers $26.00
FTB filing fee $25.00
gas for skiff, new jump seat, kill switch lanyards $97.00
credit card processor charges ($300 will be disputed) $345.00
brochures -- 1000 copies in summer $129.00
Total $4,869.00

Secretary's Report

The DBW grant was finished and turned into DBW. Keep your fingers crossed that we get all $30K that we asked for. Much thanks to Matt Harvey for helping me with the windsurfing sections.

Agenda Items

  • Lifetime Membership for Greg Sweriduk
  • Thanks to Dan Pang and Vodafone
  • Senior Skippers
  • Extended Dinghy Privelages for Mark Playsted
  • Excomm Meetings
  • Other
  • Matt Jones to the Rating Committee

Lifetime membership for Greg Sweriduk

Motion: Grant Greg Sweriduk a lifetime membership to the club should he so desire one, and if not, many thanks to him for all of the work he does.

Allan moved, Matt Jones seconded. Passed unanimously.

Thanks to Dan Pang and Vodafone

Excomm officially thanks Dan Pang and Vodafone for their generous donations.

Allan moved, Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously.

Senior Skippers

Motion: Make Brian Buchanan a Senior Skipper.
Jennifer moved, Allan seconded. 7 yes, 1 abstention.

Motion: Make Gary Farber a Senior Skipper.
Peter moved, Allan seconded. 6 yes, 2 abstentions.

Motion: Make Doug Taylor a Senior Skipper.
Peter moved, Allan seconded. 5 yes, 3 abstentions.

Extended Dinghy Privelages for Mark Playsted

Motion: Grant Mark Playsted permission to sail dinghies anywhere in the senior keelboat area as long as he carries a cruising dinghy kit (a senior kit plus a compass and an electronic means of communication) with him in the boat.
Jennifer moved, Dan seconded. Passed unanimously.

Excomm Meetings for 2007

Motion to set the meetings for 2007 was tabled until all members of excomm have a chance to review the dates.


Norm is going to set up breakfasts for the Saturday mornings following open houses to give new members a chance to meet and greet current club members and excomm members. Come on down and flip some pancakes.

Ben Dizon suggests that we put up pics of the excomm members in the clubhouse.

A short discussion happened regarding having excomm members phone numbers somewhere in the club house where people can get a hold of us if needed. There is a page in the front of the new log book where you can put your number if you want.

Matt Jones to the rating committee

Motion: Add Matt Jones to the rating committee. Allan moved, Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously.

Matt motioned to adjourn, Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously.