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Feb 10. 2019 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Cal Sailing Club - General Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:     Feb 10, 2019

Start Time:        5:11 pm

End Time:         5:35 pm

Location:        CSC yard








Joel Gussman



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Mary Lucus-Flannery



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Joshua Leihe



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Will Yu



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Curt Lanyi



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Matt Hess



Port Captain (co)

Lydia Lopez



Port Captain (co)

Brenden Kallaby




Peter Kuhn




Carolyn Brown





Commodore - Our Free Berth Application is being presented at the PWC meeting 7PM on Wednesday, David Fraser has generously volunteered to speak on our behalf and thank the commissioners. The Aquatic Directors’ meeting is coming up in Sacramento, Carolyn might be going. If anyone else is interested in attending, let us know. We had a great retreat with Excomm and some of our Chairs. We are considering creating a Development Chair/committee to raise funds and/or increase our membership numbers since that is where our money comes from.

Vice Commodore - We are looking at coordinating some events that focus on our new members and help them get more involved in the club. We will have 4 new member “nights” with food and maybe movies. These will be in May, June, July, and August and will possibly be a Friday evening, Saturday after lesson, or Sunday after racing. The first Open House is in March, let everyone know. We appreciate and need help to make our open houses successful.

1st Vice - Dan is working hard as the new Trash Chair clearing the yard of anything that isn’t supposed to be there. In a few days he will give people a reminder to take their things or else they will be in the dumpster. The goals is to make the club look better. You can get volunteer hours for helping out. We are coming back into the sailing season and will be recommissioning the Quests that are stacked on the side of the yard. To do this, we need to focus on making more space in the yard. We are looking for suggestions for relocating things like the lockers or kitchen stuff. We will be expanding the fleet in a couple of months with a new foiling boat, it requires deep water so we need to be careful about when it is taken out. Boat repair is a possible senior project for anyone who is interested. If you know anyone who has experience with boat repair or wants to learn tell them to come talk to us. Ryan needs help getting boats ready for a Clear the Yard cruise this spring, we want all the boats “green” in the dinghy log. We are also planning to tune up the Laser fleet and make single handed boats more accessible for club members.

2nd Vice - We are excited to see foiling cross over from windsurfing to sailing. We built a repair room to make board repair safer and healthier for volunteers and others walking around the yard. And we remind everyone, if you are going to sand, make sure you are dressed properly and wearing a mask or respirator, especially for fiberglass, also check that you aren’t creating a lot of fiberglass dust when others are nearby.

3rd Vice - The keelboat fleet is in good condition. Pomodoro was sold, so don’t sail her or take anything from her. We will be keeping Pomodoro’s slip after she leaves and we are hoping to acquire another boat that is more modern and fun than the rest of our fleet. We are looking at a J80 and a couple of other boats.

Rear Commodore Sailing - We are in the slow season, and this year it's especially slow for lessons. Comparing this year to last year, we were tracking very evenly through the end of October. From the beginning of November to now, the number of students is down by 35%, consistent across teaching days. We went down considerably with the fires and never recovered, most likely due to the weather (rainy, cold, and light wind). On the positive side, members have been advancing in ratings in the last 3 months. We have 6 new Novices, 1 Senior Dinghy, 1 Senior Keelboat, and 1 Cruise Keelboat.

  • We have a Senior Study Group going with 16 students (thanks to Mariya for organizing). We do this every winter, and this is a really good turnout. Better still, nearly everyone is staying with the program. We also have a Cruise Study Group with 8 students (thanks to Elyakim for organizing). We only do this every few years.
  • We are planning for the season. We have coordinators for 4 out of 5 Fast Tracks, and Advanced Dinghy.
  • We have several workshops on the way: rudderless sailing and "So now you're a Junior – what's next", which will get you ready for Advanced Dinghy.
  • Thanks for all of you who have been teaching. If you haven't, come out and try it – it helps the Club and it's a great way to improve your own skills.

Rear Commodore Windsurfing - Lessons start in March. In addition to novice lessons, we want to try to get Junior lessons started. And the windsurf manual will have a substantial rewrite this season.

Port Captain - We have a strong team of Day Leaders, all of them have their Boater cards. Starting this week through May low tides will affect the operation hours of the club. A lot of days we will be closed for most of the day, or being open will depend on the Day Leader’s ability to work with the sketch mobile. Our motorboats require a minimum of 1.5 feet of water for operation.

Treasurer - Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition February 1 2019

As of February 1st we had $11,029 in cash, down $3,967 from 11/1/18.  We were reimbursed by the Division of Boating and Waterways for windsurf boards we bought on our boating safety education grant, and we repaid a member loan that tided us over while the reimbursement was delayed.  (The day after the fiscal quarter ended, we were also reimbursed $3,282 for keelboat sails).

Income 11/1/18 - 1/31/19


Regular memberships


Windsurf locker memberships


DBW grant--reimbursement for 15 novice windsurf boards on 2017-8 boating safety education equipment grant


Donations (Big Thanks!), subpoena records payment, DMV refund


UC workstudy reimbursement


Total Income



Spending 11/1/18 - 1/31/19


Dinghies--2 JY15 forestay levers, RS500 centerboard stirrups, shackles, cleats, less return trap harnesses, CF numbers, bow rollers, fasteners, line, inspection ports, grip tape for dinghy tillers, sail repair patches and tape


Dayleader wages and taxes, payroll processing, dayleader shoes, boatercard fees, food for dayleader meetings


Windsurf--3 novice windsurf boards,  gas for 2nd vice, sewing needles


Clubhouse and Yard--garbage service, portapotty service, DSL service for clubhouse computer, windsurf board rack and sanding room supplies, hoist control cable, dump fees, electrical connectors, supplies for bench, spray nozzle, snax, coffee, milk, locker project supplies, weedwhacker fuel cap, paper towels, cuisinart, dish soap


Activities--food for 11/15 GMM dinner, lights for boat parade, food for Dinghy Time Trials and New Year's party and rainy day party and CSC chorus party, snacks for clubhouse, bandaids, sponges, salad spinner, food for Thurs nite racing dinner and lessons BBQ


Keelboats--balance payment Merit main, 2 Commander mains, Commander 75% and (2) 110% jibs; keelboat engine parts, battery, supplies for shelf, wiring supplies, LED nav lights, line, hull cleaning


City of Berkeley--rent on clubhouse and yard space


Use tax on wholesale purchases, DMV registration fees


Safety Equipment: 5 loaner foul weather gear jackets, 2 gal sunscreen, propeller guard repair, binoculars, clevis pins, VHF radio warranty, gloves, respirator, goggles


Bank--credit card processing, bank fees


Rescue skiffs--outboard motor parts for annual service


Tools- paint sprayer, extension cord, jigsaw blades, fasteners


Communications--US Sailing dues, website software and support subscriptions


Repay member loan (thanks Stella!)


Total Spending


Joel - Everyone here puts in a lot of time. We should thank everyone who is on Excomm as well as our Chairs and all the volunteers for the tons of hours they give to the club.

Meeting adjourned at 5:35