All Meeting Minutes

May 19 GMM minutes

Meeting Date:     May 19, 2019

Start Time:        6:05 pm

End Time:         6:35 pm

Location:        CSC yard








Joel Gussman



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Mary Lucus-Flannery



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Joshua Leihe



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Will Yu



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Curt Lanyi



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Matt Hess



Port Captain (co)

Lydia Lopez



Port Captain (co)

Brenden Kallaby




Peter Kuhn




Carolyn Brown





Commodore - Mary Lucus-Flannery will be joining me as co-commodore since I will be busy with my new baby. We have a meeting with the Marina next week to work out the lease negotiations. I attended a Berkeley City Council meeting to raise visibility for the marina and encourage more resource to put toward here, including security. If you are a Berkeley resident and would like to see the marina improved, you may want to consider voicing your opinions to City Council so that the marina is not drowned out as an issue. There was another City Council meeting last week where the City approved a big contract for a consultant to do a study and create a development plan. DBW canceled the Spring meeting so we will need to have a representative attend the Fall meeting in SoCal. If anyone is interested please let me know. Any issues with crime, call 911, it helps the whole marina to keep track of crime statistics and gets the marina more resources.

Vice Commodore - Do you remember when you first joined the club and you didn't really know anyone yet and you weren't sure what to do? Most of us had a mentor or valuable teacher who helped us learn the ropes and to feel welcome. This summer we are trying something new. We will have a series of monthly events to focus on new members and potential new members. We need your help to keep membership strong and thriving. Please come and chat up the new members and help them get connected. Think of the people who always ask you questions about the club. Invite them to the event. The first one was on Friday and was a success despite the weather. We also give volunteer hours for members who refer new members, if you have friends who are joining, remember to tell them to check the referred by box so that you get your hours. If you want to help with New Member events, contact the, Lon or Christina.

Remaining dates are Saturday, June 15, July 14 (Sunday after racing) and Saturday, August 10. Encourage people to send new members or potential members.

1st Vice - Josh Leihe will be stepping down, Dan Zaslavsky and James Clarkson will stay on as First Vice. We have a new boat, the UFO, it’s a mini foiling catamaran. It’s a junior rated boat, you have to sail the Laser and get a rigging tutorial from Dan or James. We developed a new furling systems on some Quests, which helps the jibs furl better. We have more yard space and Dan made a yard chart which shows how to organize the boats. This allows us to have extra room in the yard and makes it easier to park the motorboats. We have had a number of repair clinics to get ready for the sailing season. Ryan is planning to take all the boats to Treasure Island soon, and wants all the boats to be “green” in the log, so check the boat you are signing out and do some repairs. If you want volunteer hours come join the ongoing series of clinics for to make the JYs leak-free, we’ve made progress, but half the boats still need more work.

3rd Vice - big news we have added a J80 to our fleet. This keelboat has an asymmetric spinnaker and is currently at KKMI getting a bottom job, a few things fixed, and rig tuning. It will be at the dock in a few weeks, there will be a special sign off for it. Donald just had a bottom job and is back at the dock, then Meritorious will go get her rudder fixed and be back in service.

Rear Commodore -

  •    Dinghy Lessons – We saw a drop in students (and members) last Fall, and we are still experiencing the effects, although we are doing better as we get into the season. Looking at all of 2019, we are teaching 20% fewer students than the same period last year on Saturdays, and about 32% fewer overall. In other words, weekdays have dropped off much more than Saturdays. Much more encouraging are the numbers for March and April. Compared to the same period in 2018, we are teaching 29% more students on Saturdays and about the same overall. We have lots of instructors showing up on teaching days.
  •    Keelboat Lessons – Christina Polito Halter has taken over as lessons coordinator and is doing a fantastic job. We are seeing student interest ramping up as the daylight and wind increases. We took a big hit in 2018 because of the work on Portugal Princess, but we're doing much better this year already. This year so far, we're teaching 19% more students than in the same period last year. Thanks to last year's Seniors who are teaching now.•    Study Groups. We ran both Senior and Cruise study groups with good participation in both. Mariya Ryazantseva coordinated the Senior group and Elyakim Renat the Cruise Group. Lots of Seniors and Cruisers taught sessions or led practical sessions.
  •    Workshops. We're early in the season, but we had a fantastic rudderless workshop by Rama Hoetzlein and Andy Hacket, who also produced an incredibly detailed practical manual on the subject and a video (now on the website).
  •    Ratings awarded so far this year (and it's really early in the season)
  • 20 Novices
  • 17 Juniors
  • 4 Seniors and 1 Cruise

This is about the number of Novices and Juniors for the same period in 2018, but there were no Seniors or Cruises awarded then.

  •    Looking Forward – we are way ahead:
  •    We have 5 Fast Tracks planned, and we have coordinators and co-coordinators for all of them
  •    Advanced Dinghy has started, coordinated by Tony Shermoen, who had a complete schedule of lessons and instructors weeks before it started.
  •    There will be workshops
  • Memo Gunay - "So now you're a Junior, what's next?"
  • Womens' workshops
  • Instructor workshops
  • More

We live or die as a sailing club based on our instruction and our instructors. Thanks to all of you who have taught, and I encourage others who to do so. You’ll learn a lot teaching, and you’ll find a lot of support at the Club for you.

Port Captain - we have a really good team of Day Leaders throughout the spring. However a lot are going away for the summer so we need more VDLs. It’s a great way to get your volunteer hours, you get 10 hours (equal to a free membership) for one DL shift. Talk to Brenden if you are interested. Most people are hesitant to VDL because they are afraid of doing rescues, so we will be doing a lot of training to make everyone comfortable with the process. It is extensive training but you will learn a lot about the club and meet a lot of people.

Secretary - the clubhouse AED has new pads and has been tested and in working order.

Treasurer - Annual Statement of Financial Condition May 1 2019

As of May 1st we had $20,975 in the bank, and our property was worth $498,894 (depreciated book value). Cash was down $16,290 from 5/1/18, property was up $17,907. This statement was prepared without audit from the club’s books.


Income 5/1/18 - 4/30/19


Regular memberships


DBW grant--reimbursement KFAPP haulout remainder from last year, 2 RS Quests, 15 windsurf boards, 6 keelboat sails


Donations, surplus equipment sales, credit card cash rewards


Windsurf locker memberships


UC workstudy reimbursement


Total Income



Spending 5/1/18 - 4/30/19


Dinghies--2 RS Quest dinghy sailboats, 22 sails, JY masts, Venture mast, Quest centerboard, trapeze harnesses, gudgeons, fast pins, line, hose, blocks, barb, coupler, sanding discs, sandpaper, fasteners, shackles, shroud adjusters, drain plugs, bubble solution, disposable gloves, clevis pins, case, tool, 1st aid kit, dry bag, pin, shackles, stay adjuster, compass, paddles, U adapter, tiller clips, carabiners, twine, cotter rings, O ring, stainless angle, dolly tires and tubes, food for dinghy workparties, numbers, plastic tips, springs, cleats, eye snaps, tiller extensions and universals, hiking straps, epoxy resin and hardener and filler, Quest tiller stock aluminum tubes, cutoff wheels, oil, credit for Q1 disposal, Quest rudders, Venture forestay, Quest trapeze kits, anchor bags, sail repair tape, JY15 boom, mast partner, rudder pin, tiller, plate, Duralac, shock cord, anchors and chain, forestay levers, centerboard stirrups, CF numbers, bow rollers, inspection ports, grip tape dinghy tiller, dolly bracket, boom bails, RS800 port O rings, sail repairs, grommets, sail patches, reefpoints


Dayleader wages and taxes, dayleader shoes, boatercard fees, food for dayleader meetings


Windsurf--35 boards, 28 sails, foils, masts, mast extensions, power box, board nose protectors, fins, carbon fiber, repair tape, line, collars, washers, redeck, disposable gloves, fiberglassing supplies, solder iron, sandpaper,

spray paint, coverall, cord, gas for 2nd vice, sail cams, coffee creamer, spray paint, sail repairs, sail repair tape, sewing needles



Clubhouse and Yard--supplies for windsurf sail and board rack and dinghy container shelving improvements, DSL service for clubhouse computer, portapotty service, garbage service, tables, trashbags, painting supplies, coveralls, tape, power tap, propane, coffee, creamer, padlock, fasteners, sandpaper, caulk, glue, rubber spray, toilet seat, cat food, hooks, calipers, ping pong balls, snax, dish soap, bandaids, dump fees, signs, lattice, roofing, disposable eating utensils, cord, paper towels, spray paint, weedwhacker parts, blower, hose valves, foam, gluesticks, sprayers, yard pavement sealant, wetsuit cement, hot water spray valves, brooms, pliers, glue, thermometer, envelopes, lighters, sharpies, pens, BBQ parts, cement, non-slip tape for steps, flagging tape, gloves, masks, tape, hooks, socket adapter, scissors, sink strainers, propane water heater and head for outdoor shower, mural paint, yellow jacket traps, cuisinart, lighters, knives, benzointment, clubhouse VHF radio antenna replacement supplies, umbrella, trailer lightbulbs, USB cable, drain plugs, hot chocolate, tape measure, rubber strip, screws, wire brush, jig saw blades, contact cement, whiteboard webcam, white board markers


Insurance--general and marine liability insurance 4/14/19 - 4/14/20, directors and officers insurance, workers comp deposit and premiums


Activities--First Aid Training, food for Open Houses and General Membership Meetings and parties and retreat and workparties and lesson BBQ's and Fast Track dinners seminars clinics and racing dinners, lesson snax, cruise dock fees, room rental for Sr Skipper Study Group and 1st Aid class


Keelboats--remainder of yard bill for refurbishing KFAPP (Known Formerly As Portugal Princess), keelboat trailer (J/80 acquisition), Merit main, 2 Commander mains, Commander 75% and (2) 110% jibs, painting and fiberglassing supplies, filler, sandpaper, caulk, extension cords, letters, hull cleaning, fender, winch handles and repair supplies, fuel tank caps, line, fasteners, battery charger, electrical connectors, CSC hoodies for PP haulout workers, navigation lights, bulb, tiller covers, sail lube, blocks, bow chock, straps, shackle lanyard, circuit breaker, speakers, hose clamps, lighter, color tape, cleat guide and strap, supplies for shelf, battery and clips, sail repairs


City of Berkeley--rent on clubhouse and yard space


Use tax on wholesale purchases, sales tax, DMV registration, corporate statement filing fee, state income tax filing fee, Berkeley business license, property taxes on boats and yard space possessory interest and streetlight assessment


Safety Equipment: loaner wetsuits foul weather gear personal flotation devices (PFD's), sunscreen, dayleader booties, VHF radios and warranties, shackles, knife, line, charger cradle for VHF radio, cable ties, propeller guard repair, binoculars, gloves respirator goggles, 1st aid supplies boxes,

snax, AED pads, dock fees



Bank--credit card processing, bank fees


Rescue skiffs--500 gallons gas, skiff and trailer parts, propeller guard and repairs, propellers, tow lines, steering cables and gearboxes, hoisting slings, drain plugs, fuel lines and filter cartridges, thru hull for bilge pump discharge, carabiners, engine service parts and supplies, keyswitch, oil


Tools-- table saw, sander, discs, cordless vac, tape measure, blades, dremel kit, extension cords, rivet nut tools, sander pad, scissors, pliers, clamps, torches, screwdrivers, caulk, sponges, sanding belts, markers, air compressor repair parts, drill bit set, pincers, chisels, hose clamps, sawzall parts, sparkplug wrenches, tape, putty knife, saw, wrapper, joint knife, dremel tool set, hack saw, tap die set, screwdriver, hacksaw blades, extension bar, oil, sparkplug socket, hose fitting, sockets, fasteners, table saw blade, angle grinder, sanding discs, hinges, rotary files, tap, die, handles, hot knife (rope cutter) tips, hole saw, earmuffs, air hose, hex keys, velcro, paint sprayer, jigsaw blades, pray paint, drill bits,


Communications--website software licenses and subscriptions and fees, iWindsurf subscription for clubhouse computer, USSailing dues (required for insurance), postage for check for UFO, CSC hats and hoodies for excomm, signout books from copy shop


Office Supplies--ink cartridge for Treasurer, markers, tax return software


Total Spending



Budget for Next Fiscal Year

Excomm adopted the following budget for the 5/1/2019 – 4/30/2020 fiscal year. It is based on expected increased dues receipts (dues were raised 1/1/2019), increased dayleader wages (higher minimum wage started 10/1/2018), and grant funding from the Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) for dinghy and windsurf purchases.



Adopted Budget for 5/1/19 – 4/30/20

DBW included

Expected Income


Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker)



DBW reimbursement



UC Work-Study Reimbursement



Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc.



Total Income



Authorized Spending



Club activities



Dinghies and rescue skiffs












Clubhouse and Yard



General Overhead



Total Spending




Committee Chair Reports 

Development Comm. - We have a new development committee. They are working on identifying additional sources of income for supporting larger (infrastructure) projects at the club. If you are interested in Development contact Darannee Petsod is the chair. She has an amazing background in development and the committee is off to a strong start, having met twice, and there is a lot of energy among members. They have identified two goals so far: tapping the OH as an opportunity to cultivate new members and working. Daranee is hoping that someone else is willing to step up and chair the meetings.

Membership Comm. -The membership committee has sent reminder emails to (ex)members who hadn't renewed in the last few years, this brought back a significant number of members to the club. The membership committee is reviving the multi-part email campaign sent to emails collected at Open Houses. And the committee is working with the VCs to coordinate and promote the New Member parties. If you want to help with Membership, contact Alyssa or Stefano. Special thanks to Alyssa for sending out emails to expired members and Sebastian who prepared the graphic for a banner to put on our fence. Working with Curt to get it printed.

Unfortunately, with his work situation, Stefano is looking for a replacement to chair the committee.

Youth Ride Chair -  Deepti could not make it but wanted to thank a bunch of people - John Bongiovanni for generally helping out with all the youth events, Bill Gavelis who volunteers for almost every one of them, Christina Polito Halter and David Elias for organizing a couple of the youth events this year and everyone else who shows up.

Safety / Apparel Chair - The club has new safety apparel, Analise inventoried, ordered, and tagged many new wetsuits, PFDs, and foul weather gear. So we can all look great and be safer on the water. If you are interested in helping with Safety Gear, contact Analise.

Conduct Chair - our conduct chair is currently hiking the CDT and we are looking for a temporary replacement.

Trash Chair - Dan did an amazing job. Cleaning up the boat yard, boats and equipment are organized and more accessible than ever, the surrounding areas are no longer full of junk, the result is much more inviting and professional looking, which helps members use and care for club gear. We are looking at getting the yard resurfaced, if anyone knows a good way to do this, contact Dan. He has put in a ton of time.


Meeting adjourned at 6:35