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August 18 - General Membership Meeting minutes

Meeting Date: August 18, 2019

Start Time: 6:10 pm

End Time: 6:26 pm

Location: CSC deck







Commodore (co)

Joel Gussman



Commodore (co)

Mary Lucus-Flannery



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Christina Polito-Halter



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Will Yu



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Matt Hess



Port Captain (co)

Lydia Lopez



Port Captain (co)

Brenden Kallaby




Peter Kuhn




Carolyn Brown





Commodore (Joel) - we met with the waterfront manager and began lease negotiations to come up with a new lease. there won’t be a lot of changes and it will continue what we’ve been doing in the past. We also discussed the Bay Trail extension, there will be a staging area behind the yard and we will have to move some things in the back area. Additionally in the front of the club the buoy box will be moved and the trees will be removed so that the trail can go right along the front of the club. The area will be repaved. The parking spaces out front will be removed. The Keelboat shed will stay where it is, but the trash bins might be moved.  We also discussed a 50th anniversary party in March. It will be a big celebration, will need a committee, anyone interested? 

Commodore (Mary) - We need more help on the Development and Membership committee. We would like these committees to meaningfully attack some projects. If anyone is interested in chairing these committees, email us and let us know, you get a free membership. 

Remember to tell all your friends to join the club. You get 4 volunteer hours for each referral. 

Vice Commodore (Christina) - open houses have been going really well. Thanks to everyone who volunteers. We really need the volunteers and we appreciate everyone who comes out. We have giving 1205 (885 adults and 320 kids) rides this year with no capsizes. Good job everyone who has helped. New membership parties are going well. next one is 3-5 next Sunday, August 25th. We encourage everyone to come eat and enjoy good company. Senior rated members, please come and volunteer to assess anyone who is at the party who has some sailing experience. 

1st Vice (James) - we are doing well and still trying to focus on repairing the JY fleet, there are still some that need leak testing. If you break something fix it, if you need help fixing something, contact us and we will get you help. Go sailing have fun fix what you break.

3rd Vice (Ryan) - we recently got back to a 6 keelboat fleet after Merrittorious returned from getting a bottom job and rudder replacement. The J80 is in full service and advanced skipper are getting more time on the boat so more people can sign other people off. All of our Commanders have a lot of play in the tiller posts. The posts are old and wearing thin, we are working on keeping them serviceable, but they will eventually all need replacement. 

Port Captain (Brenden) - we want to give the Day Leader team a big pat on the back for a solid season of work. Wednesdays are currently entirely Volunteer Day Leader days. Get trained so you can VDL, you get double volunteer hours. 

Rear Commodore Sailing (John) - This is a little long and a bit of numbers, but instruction is at the core of what we do, and numbers tell a story. Overall we had a great season, but with a few problems to address. 

  1. Dinghy Lessons – Comparing this year to date to last year to the same date. Saturday lessons are almost identical: 828 student lessons last year versus 818 this year. Monday and Thursday lessons are down this year – about 10% fewer student lessons on Mondays and 19% fewer on Thursdays. There are also fewer instructors on weekdays, oddly 23% fewer on Mondays and 14% fewer on Thursdays. 
  2. Keelboat Lessons – Again comparing this year to date to last year to the same date. Overall, we are doing way better this year, with 40% more student lessons this year. However, we are teaching 65% fewer student lessons on Wednesdays than last year, despite having a lessons coordinator to make sure enough instructors are there. Oliver Palmer started this last year, and Christina Polito Halter is continuing in this role. Her feedback is that student demand is down even though plenty of instructors are available. 
  3. Fast Tracks We held 5 Fast Tracks, all of which were very successful, producing new Novices and Juniors, but overall much better sailors. Coordinating these is a lot of work, so thanks to the coordinators. We have pretty much moved to a co-coordinator system because of the work involved. And thanks to all of the instructors, testers, cooks and others who helped. 
  4. Study Groups. Every couple of years, we take a look at the Senior Study Group curriculum, and we're doing that now. We'll make a few changes in next winter's Senior Study Group that should make it even better. 
  5. Workshops. Some really good workshops this year, including several different rudderless sessions, some really great Women's Workshops, and a new one "So now you're a Junior, what's next?" Also some impromptu workshops on knot. There will be a keelboat MOB workshop this month. We'll have more workshops in the fall. 
  6. Videos. Several new videos, both Senior projects: rudderless sailing (Andy Hacket and Rama Hoetzlein) and a series on capsize recovery (Camille Antinori with help from Joanna Karraker). Will Spargur helped out with drone shots on some of these. Keep them coming. They're great Senior projects and very valuable to the Club. 
  7. A sort of bottom line - ratings awarded so far this year. Comparing it to the same period last year we made 57 Novices (9 more than last year), 73 Juniors (17 more than last year), 4 Seniors (same as last year) and 1 Cruiser (2 fewer than last year) 
  8. My take on this.
    1. Overall results are good. We are producing Novices and Juniors better than last year, and we are doing as well producing Seniors.
    2. Saturday dinghy lessons are going well, but we have a problem with weekday lessons that requires some attention. My observation is that we frequently lack instructors, and waiting around for an instructor to show up and teach you is pretty demotivating. For those of you who can come out and teach on weekdays (Novices and Juniors), remember everyone who helped you on the path to your rating, and come give the same help to others. Beginning now, you'll get double work hours for teaching on Mondays and Thursdays.
    3. Three years ago, we had a strong Wednesday keelboat program, but advanced training (to get to Senior) was broken. Now, it's the opposite. Advanced training is going strong, and we're producing Seniors, but there's reduced interest in the basic program. I don't have a theory, but I will look into it, and I appreciate feedback on it. 
  9. Looking Forward  
    1. Winter Senior Study Group, maybe a Cruise one if there's enough interest. Great Senior Projects coordinating these (talk to me if you're interested).
    2. Get ready for next season. I like to stay way ahead on this. 
  10. We live or die as a sailing club based on our instruction and our instructors. Thanks to all of you who have taught, and I encourage others who to do so. You’ll learn a lot teaching, and you’ll find a lot of support at the Club for you. I will organize workshops to help you and also work with you one-on-one.


Treasurer (Peter) - Quarterly Report June - August 2019 

As of August 1st we had $11,866 in the bank, down $9,109 from 5/1/19.  (The next day we were reimbursed $12,622 by the California Parks and Recreation Division of Boating and Waterways for novice windsurf boards and sails we already purchased, and reimbursed members for insurance, windsurf gear, dinghy gear, and keelboat expenses they had paid for).

Income 5/1/19 - 7/31/19


Regular memberships


Donations, credit card cash rewards


Windsurf locker memberships


UC workstudy reimbursement


Total Income



Spending  5/1/19 - 7/31/19


Dinghies--UFO sailboat, Quest mainsail, Venture mast, 4 Quest rudders, tiller extensions, mast track, glue, rivets, welding RS500 centerboard stirrups, bilge pumps, spinnaker repair tape, cotter rings, batten tips, mast base, 2 Laser dollies, sail feeder, Quest rudderblade, polyester resin and hardener, spray paint, cleats, JY rubrail and centerboard hangers, Venture jib halyards, trapeze kit, forestay, quick release pins, plastic strip, JY spreader brackets, JY centerboards, paddles, rivets, caulk, hiking stick clips, fast pins, tethers, hiking sticks, horn, gas and toll for 1st Vice, drain plugs, tiller saddles, aluminum for JY gudgeons and rudderhead plates, sail repairs


Dayleader wages and taxes, payroll processing


Windsurf--6 boards, 25 sails, board nose protectors, gas for second vice, sanding discs, hooks, stencils, acetone and epoxy, coveralls, sanding disks, dust masks, markers, fiberglass, o-rings, double-sided tape, nozzles for rinse hoses, sail repairs


Clubhouse and Yard--DSL cable repair supplies, sanding room project materials, seawall ladder materials, windsurf board rack repair materials, DSL service, garbage service, portapotty service, water filter, snax, spray paint, bolts, MOB bin, shelf, propane, dish soap, trashcans, dump fees, trailer rental, paper towels, milk, veg oil, showerheads, brooms, dustpans, disposable gloves,  hoist control pushbuttons, hot cups, cold cups, plates, forks, spoons, bowls, 


Insurance--change to list of hulls covered by liability insurance


Activities--food for General Membership Meeting 5/19/19 and Open Houses 5/19 6/16 7/21 and Memorial Day party and new member parties and racing dinners and Fast Track dinners and clinics and seminars, snacks and coffee for clubhouse


Keelboats--bottom paint and standing rigging and line blocks cleats etc and workparty food for J/80;  keelboat engine parts, hull cleaning, epoxy resin, pump, mixsticks, line, twine, graphite powder, wiring supplies, part for broken motor mount, filler, haulout supplies for Merit, battery charger, AC receptacle, warranty, clevis pins and rings, step lights, fender, keelboat cleaning supplies, sanding disc, sandpaper, sail repairs


City of Berkeley--rent on clubhouse and yard space


Use tax on wholesale purchases, sales tax, DMV registration fees, State charity filing fee, state income tax filing fee


Safety Equipment: 24 wetsuits, 35 PFD's, 2 gallons sunscreen, dayleader radio exchange warranty


Bank--credit card processing fees


Rescue skiffs--182 gallons gas for skiff, parts for skiff engine service, replacement propeller guard and jig for replacement, skiff bilge pump thru hulls, socket, caulk


Tools-- drill bits, grommet tool, wrench, wire wheel, trash bags, blow gun, angle grinder, sander backing pads, flap wheel, tap, tap handle, spray paint, propane for torch


Communications--website software and support subscriptions, signout book copying and binding, flyers copying, postage, Iwindsurf subscription for clubhouse


Office Supplies--non-profit Federal return software, label maker, tape, notary fee, checks for Treasurer


Total Spending



Committee Chair Reports

Conduct Chair (Ray Dahlstrom) - the general purpose of the Conduct Chair is we believe that everyone who enters our midst should be comfortable. If you are skeptical why we have the position, please talk to Ray or email He’ll answer your questions and concerns about conduct or how things are happening at the club and create a safe place to have conversations for all our members. Please remember that you can leave this place anytime you want, the Day Leader can’t leave, always obey the DL and treat them respectfully.


Meeting adjourned at 6:26