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2005.09.25 - Excom

Sunday September 25, 2005
Present: Michael Faw & Dan Pang (Co-1st Vice Commodores), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma & Caryl Woulfe (Co-Secretaries) and members Geunther Weber, Lori Tewksbury, Michael Scalet.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

1st Co-Vice Commodore Michael Faw, acting as Commodore in Saul’s absence. Meeting called to order by Michael Faw. No report.

2nd Vice Commodore (Lori Tewksbury acting as proxy for Asmaa) No report.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) No Report.

Treasurer (Peter). In the last two weeks we've hauled in $3,178: $3,035 in regular memberships, $113 9/11 Open House BBQ donations, $25 windsurf donations, $5 booklets.

And we've spent $6,392: $2207 on keelboats (new mast for Ensign), $1569 on printing 1500 booklets, 800 green cards, 200 brochures, etc. $647 on workers compensation insurance deposit premium, $542 on 9/10 & 9/11 Open House BBQ food, propane, cleaning supplies, $453 on clubhouse and toolshed (paint, storage boxes for old logbooks), $424 dayleader Fred June wages, $378 on windsurfers (two new 4.20 sails), $71 on gas for skiff, $46 on payroll processing service, $32 ad in SFCC Guardsman, $22 on tools (cordless drill for toolshed), Ta!

Co-Secretary (Lori) Thanks to Annette Klapstein and Rich Gile, who are members of the University of Washington sailing club and on a five year sailing adventure, for donating a bosun’s chair to CSC. Rich and Annette have been sailing with two of our ex-members, James Wai and Alex, who are now Seattle residents.

Co-Secretary (Carol) No report.

Agenda Items

1) Motion made by Peter to consider JY racing a Special Event, exempt from IYRA racing rules until May 1st, 2006. There was an additional friendly amendment made by Michael Faw, setting the JY race time from 2pm until sunset. In addition, that the 4th JY sailboat is available to other CSC members during that time.

2) Peter K. moved to reinstate Roberto Gastelumendi’s Senior Windsurfing rating. Motion passed, with a unanimous vote.

Caryl moved to adjourn; motion passed unanimously.