All Meeting Minutes

2005.10.09 - Excom

Sunday October 09, 2005
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Michael Faw (co-1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Lori Taguma and Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretaries), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and guests Oliver and John Bozek.

Absent: Jamuel, Asma, Meredith

Prior to Officer Reports Oliver Bozek (14 years old) and his father John introduced themselves and asked that Oliver be permitted to join the club as a minor. They were given the spiel that all minors and parents receive regarding rules for minors: safety issues, signing a waiver, sailing only when there is a dayleader, the mandatory lifejacket requirement, the lack of a phone at the club, the lack of babysitting services, etc. Saul made a motion that Oliver be allowed to join the club as a minor. Will seconded the motion. The motion was approved with all in favor.

Officer Reports

Saul (Commodore) We have received the information needed to write the DBW grant. The process has changed a little bit from the past. The DBW is meeting October 25 and 26. Saul recommended that he and Peter attend, or he and Will attend, or Peter and Will attend. CSC Calendars have been printed up for 2006. We will use them as a CSC fundraiser by selling them at the General Membership meeting on November 3rd as follows: For a $20 donation to the club, you receive a calendar; for a $100 donation, you receive a calendar and your choice of CSC shirt or burgee; and for a $150 donation you receive all three. Saul will be bringing 18 CSC t-shirts to the US Sailing Symposium in Long Beach in January.

Jamuel (Vice Commodore) No report.

Michael (Co-1st Vice Commodore) The 8th Lido is almost sailable; all of the JYs and both Precisions are ready to go sailing. The JYs have been holding up well.

Asma (2nd Vice Commodore) No report.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) The overnight trip to Angel Island, which was a combination of people from Bay Access, CSC, and the dragon boats, was a lot of fun. Thanks to Greg, Ed, and others, Nenya is ready to be put in the water. The new ensign mast is not in yet. Donald's motor is not working.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) We had a really good September. There were two really good clinics: Matt's "How to Teach Dinghy Sailing" and Malu's last byte/laser clinic. Stats: 192 individual people took lessons in September. This compares favorably with September of 2004, but cumulatively we are down 27 % from last year. Sheldon still needs to get figures from Pieternel as to how many women participated in the women's sailing program this year.

Meredith (Port Captain) Absent. No report.

Treasurer (Peter) We have $61,507 in the main accounts (plus about $2200 in the CSC Xtras account), down $2,104 from two weeks ago when we had $63,611.

In the last two weeks we've hauled in $3,531: $2,280 in regular memberships, $1,201 UC work-study reimbursement, $35 windsurf donations (ad's up in Craigslist), $15 booklets.

And we've spent $5,635: $2,824 dayleader wages Sept, $803 on printing 2006 CSC calendar (thanks David Anstice!), $492 on dinghies (Lido gooseneck parts and pintles, P15 tillers, paddles) $462 Oct lease payment, $400 on keelboats (Nenya bottom fixing supplies), $280 locker fee refund membership cancellation (check hasn't been cashed yet, but still counted as spent), $132 on newspaper ads (SFSU Xpress monthly, CCSF Guardsman), $52 cruising (SF Bay Pilot cruise slip fees).

Co-Secretaries (Caryl and Lori) Caryl has been asked whether there will be a women's sailing program this fall or winter. If anyone knows of someone who would like to do this as a senior project or out of the goodness of his or her heart, let Caryl know. The website currently shows August events. Caryl agreed to help Jamuel keep the site updated, if he would like her help.

Agenda items:

1) General Membership meeting agenda.

A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to accept the November 3 General Membership meeting agenda as follows:

Free dinner and dessert, Officer Reports, Mystery or Surprise announcement, Officer elections.

Side note: Saul will ask Beth Burstein if she is still part of the CSC Fundraising Committee, and if she is willing to do the fundraiser at the meeting.

2) Bob Collins Annual Award It was agreed that Jameel Al-aidroos be given the award this year.

3) Malu's on-going clinics in exchange for a free membership A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to offer Malu a free membership for a year, in exchange for her giving offering on- going clinics.

4) Ex-com meetings beginning at 5:30 p.m. Sheldon made a motion to have Ex-com meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. starting with the meeting after the November 3, 2005 General Membership meeting. Saul seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

5) Skip the November 5, 2005 meeting Saul made a motion to skip the November 5, 2005 meeting because it is only two days after the General Membership meeting, and to meet two weeks after the November 5th meeting instead. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

6) Purchase of a 4-stroke motor for Donald This was discussed; no motion was made. Peter will bring it up with the Motor Chair.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed with all in favor.

Meeting adjourned.