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2005.11.03 - General

Thursday November 03, 2005
General Membership
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Michael Faw and Dan Pang (co-1st Vice Commodores), Asma Asyyed (co- 2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Meredith Robert (Port Captain), Lori Taguma and Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretaries), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer)

Agenda items

Approval of Minor Membership: Jeff Bryant, sixteen years old, and his mother, Rae Bryant, introduced themselves and asked that Jeff be permitted to join the club as a minor. They were given the spiel that all minors and parents receive regarding rules for minors: safety issues, signing a waiver, sailing only when there is a dayleader, the mandatory lifejacket requirement, the lack of a phone at the club, the lack of babysitting services, etc. Saul made a motion that Jeff be allowed to join the club as a minor member and that he doesn't have to come back to Ex-Com to be able to get his Junior sailing or Junior+ windsurfer rating. The motion was seconded and approved with all in favor.

Sale of Rhodes Mast: Michael made a motion to sell the extra Rhodes mast for $75.00. Meredith seconded the motion. The motion was approved with all in favor.

CSC Burgee Stickers: Everyone currently on Ex-Com is willing to stay on for another six months, so it was agreed to run as a slate, unless other members are nominated or nominate themselves. No motion was necessary.

Will made a motion to adjourn. Sheldon seconded the motion. The motion was approved with all in favor

Meeting adjourned. Reported by Caryl Woulfe.

General Membership Meeting

Commodore Saul Schumsky; Vice Commodore, Jamuel Starkey; First Vice Commodores, Michael Faw and Dan Pang; Second Vice Commodores, Asma Asyyed & Lydia Lopez; Third Vice Commodore, Will Lowe; Rear Commodore, Sheldon Coad; Port Captain, Meredith Robert; Co-secretaries, Lori Taguma & Caryl Woulfe

Commodore’s Report (Saul): Thanks to Peter Kuhn, Will Lowe, Jill Marshall, Lori Taguma, Heather Stewart, Caryl Woulfe, & Brad Marshland for their input and work in preparing the Department of Boating and Waterways Grant, which I signed. If we are successful, the funding will be used to support our programs highlighting safety on the water. The CSC 2006 calendars are here! CSC is signed on as an escrip recipient. If you regetser your credit cards then whenever you use your card a % of your purchase will be donated to the club. This happens without increasing your credit card purchase and you don't have to know whether or not places you shop are participants it is done automatically. Go to for more info.

Vice Commodore’s Report (Jamuel): I’m responsible for the advertising and web page content. Thanks to Jennifer Kirkland and Jerry Huff for preparing a wonderful meal. We currently have over 460 club members, and I especially want to thank Bill Mosely for keeping the website up to date. We will be holding a Visual Safety seminar January 14th, 2006 where we will demonstrate proper usage of flares, and other safety equipment with the help of the Coast Guard. ? It will be a fundraiser for CSC.

1st Vice Commodore’s Report (Michael Faw): I’m Co-1st Vice with Dan Pang and we are the representatives for the dinghy fleet. Every boat we have was sailable last weekend, but that changes daily; I’m not sure what the status is now. 2nd Vice Commodore (Asmaa): Lydia Lopez, my new co-vice and I are responsible for the windsurfing equipment and program. Thanks to Mitsu for his ongoing dedication to repairing equipment and to Sofien for repairing many boards. Several windsurfers have expressed jealousy over the range of CSC windsurfing equipment. We have two new windsurfing Seniors, Yuri Petrov and Matt Harvey.

3rd Vice Commodore’s Report (Will Lowe): Lots of great stuff happened with the keelboat fleet this year. All four boats got haulouts at Berkeley Marine Center. And a big thanks goes out to Ed Shirk and Greg Swideruk for finishing in a summer what the rest of the club couldn't get done in 4 years: Nenya's back in the water! We'll be stepping Nenya's mast, and replacing Louie's, in the next few months. I have several senior projects available on the keelboats; if anyone is interested they should contact me.

Rear Commodore Report (Sheldon Coad): As Rear Commodore I am responsible for the teaching programs at CSC. Over the last year we have given 1755 individual lessons on 265 class days, and 21 clinics so far this year. Currently our membership is down this year. Thanks to Tara E., Michael Scalet, David F. Scott M., Jim Pottinger, for continuing to teach dinghy and keelboat lessons. We are forming a new Senior Skipper study group, Cruising Skipper study group and we are always looking for teachers if anyone is interested. I would like to thank Tara Ellman, David Frazer,Scott McLean, Russell Lecaro, John McBride, Karen Huie, Peter Kuhn and Jamuel Al-Androuse for being dedicated sailing and windsurfing instructors and don't forget our own Michael Faw!! He has taught a huge amount.

Port Captain’s Report (Meredith): Our Day Leader Corey is leaving for the winter, but we have hired 5 new Day Leaders in the meantime.

Treasurer’s Report (Peter): I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks for all that everyone does for the club. Statement of Financial Condition Nov 1 2005: As of Oct 31st we had $60,812 in the bank, and our property is worth about $130,000. In August, September, and October, we took in $25,018 and spent $48,816. Three reasons we spent almost $24,000 more than we collected: 1. Clubhouse and yard—we completed the clubhouse and deck rebuild and put awnings on the windsurf racks, at a cost of nearly $16,000, 2. Windsurfers—we purchased two new windsurf boards and 17 new sails, at a cost of almost $5,000, 3. Keelboats—we bought a new set of spars, finished Nenya, and completed the other keelboats’ haul outs, at a cost of almost $4,000,

Actual Income August through October ‘05: Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker) $20,285, UC work-study reimbursement $3,710, Donations, etc. $1,023, Total Income $25,018,

Actual Outlays August through October ‘05: Clubhouse & Yard (clubhouse and deck rebuild, paint, windsurf sail awnings) $15,921, Day leaders (gross wages, taxes, payroll service) $12,259, Windsurfers (2 new boards, 17 new sails, harness lines, sail repair tape, etc.) $4,660, Keelboats (Dewey bottom paint, Ensign mast and boom, sail repairs) $3,928, Club activities (BBQ’s, General Membership Meeting, Fastback, cruising) $3,533, Printing, Newspaper Ads, other communications $2,780, Dinghies (fiberglass supplies, Lido mast parts, P15 hike sticks, paddles, DNS signs, sail repairs) $2,566, Lease (3 months at $462/mo) $1,386, Skiff and engines (parts, fuel) $822, Insurance (workers comp deposit) $647, Miscellaneous: locker dues refund, work supplies, etc. $314, Total Outlays $48,816. Big thanks to everyone who pitched in so many hours to keep the club afloat!

Co-Secretaries (Lori & Caryl): (Lori) Thanks to members who generously give their time to teach at CSC. Mike Hummell, FB Editor, is looking for members to write articles for the Floating Bottle. Input is considered as club work hours, so contact him if you are interested. Narcisse, a new club member, immediately volunteered.


Agenda Items:

1. General Elections: Seth Clark moderated CSC elections, since the CSC Officers re-ran as a slate. Seth called for any other nominations for Officer positions. Since other nominees did not come forward, present officers were re-nominated and re-instated by at least 70% of CSC voting members present.

2. Mystery Announcement. The Bob Collins Award for teaching excellence is presented once each year. It is given to people who particpate in the club well above and beyond being teachers to the club. All of the Bob Collins Award recipients from previous years were present: Peter Baczek and Ardaan Locht from 2002-2003, Neil Larsen, from 2003-2004. Unfortunately this years recipient, Jameel Al-Aidroos is not. Jameel was given a round of applause for his dedication as an outstanding windsurfing teacher.

Will Lowe moved to adjourn, accepted by constituency with unanimous approval. Pineapple upside down cake was served. Reported by Lori Taguma.