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2005.11.20 - Excom

Sunday November 20, 2005
Meeting began at 5:30 pm.

Commodore Saul Schumsky; Vice Commodore, Jamuel Starkey; First Vice Commodores, Michael Faw and Dan Pang; Third Vice Commodore, Will Lowe; Rear Commodore, Sheldon Coad; Port Captain, Meredith Robert; Treasurer, Peter Kuhn; Co-secretaries, Lori Taguma & Caryl Woulfe

Commodore’s Report (Saul): We are looking for possible manufacturing rental space to be used for our boat-building project. If anyone knows of anything around 20X30 for < $1.00 per ft., please let us know.

First Vice Commodores (Michael and Dan): All dinghies are presently sailable, except for Lido hull #5,which has anecdotal leaks. Thanks to Mitsu, who has been repairing Lido sails with the sewing machine as well as by hand.

2nd Vice Commodore (Asmaa & Lydia): (Lydia) The windsurfers seem to be hibernating except for Mitsu, who is usually on the water every day.

Rear Commodore Report (Sheldon Coad): Our Saturday dingy sailing classes and Navigation Clinics have been very successful. We do need Cruising Skipper instruction for Clinics.

Treasurer’s Report (Peter): We have $56,950 in the main accounts (plus about $2200 in the CSC Xtras account), down $2,493 from four weeks ago when we had $59,443.

In the last four weeks we've hauled in $5,454: $3,105 in regular membership dues, $1,677 UC work-study reimbursement for day leaders, $440 donations (big thanks to Sypko and Matthias!,) $123 Open House BBQ donations 10/23 & 11/6 , $75 R19 mast, $24 interest, $10 booklets.

And we've spent $7,947 including: $3,416 day leaders October including taxes and payroll processing, $1,167 keelboat and skiff engines parts and repair labor, $720 11/3 General Membership meeting room, food, print flyers, $608 keelboats Nenya bottom paint, Commander and Ensign sail repairs, $537 insurance workers comp Nov - Jan, $462 lease payment November, $330 dinghies Lido mast parts, Byte bailers, Lido and Laser sail repairs, $164 Open House BBQ 11/6 food, propane, $121 windsurfers sail repair tape and thread, $101 gas for skiff and cruising, $50 print day leader manuals, mail DBW grant app, $56 clubhouse sign letters, sanding disks etc., $30 snack cruise San Pablo Yacht Harbor.

Co-Secretaries (Lori & Caryl): No reports.

Agenda Items:

1) Motion made by Peter to make Michael Scalet Co-port Captain with Meredith, who is currently sailing the seas on a Pirate Ship. (5) voted in favor, (0) opposed.

2)Andrew Molitor presented his Senior Project, which in addition to teaching the Navigation Clinic, will include writing an introductory Navigation pamphlet. His Senior Project was accepted, with (6) votes in favor. Dan Pang ceremoniously gave Andrew the Senior Spiel, outlining the contributions and responsibilities expected of a Senior Sailor.

3) Sheldon proposed a Motor Clinic, which will be taught by Glenn, to ensure that Donald’s four stroke motor is cruise ready and safe. The club has both two and four stroke motors which require different maintenance procedures.

4) Please see Ben Pink to receive 2006 CSC Calendars and Burgees, in exchange for a $20.00 donation.

5) Jamuel is researching prices for producion of CSC burgees.

6) Motion to cancel January 1st Ex-com meeting. Motion carried, (6) in favor.

Dan moved to adjourn. (6) voted in favor.