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2005.12.18 - Excom

Sunday December 18, 2005
Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm. Reported by Dan Pang.

Present: Sheldon, Will, Jamuel, Krusty, Faw, Pang, and Greg Sweriduk

Reports to be emailed in. 1st vices didn't have anything to report.

Jamuel: made motion to allow certain members to accept donations of property to the club that will not fit inside a dumpster. See Jamuel's email dated Dec 18th 2005 7:17p for details. Michael Faw seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Will: I've arranged with Jane to get 18 tshirts from the Extras program to be used as party favors for the next US Sailing conference. I'll also be picking up 4 tshirts to be distributed to folks who donated money to the windsurf container repair fund (thanks to Ben Pink for organizing this!). Happy three-days-before-Christmas-and-Hannukah!

Unknown: - Saul thanks Will and Peter for attending to the reps from boating and waterways who came by for a visit Wednesday. Notices of grants may be sent out in January. - Bill Prinzmetal took the P15s out of service to replace the hatches.

Sheldon: - SF Ocean film festival, Jan 14th and 15th - Will also pick up new heater and table for the clubhouse - West Contra Costa County is having their first aid classes - NASBLA certification

Discussion ensued re: merits of NASBLA certification vs others (US Sailing)

Peter: We have $54,499 in the main accounts (plus about $2200 in the CSC > Xtras > > account), down $1,169 from two weeks ago when we had $55,668. >

> In the last two weeks we've hauled in $973: > $435 in regular membership dues, > $378 UC workstudy reimbursement for dayleaders, > $160 donations to windsurf container repair fund (big thanks to > Jian Jin and Edward Temple!) >

> And we've spent $2,142 including: > $646 payroll taxes, > $387 buy table saw ($108 tools) & parts to repair Ensign Louie's > floor, > $344 motor parts and service, > $230 register 23 boats with DMV > $100 US Sailing dues, > $100 SF Boardsailing Association dues, > $92 new hinges clubhouse door (so it opens all the way!) > $56 haul trash, > $50 US Windsurfing Association dues, > $37 stamps for moneybags, > $36 gas for skiff, > $33 halyard shackles, > $30 loaner dock keys dayleader and motor locker. >

> Insurance marine/general liability (from US Sailing Burgee > program) comes up for renewal 1/14/06, have asked for 2 quotes > (current agent and Markel), also checking out Non-Profits. > Insurance Alliance of Calif. and Brown & Brown ESIX, Carter > Holliday (whom Saul met in Miami) can'> t do it due to our windsurfing that his company (Starkwether & > Shipley) won't touch. Our current agent, Jim Hackworth, now has > access to another source (Travelers). > > DMV reg fees for 06 and 07 are paid on all boats and all boats in > yard have CF stickers and reg numbers. Boats in marina should be > checked. Stickers for new reg will arrive next year and need to be > applied to boats. > > Ta!

Will made motion to adjourn, Jamuel second. All agreed.