All Meeting Minutes

2005.04.24 - Excom

Sunday April 24, 2005
Present: Jamuel Starkey (Vice –Commodore), Michael Faw (co-1st Vice Commodore), Asma Asyyed & Art Ardjan (co-2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Comodore) Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma & Caryl Woulfe (co-secretaries) and Fred Fannon (Day Leader). Absent: Saul Schumsky

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) (In abstentia) I respond only to online motions that I deem emergencies. All online motions must have a unanimous vote to be valid. No motion is valid unless it is deemed an emergency. Committee Chair appointment: Jameel is the new Windsurfing Teaching Chair and Bill Mosley needs to fill out his paperwork to keep his rating.

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) We gave fifty-two rides today during Open House.

1st Vice Commodore (Michael) Thanks to John Mankey and Bill Prinzemetal for repairing the Precision. The J-Y has a broken nose, so whoever incurred the damage needs to repair it. The 470’s going on Craig’s list to be sold, and the donated Luger has sold for $500.00.

2nd Vice Commodore (Asmaa) We are increasing our Safety Lessons. The windsurf party was great, but we are having a problem with the email list. Isabel Fortier will join me as Co-chair on May 5th.

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) The rudder for Daisy is finished. Thanks to Fred for helping out with this project.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Saturday Windsurfing lessons begin at 10am, Wednesday night keelboat lessons begin at 6pm, and Dinghy lesson are held on Saturday mornings, Monday and Thursday afternoons. Malou’s Laser Clinic was great, Matthais Rochke’s Rudderless Clinic was fantastic, and Fred Fannon’s Knot Splicing Clinic will be held Saturday at 1pm.

Port Captain (Meredith) No Report.

Secretary (Caryl and Lori) We need a Jr. rated female Sailor to teach the Women’s Sailing lessons this summer. The Women’s lessons offer a great opportunity for women to create an inclusive learning environment and it fulfills the Senior Sailing Project requirement.

Treasurer (Peter) Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves... in the bank, we've got $80,275, up $5,091 from what we had two weeks ago, which was $75,184 in the main accounts. (We've also got $2,200 in the CSC Xtras account, but Jane will tell us about that. Someday.) In the last two weeks, we've gathered in $9,017, which was $4,180 regular memberships, $3,970 windsurf locker memberships, $100 YRA membership, $500 from selling the Luger (yea Michael!), $97 BBQ donations 4/10 Open House, $55 windsurf board donations, $15 donation from member making good on bounced check.

And we've spent $3,926, consisting of $1,557 new rudder for Daisy, $600 2 hp used outboard for low tide recovery skiff, $495 Gen membership mailers print and mail (Yea Jamuel!), $375 rent Berkeley Yacht Club Gen membership meeting 5/5/5, $194 new sail locker materials and new lock for windsurf rental locker, $180 Windsurf party BBQ food cost, $111 garbage service April-June, $166 dinghies pay for new shrouds Precision (from Nov 04), $71 skiff gas March April, $43 copies postage clubhouse fundraising calendars, $33 DMV costs, gas can, spark plug for Luger sailboat sold.

Old Agenda Items:

1) Discussion regarding getting rid of one Lido. Discussion tabled.

2) Discussion regarding allocating $10,000. for Ensign repair. Peter's motion to table passed unanimously.

New Agenda items:

1) Ashby Shoal Breakfast is scheduled for May 28th, at 8am. Low tide at Ashby Shoal offers an experience for sailors and windsurfers to beach crafts, and create a breakfast treat on an island paradise.

2) Saul made a motion to allocate a free locker to Mitsu in exchange for his windsurfing repair services. Vote passed with six in favor, one abstention.

3) Peter motioned to table the budget approval. Vote passed with six in favor. Will made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed, unanimous vote in favor. Meeting adjourned.