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2005.05.22 - Excom

Sunday May 22, 2005
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Michael Faw (co-1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Meredith Roberts (Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe (co- Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and members Jane, Fred, Lydia and Matthias

Absent: Asma, Jamuel

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) Bob Hood has revised the Senior Skipper written test. For the time being, he will be the only one able to administer the test. Saul has agreed to this, unless people start complaining to him.

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) … via email Here are the proposed dates for the Berkeley YMCA adventure camps. June 28th (or 29th), Aug 1st, and Aug 22nd -- 3 dates total. I will handle coordinating the rides unless someone else has a burning desire.

First Vice Commodore (Michael) We're looking to do some upgrades on the JY's. We're low on main sails. [Saul suggested Michael contact the JY class to see if they would donate a couple of used sails to us before we purchase new ones]. Currently, one JY is on the skiff trailer and one is on a Lido trailer. There are folks interested in purchasing the 470.

Third Vice Commodore (Will) Daisy is back in working order thanks to Peter and Saul. Donald is out of the water for a bottom job. There have been reports of severe corrosion in the compression post of Donald. There are dings, holes and broken areas of fiberglass on the bow and along the stem of both Huey and Louie.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Thanks to Peter and all who helped out at the Open House. We had low water, lessons, and the Open House happening all at once. Allan Champion gave a great JY clinic today. Saturday morning lessons are going okay.

Port Captain (Meredith) Three of the day leaders are staying for the summer. There has been no response to on-line ads. It is Meredith's feeling that we should hire three more day leaders to get through the summer.

Treasurer (Peter) In the bank, we have $80,855, down $297 from when we last met 5/5/5. Since then, we've taken in $3,634, consisting of: $2,065 regular memberships, $1,400 windsurf locker associate memberships, $120 BBQ donations, $49 other donations.

And we've spent $3,931, including: $1,119 Cal Copy bill for printing booklets brochures signup sheet books, answer sheets waivers green cards Feb - May, $915 permit fees clubhouse repair, $675 keelboats Daisy rudder reattachment hull cleaning compass, $274 baking chair's receipts for 5/5/5 general membership meeting, $283 taxes for dayleaders wages, $292 BBQ food cost Open Houses 5/14 & 15, $128 skiff engine Whaler thermostat water pump filter wrench, $82 newspaper ads 1 Open House 1 fast track, $66 dinghy parts Laser clew hook P15 rudder downhaul cleats Lido halyard cleat bolts, $43 payroll processing site service, $25 office supplies receipt book sunblock.

Caryl Nothing new to report. I was sorry to miss the General Membership meeting. Glad to know we're all still on board Ex-Com for the next six months.

New Agenda Items:

Lydia's Fast Track. Lydia reported that eight students have signed up for her May 23-27 Fast Track and probably more will sign up. Three to five instructors are lined up to teach each day. There are enough seniors to give tests; she could use one or two people to help with the BBQ on Friday. Will made a motion to accept Lydia's Fast Track as her senior skipper project proposal. Peter seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor. Will gave Lydia the senior spiel.

Windsurfing trip to the Delta. Matthias asked for approval of a windsurfing trip to Sherman Island on the Delta, tentatively scheduled for June 5. He proposed that club members sign out equipment and return it the next day; these would be mostly Jr + and Sr boards and a few Jr boards. Saul made a motion to allow Matthias to administer the trip to the Delta on June 5, or an alternative date of his choosing. Michael seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Using the CSC skiff for Wednesday night windsurfing races. Jane asked permission to use the skiff to set up and take down marks for the Wednesday night windsurfing races held throughout the summer. Will made a motion to accept Jane's request, provided that a useable skiff remains at the dock. Saul seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Extension of Senior Dinghy, Senior Windsurfing and Advanced Dinghy area. Saul made a motion to extend the area for these ratings. Peter seconded the motion. Discussion followed. The extension area is yet to be determined. A motion was made and seconded to table this item until a future meeting. All were in favor.

August Fast Track. Ron Hong would like to administer a Fast Track the last week in August as his Senior Skipper project. Will made a motion to accept Ron's Fast Track as his senior project, provided that Ron come to a future Ex-Com meeting to receive the senior spiel. Caryl seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Sypko's private cruise. Caryl made a motion to accept Sypko's request for a private cruise on Sunday, May 29. Meredith seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Purchase of a dolly for JY. Peter made a motion to spend up to $600 to purchase a dolly for one of the JY's. Sheldon seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

Asma's on-line motion to purchase 2-3 more Jr boards. Peter made a motion to spend up to $2200 for three more Jr. windsurfing boards. Michael seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Do we need more Jr. Boards? Peter pointed out that Asma will probably only purchase one or two. The motion passed with all in favor.

Discussion items: Saul reported that if we sign up to send someone to the 2006 US Sailing Symposium now, we will save $50.00. Ex-Com agreed to pay the registration in advance, to save the $50.00.

It looks like there will be times during the summer when we will be without day leaders. Ex-Com agreed to spend extra money to hire non work-study students if we have to, in order to keep the club open.

Caryl made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and approved with all in favor.

Meeting adjourned.