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2005.06.19 - Excom

Sunday June 19, 2005
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Michael Faw and Dan Pang (1st Vice Co-Commodores), Asma Asyyed (2nd Vice Co-Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), members Brian Buchanan and Yuri Petrov, prospective members Jenn and Loren Diesi

Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

Minor Membership Jennifer Diesi and her daughter Loren (age 14) came in to ask to join. Saul moved and Will seconded that Loren be able to join and that, subject to her passing the tests, she be able to obtain the Jr. Windsurfer and Jr. Skipper ratings; motion passed unanimously.

Senior Projects Brian Buchanan proposed upgrades to the club’s electric wiring. Peter moved and Will seconded that Brian’s senior project be approved, that it consist of at least 10 hours work on the wiring, and that a budget of $2,500 be allocated; motion passed unanimously.

Yuri Petrov proposed repairs to the Novice windsurf board rack and organizing Sunday windsurf instruction. . Peter moved and Will seconded that Yuri’s senior project be approved, that it consist of at least 10 hours work on a combination of rebuilding the rack and organizing Sunday instruction; motion passed unanimously.

Executive Committee Reports

Commodore—no report

1st Vice—JY15 sails—Michael posted an ad at JY15 class website but no response, found some old ads for sails (already sold) at $300-400 per set

2nd Vice—windsurfing is busy! Asma plans to buy some sails from the HiHo races, she expects to get Neil Pryde demos for around $150 each for 5.0 sq m size. The 6/12 safety seminar was great and she plans more events. Jason Voss will be coming, no date yet, but there definitely will be a BBQ

3rd Vice—Dewey will soon be out of commission as Robert Ofsevit will be taking the boom off to be replaced; no date yet for remasting and boom replacement on Louie Rear—Thanks to Malu for a great Laser clinic 6/5, more Laser clinics are scheduled for July August and September, thanks to Allan Champion for a great JY15 clinic 5/22, and to Lydia for a wonderful Fast Track. Lesson count for May is way down compared to historical average, probably because of rains and bad weather. Sheldon hopes to get a volunteer organizer to set up a Fast Track this month and another for next month

Treasurer--In the bank, we've got $85,417, up $3,741 from what we had when we met , which was $81,676 in the main accounts. (We've also got $2,200 in the CSC Xtras account). In the last two weeks we've collected $5,854, which was: $5,040 in regular memberships, $280 in windsurf locker memberships, $180 in 6/18-19 BBQ donations, $250 donation (thanks Kent!), $100 clubhouse donations.

And we’ve spent $2,113: $927 dinghy—JY15 dolly, JY15 rubrail and rudder parts, P15 downhaul cleats, Lido masthead sheaves, $376 clubhouse—electric permit, freerides sign cloth, sail locker lumber, gallon o’ sunscreen and windsurf locker repair parts, $340 taxes on dayleader wages, $301 on 6/18-19 BBQ food and propane, $209 teaching expense—snacks for 6/12 safety seminar (thanks Asma!) and BBQ food for May Fasttrack (thanks Lydia!), $151 for 5/5/5 General Membership meeting food (thanks Jennifer!), $150 keelboat—Daisy tiller (thanks Saul!) mainsheet (thanks Robert!), steaming light bracket parts (thanks Kent M and John Mankey!), $70 skiff—trailer bunk lumber, fuel

Secretary-Lori invited Berkeley’s mayor and his aide to the BBQ. 2 sails and a mast were lost from cartop coming back from the Delta windsurf trip.

Agenda Items:

1) Agenda for General Membership Meeting August 4th: Peter moved and Will seconded that the agenda consist of drinks from the no-host bar, dinner from our much beloved baking and food chairs and their helpers, reports from us officers, a clubhouse report, dessert from our much beloved baking and food chairs and their helpers, and cleanup by those staunch and reliable CSC volunteers.

2) Peter moved and Saul seconded that Gordon Stout’s Sr Windsurfer and Cruising Skipper ratings be reinstated in hopes that he will once again grace us with his sailing and windsurfing presence.

3) Dan moved and Sheldon seconded to spend up to $1200 on new JY15 sails; motion passed unanimously.

4) Will brought up and asked to table Allan Champion’s request to buy an inflatable dinghy for the cruising program; recommended further investigation of impediments to more Cruising Skippers before spending on dinghy.

5) Closed session to discuss personnel question

Will made the motion to adjourn, Saul seconded it. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm. (Peter Kuhn reporting)