All Meeting Minutes

2005.07.17 - Excom

Sunday July 17, 2005
6:30 pm: Meeting called to order at the CSC clubhouse.

Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Michael Faw & Dan Pang (co-1st Vice Commodores), Asma Asyyed (co-2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma (co-Secretaries), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and members Fred Fannon, Matthais Roschke, Ed Shirk, Peter Bazek, Pieterniel Overweel, Matt Jones, Ben Pink

Absent: Meredith Roberts, Port Captain

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) No report.

Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore) As of July 8th 480 members are current as of July 8th, 601 members have been current members in the current fiscal quarter (May 1st thru at least July 8th) The next General Membership meeting will be held on Thursday August 4th, at the Berkeley Yacht Club--no host bar begins at 7pm with dinner, meeting, and dessert to follow. General Membership Meeting notices were mailed last week to all CSC'ers that held a current membership anytime in the current fiscal quarter up thru July 8th. Those members should start seeing the postcards the first part of next week. If you have recently (after July 8th) renewed, joined the club or just didn't receive a notice please feel free to come on down to the meeting!

There was a strong turnout for both Open Houses held this weekend by both members and the public. Many thanks to all of the CSC'ers that came down to the club to help out with the open houses. An extra special thank you to Kerri, one-half of the BBQ Princesses dynamic duo--what an awesome weekend of BBQ--delicious!

Michael (Co-1st Vice Commodore) One of the JY’s is currently broken but we have found two sets of JY sails at a reduced price of 300.00 each. Sheldon finished the Lido repairs and we’re ready to attach the mast that was broken last weekend. We are looking at possibly purchasing a used 29er to replace the Rhodes. Marshall was the last person to repair the rudder on the Rhodes.

Asmaa (Co-2nd Vice Commodore) The Windsurfing Fast Track was a success; we had lots of volunteers who sorted damaged sails and taught; ten new Jr.’s passed their tests. Roger Jackson, professional windsurfer will be here July 21 and 22nd to demo windsurfing equipment. Professional windsurfer Jason Voss will also be here on August 5th. Yuri Petrov also held a windsurfing Fast Track today where he taught ten student participants.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) Dewey's boom is at the rigger's being replaced (thanks, Robert Ofsevit!). When Dewey is done Robert plans to do Louie's boom as well. Gunther Weber is working on a plan to replace the masts on both Ensigns. One Ensign still needs a haulout; this will be scheduled soon. Thanks to Peter Bascek for repairing Donald's forestay turnbuckle which was found broken during Open House today.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) Dinghy and Windsurfing lessons have both increased volume. The Laser Clinic was held on the 10th and Yuri Petrov held his Windsurf Clinic today. There will be another Fast Track on the 29th, and the Cruiser Study group is in progress now. Status of Senior wanna be’s is still pending.

Peter (Treasurer) We have $88,520 in the main accounts (plus about $2200 in the CSC extras account), down $1,281 from two weeks ago when we had $89,801 In the last two weeks we've hauled in $5673: $4795 in regular memberships, $656 UC workstudy reimbursement, $242 BBQ donations (7/4 $20 7/16-17 $222), $24 booklets, $40 windsurf donations, $20 clubhouse donations.

And we've spent $6,954 including: $2,955 day leader wages and taxes, $2,457 on clubhouse -- lumber for framing, 2 dumpsters, tile, snacks for carpenters, $1,328 dinghies--2 JY rudder blades and plates, 2 sets JY sails, tiller extension, gudgeons, $640 in BBQ food (6/19 $108, 7/4 $104, 7/16&17 $428), $382 keelboats--Daisy rudder head, varnish for new tiller, turnbuckle, $331 Fast track and WS clinic snax 7/16-17, $130 postage Gen Membership meeting flyers (Thanks Jamuel!), $104 fuel for skiff, $100 Activities—pre-register US Sailing conference, $38 windsurf -- sail repair needles, palm, thread, TA!

Caryl & Lori (Co-secretaries) Caryl: The YMCA rides went well; we gave seventeen people rides. The Berkeley Youth Authority rides are approaching. Ed Shirk would like to thank the BBQ Princesses who have consistently prepared great food for our Open House events.

Lori: If you've been to the club recently, you can see that the old Club house is getting an extreme makeover thanks to the efforts of carpenters John McBride and Roberto Gastellomundi, as well as many other members who have lent a hand. Brian Buchanan has completely rewired the clubhouse, going way beyond the minimum 10 hours required for a Sr project. Thanks also to Scott and Sheldon for lending a hand with the new CSC Open House sign, and to Gary Farber for outlining the design.

Agenda Items:

1) Peter Kuhn moved to appropriate 5K for windsurfing sails, booms, and masts. Motion passed, all in favor (8).

2) Jamuel made a motion to forego the next Ex-com meeting in two weeks, and meet before the General Membership meeting on August 4th. Motion passed, all in favor (8).

3) Motion made by Saul to allow Robert Ostevitz to single hand the keel boats as long as he is tethered to the boat. Motion passed, (7) in favor, (1) abstention.

4) Peter K. moved to increase the clubhouse budget from 15K to 20K to cover expenses. Motion passed (8) in favor.

5) Peter K. moved to reinstate the Senior rating to David Sandler, who has returned after living in Guatemala. Motion passed, (8) in favor.

6) Motion by Peter K. to accept Pieterniel Overweel’s Fast Track Senior Sailing Project: The Women’s Sailing Clinic, which includes a written curriculum, advertising, and a 500.00 budget for BBQ and expenses. Motion passed, (8) in favor. Will L. gave Pieternel the senior Spiel, outlining a Senior’s role as role model and mentor to other CSC members.

7) Matt Jones offered to donate a massive tent that was given to him by his company. CSC executive committee accepted the donation.

8) Saul moved to approve 4500.00 to purchase a 29’er (which is a fast dinghy). The vote for tabling discussion (8) in approval. Discussion tabled.

Thanks to all CSC members who generously give their time to teach others.

Will Lowe moved to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously.