All Meeting Minutes

2005.08.14 - Excom

Sunday August 14, 2005
(reported by Sheldon Coad)

Attendees: Commodore Saul Schumsky; Vice Commodore, Jamuel Starkey; First Vice Commodores, Michael Faw and Dan Pang; Third Vice Commodore, Will Lowe; Rear Commodore, Sheldon Coad; Port Captain, Meredith Roberts


Commodore’s Report (Saul): 1. Bob Hood is no longer the Rating Chair. Saul will be temporarily serving as the Rating Chair, giving both Senior and Cruising Skipper written tests until we have a new Rating Committee Chair.

2. Waterfront Commission. Paul Kamen is now the Chairman of the Waterfront Commission. Saul gave a report on CSC at their last meeting as we are required to do by the terms of our (expired) lease. Saul reminded them that the So. Sailing Basis needs to be dredged. The ultimate consequence of not doing so will be that we and Cal Adventures will both have to leave. The committee’s response was "oh damn".

There is a South Sailing Basin beautification effort. The dry storage is to move to the marina side of University. There is also a shift of money that was intended for the future ferry access parking that may be used to accomplish this.

Vice Commodore’s Report (Jamuel): 1. We have an Open House the weekend after next. 2. We had almost 100 people attending the August 4 General Membership meeting at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Many thanks again to Jennifer and Jerry for their enormous help in making a delicious dinner for all of us.

1st Vice Commodore’s Report (Michael Faw): 1. We broke one Precision. 2. Two Lidos are out of commission. 3. All 4 JYs are good. (One has a broken main sheet cleat.)

3rd Vice Commodore’s Report (Will Lowe: 1. He is searching for (2) lengths of new 5/8 inch anchor chain that are now missing. Will asked if any of us had seen them around the club. Unfortunately no one had. Rear Commodore Report(Sheldon Coad): 1. Lessons are going well. Last Thursday we had a heavy load. We had 13 people for a mid-week lessons time. (The normal is 4-6). 2. The Cruising Skipper Study Group finished up last Monday night (Aug. 8, 2005). 3. The Women’s Sailing Program has had 10 attendees and is going well. 4. The August 7th Laser Byte Clinic had 7 students and 2 instructors. 5. The last Laser/Byte Clinic of the year will be next month. 6. Jim Ulrick completed his Fastrack in July. Sheldon asked if everyone was in agreement that he sign Jim off on his project. (There was agreement and Sheldon later signed it off.)

Port Captain’s Report (Meredith): 1. Our fine Irish Dayleader is leaving. 2. She now needs to hire more Dayleaders. We are at another semester start and are short of Dayleader power.


Agenda Items:

1. New Rating Committee Member - Both Sheldon Coad and Dan Pang brought up the request that David Fraser be added to the Rating Committee. A short discussion followed in which it was determined that this does require approval by the Executive Committee but no action was taken.

2. The 29er dinghy - Michael reported that his survey of interest via the club list serve digest in the club acquiring a 29er dinghy was pretty even with 2 more against the acquisition that were for it.

He noted that the 470 worlds are coming up. There was also discussion of the Vector by Vangard, 505’s, and 49ers as possible options. By the end of this discussion Michael asked if the 29er issue was to move forward and there seemed to be no momentum for it.

3. A 2006 CSC Calendar - Saul brought out a mock up of a proposed new club calendar for 2006. Discussion surrounded some suggested changes for it. There were some non members shown, the tided data seemed hard to read (in a Grey type), the absence of keel boat pictures, and the overall size of the calendar. Saul asked that any other suggestions be forwarded to him via e-mail.

The cost of last year’s calendar was approximately $1,400 for 200 copies. Since we used it specifically to raise money for a new clubhouse, it was suggested that perhaps 150 copies might be a better pick.

Saul proposed a motion that the calendar project be approved. Jamuel seconded it. The vote was unanimous.

3. Tuesday night JY Races. Jamuel asked why racing rules were not required for this new racing series. There was considerable discussion pro and con regarding requiring racing rules and racing ratings for this new club function.

Arguments for: it is racing, hence ought to be under racing rules, as people get better at the racing, they will get closer and closer to other boats and boats may be damaged or worse someone get hurt, as a club we should promote racing, we have racing rules and a racing rating, they should be required.


Arguments against: This is the one area on the sailing side of the club that has really grown and taken off recently, the purpose of the club is to foster sailing and having fun. The people who are racing are doing just that. Lets not squash it, If we require rules and ratings, it will kill off interest.

Saul said that he would seek Dave Cary’s input on this. Dave is a very experienced cruising Skipper and is racing currently in both series.

4. Flares. Jamuel asked if we could have a scheduled club event where we could practice with live (older, out of date) flares. One very rarely needs them and without any practice it could be a problem.

Discussion followed that if you let the USCG know in advance they would probably agree.

Jamuel will organize this. Meeting was adjourned.