2004.12.05 - Excom

Sunday December 05, 2004
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Dan Pang and Michael Faw (1st Vice Commodores), Asmaa Asyyad (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Vice Commodore), Meredith Robert(Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-secretary).

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) Sherry Daniels reports that a total of $3269.00 has been donated to the clubhouse fund. We also have acquired a donated Macintosh computer to replace the other club computer.

Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore) Tentative meeting dates for BYC/CSC meetings are set for Feb. 3, May 5, Aug 4, Nov 3, 2005. Thanks to Sherry for sending calendar to person who donated Bahama 25. Sherry will be stepping down as Membership Chair in January.

Michael & Dan (1st Vice Commodores) We have one Lido down and we’re short one rudder. The 470 has a problem with the uphaul / downhaul.

Asmaa (2nd Vice Commodore) We’re buying new windsurf sails from Gaston in Hawaii, through our contact, and also attempting to acquire donated sails from sail makers.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) The keel boats are in good shape although we do have some lighting issues to resolve.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) Dinghy lessons are ongoing as well as Wednesday night keelboat lessons, but check the list for instructor availability. Fred’s Knot Tying Clinic was well attended. We are considering another possible 24 ft. boat donation.

Meredith (Port Captain) We’ve had no incidents to report this week. Thanks to Fred for Day Leader coverage; we’ve updated our new hire schedule.

Peter (Treasurer): Last meeting 11/21 we had $84,732 but now we got $85,196. Just a little more.

In the intervening time, we shoveled $2502 into the main holds as follows: $1,588 UC workstudy reimbursement for September, $555 memberships, $359 clubhouse fund donations, And we ponied up $2,038 for a buncha stuff, including $696 keelboats (winches for Commander), $460 in income tax deposit and unemployment tax for dayleaders, $530 dinghies (Laser cover, Lido jibsheet fairleads, P15 remasting fasteners), $393 Express ads 11/3,17,24, $44 gas for skiff, $5 streetlight assessment.

Gotta pay the dayleaders pretty soon. And insurance is due in January (gonna get a different quote, assuming we avoid claims on skiff hit'n'runs). Not much wind so far, not much forecast for tomorrow, mebbe we'll have a nice Open House anyhow.

Lori (Co-secretary) New CSC flyers with 2005 Open House dates will be available soon, in the box located outside the clubhouse door.

New Agenda Items:

1) Saul moved to approve $5000.00 for next year’s advertising budget. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

2) Motion made by Jamuel to allocate $1000.00, to purchase tickets for Saul and himself, to attend sailing conference. Peter proposed a friendly amendment, raising the amount to $2000.00. Eight votes for, one abstention. Motion passed.

3) Peter moved to accept the car donation, with an additional friendly amendment including Trumpton’s proof of public advertisement for the car sale. (IRS requirement) Motion passed (8 in favor, 1 nay).

4) Ongoing lease negotiations by Peter, Saul, Will, Jane, include attending the Waterfront Commission and reminding community that CSC is a unique service oriented sailing club.

5) Sheldon moved to propose Mitsu as Windsurf Repair Chair. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

Peter made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed.

2004.11.21 - Excom

Sunday November 21, 2004
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Asma Asyyed (co-2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Meredith Robert (Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and members Jane Morson, Fred Fannon, Peter Baczek, Matthias, Gunther Weber

Absent: 1st Vice Commodore

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) Saul reported about the exchange with the City. They have made some small compromises. On the whole, they are still saying we are the City, we can do what we want. Thanks to Will for his part in dealing with the lease negotiations with the City.

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) 2005 Open House dates are ready for review. Motion to accept dates later in meeting.

1st Vice Commodore (Dan/ Michael) Absent. No report.

2nd Vice Commodore (Asma) Asma and Ard are transitioning into their new roles as co-2nd Vice Commodores. She will talk to Isabel to get more acquainted with the position. There is not much going on at the moment.

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) I've been attending the lease negotiations with the City. We'll probably discuss them in depth at the next meeting. Greg Sweriduk has replaced some of the floorboards in Dewey with composite decking from TimberTech. This stuff is a wood/plastic composite used in making decks and park benches and other outdoorsy things. It's cheap and durable and strong; so far we're waiting to find out how it holds up to salt water, and whether it's slippery when wet. If the trial goes well, we'll probably replace the entire cockpit sole with this stuff since it's cheaper than teak.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Teachers will be available after the first of the year to teach at senior and cruising skipper study groups. Jan Crosby-Taylor, Saul, and Will have offered to help. Wednesday keelboat lessons are sporadic this time of year. Dinghy lessons on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Saturdays continue. Fred's knot-tying clinic went well, with many members participating.

Port Captain (Meredith) Meredith is sorting out the dayleader schedule. All days are covered except for Tuesday. She fired Arjan, one of the dayleaders, because of an incident in the Emeryville Marina where he was driving the skiff recklessly and acting irresponsibly. She is working on paper work related to the incident. Her first week as Port Captain was a busy one.

Secretary (Caryl) No report.

Treasurer (Peter) Right now we have $84,732, down about three big ones from last time, mostly because we've paid dayleaders twice and been reimbursed for work study's half nonce times--those Regents of the UC owe us about three big ones.

Since 10/23, we've taken in $5,430 including: $2,615 in clubhouse donations (total to date is over $3k--hooray!) $2,095 in regular memberships $460 in windsurf locker memberships (only five left--they're still renting!) $210 in YRA memberships (one guy paid $110 for 14 months)

We've spent $8,477 including: $2,876 dayleader pay for October, $1,293 for calendars for fundraising, $1,286 dinghy maintenance (P15 mast and centerboard, new rudderheads), $1,433 keelboats (new winches for Commander, bottom cleaning, anchors, winch parts and lube),$954 for Nov general membership meeting postage, food, room rental, $924 lease costs Nov and Dec, $476 pay workstudy for part of August dayleader costs, $238 additional on premium for workers comp, $163 engines (Whaler engine timing belt and tuneup labor), $159 buildings and grounds (rent truck bring new storage cubbies for yard, dump junk), $111 for 11/7 open house BBQ (slurp)

New Agenda items:

1. Boat Donations a) Sheldon looked at a Bahama 25 located in the Richmond Marina that was offered to CSC as a donation. He summarized the good and the bad things about the boat. Discussion followed. Jamuel made a motion to accept the boat with the contingency that we switch out the engine (take the one off the Bahama and replace it with one of ours) before we try to sell it. Peter seconded the motion. The motion carried with 4 in favor and 4 abstentions. Sheldon will talk to the owner and follow up on getting the boat ready for sale. b) Sheldon reported on the kayak that CSC member Gary Tabor has offered to donate to the club. It is a single-person, 17' kayak with no rudder. Unlike our other club kayaks, this one has a cockpit for the kayaker to sit in. After discussion, Caryl made a motion to table a decision to accept the kayak until we have more information about the kayak's safety, and proper instructions on handling it. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Caryl will follow up with the kayak owner.

2. Open House Dates Jamuel made a motion to accept the dates he suggested for Open Houses in 2005: 01/16/2005, 02/13/2005, 03/13/2005, 04/10/2005, 04/24/2005, 05/14/2005 *, 05/15/2005 *, 06/18/2005 *, 06/19/2005 *, 07/16/2005 *, 07/17/2005 *, 08/27/2005*, 08/28/2005*, 09/10/2005*, 09/11/2005*, 10/09/2005, 10/23/2005, 11/06/2005, 12/18/2005

Those that are *'d are on full weekends (Sat/Sun) in their respective months. In terms of rain dates they will be the next Sunday in the month where the tide chart looks okay.

Saul seconded the motion. Discussion followed. The motion passed unanimously.

3. General Membership meeting dates for 2005 Jamuel will contact BYC and confirm our General Membership meeting dates for next year (first Thursday in February, May, August and November). No motion needed.

4. Saul made a motion to approve Peter's online motion to spend up to $2500, if needed, to pay for any damages that Arjan may have caused in the Emeryville Marina. Sheldon seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

5. Clothing Report Jane reported that we have taken in more than $9000 since we began selling clothing/gear to members. We have netted over $2000.

Peter made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The next meeting is Sunday, December 5, at 5:30 PM.

2004.11.05 - General

Friday November 05, 2004
General Membership Meeting
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Dan Pang and Michael Faw (1st Vice Commodores), Isabella Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Vice Commodore), Ron Huang (Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma & Caryl Woulfe (Co-Secretaries), and CSC constituency.

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) The next Ex-comm meeting will take place two weeks from Sunday instead of this Sunday. We need more Senior volunteers to give keelboat rides on Open House days. We are considering not handing outprinted matter and charging for all books and printed matter from the club to save money since it all resides on the website and is easily down loadable. A suggestion was made to make a one page hand out with pertinent info so people don't go away empty handed.

Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore) Membership revenue is up for fiscal year to date due to the increase in dues, but membership numbers are down compared to last year. Please help CSC’s clubhouse fundraising efforts by purchasing the CSC calendar for $20, or the CSC burgee and calendar for $100. Special thanks to Alex Case, our advertising chair and to Bill Mosley, the webmaster for their ongoing assistance. And an extra special thanks to Sherry Daniels, our membership chair, for her tireless efforts.

Dan and Michael (1st Vice Commodores) The Precisions are in the process of being dismantled and are receiving new masts. The 470’s are being repaired on an ongoing basis.

Isabella (2nd Vice Commodore) We are buying boards for X-mas and filling the wish list for next year. The wind has died but we’ll look forward to more storms over the winter months. I am stepping down since my teaching and family schedule has become busy, but I will return next summer. I would like to nominate Asmaa and Art for Co-chair positions in the interim. Please remember to purchase discounted equipment and clothing from Boardsports and harness deals from Jane Morson.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) Daisy was finally re-rigged; thanks to Saul for his excellent assistance. We need to replace the anchors on the Ensign, replace wenches, re-rig Louie soon, and attempt to get rid of Huey, who has been derelict for some time. Matt has worked on the Nena, and the disabled sailing organization has moved on.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) Over the past twelve months, CSC volunteers have taught 2391 "Individual lessons", including 1530 "Dinghy lessons", with 314 class days of instruction. In addition there were 833 "Instructor Classes". The teaching program has included ongoing Fast Tracks taught by many new and seasoned volunteers, and the Women’s Sailing Program, taught by Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma over the summer. The student to instructor ratio is 3 to 1, creating a high rate of successful sailors. We will hold the Reefing Clinic on Saturday and continue with the Cruising Skipper study groups.

Ron Huang (Port Captain) I have enjoyed my time as CSC Port Captain, but I must say that I have been the most incompetent PC ever. Fred Fannon, most beloved Day Leader, is managing the CSC /Cal Work Study program. Meredith was hired back as DL, and is running for Port Captain, since I am stepping down.

Peter (Treasurer): CSC Statement of Financial Condition Nov 1, 2004

As of November 1st we have $87,438 in the bank, and our property is worth about $90,000. In the last three months we took in $24,709 and spent $27,338: Actual Income August through October ‘04: Memberships- $21,605 Donations, windsurf rental lockers, etc.- $3,104 Total Income- $24,709

Actual Outlays August through October ‘04: Dayleaders (amount is for 4-1/2 months--our share of June-August plus all of September, about $1,500 will be paid back by UC), $8,189 Insurance (workers compensation insurance for dayleaders), $2,288 Lease (3 months at $462/mo – no new lease yet), $1,386 Printing, Newspaper Ads, other communications, $1,017 Dinghies (new Lido jibs, lotsa fiberglass supplies and parts and sail repairs) $5,477 Keelboats (Daisy rerig, Nenya fiberglass supplies, parts and sail repairs) $2,438 Windsurfers (sail repairs and parts) $615 Skiff and engines (gas, parts for turtled skiff repair, tuneup parts, paint) $1,097 Clubhouse & Yard (paint, parts repair old windsurf rack, garbage service) $1,268 Club activities (BBQ’s, General Membership Meeting, workparty, Fastrack, Slim’s bday) $2,738 Miscellaneous work supplies, office supplies, etc. $825 Total Outlays $27,338

In the next 3 months (Nov – Jan) expected income is about $8,000, and budgeted spending tops $25,000: Expected Income Nov ’04 through Jan ‘05, Memberships, $7,236 Donations, etc. $520 Total Income $7,756

Planned Outlays Nov ’04 through Jan ‘05: Insurance (liability insurance due in January) $11,000, Dayleaders, $3,206, CSC15, $3,000, Lease, $2,880, Windsurfers, $1,400, Dinghies, $700, Keelboats, $700, General Membership Meeting, $750, Booklets, brochures, $600, BBQ's, $450, Taxes, DMV $400, Skiff, engines $300, Misc, $130, Total Outlays, $25,516 P.S. I really like the cobbler.

Caryl & Lori (Co-secretaries) Caryl: Thanks to all volunteers who give their time generously. Lori: I would like to extend our gratitude to all members and non-members who support the CSC sailing and windsurfing programs.

Sherrie Daniels: David Anstice has created a CSC fundraising calendar for the new clubhouse. Donations are $20 per calendar, and $100 for a burgee with a calendar.

Agenda Items:

1) Lease negotiations arise in June and because the city is low on funds, it will attempt to raise non-profit fees, as well as double the $5300 spent on hoist maintenance, a % of costs. CSC has considered licensing vs. leasing from the city as an alternative. We need more members present in Waterfront Commission and City meetings. CSC members are also encouraged to write letters to the city.

2) Officer Elections: Jerry Huff nominated Saul Schumsky for Commodore. Vote passed with unanimous approval. Saul nominated Jamuel Starkey for Vice Commodore; vote passed with unanimous approval. Michael Faw and Dan Pang were nominated by Jamuel for 1st Vice Commodore co-chairs; vote passed unanimously. Asmaa Asyed and Art Locht were nominated by Asmaa, for 2nd Vice Commodore co-chairs; vote passed with unanimous approval. Sheldon Coad nominated Will Lowe for 3rd Vice Commodore; vote passed with unanimous approval and confetti. Will Lowe nominated Sheldon Coad for Rear Commodore; vote passed with more confetti. Saul nominated Meredith Robert for Port Captain; vote passed with unanimous approval. Peter Kuhn nominated himself for treasurer; vote passed with delicious screams. Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma were nominated for co-secretarial positions by Peter K.; vote passed unanimously.

David Anstice moved to adjourn. Motion passed and cake was served.

2004.10.10 - Excom

Sunday October 10, 2004
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Dan Pang (1st Vice Commodore), > > Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer) and member Jane Morson

Absent: Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Isabel Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), Ron Hong (Port Captain)

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) There was no quorum at the last meeting, so we will discuss and vote on agenda items at today's meeting.

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) Absent. No report.

1st Vice Commodore (Dan) No report.

2nd Vice Commodore (Isabel) Absent. No report.

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) New anchors, rodes, and chains have been purchased for the two Ensigns and will be put on the boats shortly. Matt Jones has been working diligently on Nenya, and has put in way more than the ten hours a senior project requires. Will distributed a document he put together on the 2004 CSC lease negotiations. He will put a link to it on the CSC website.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Dinghy lessons are going well. Windsurfer lessons are apparently going well also, but sign-up sheets are not used so it is hard to tell how many students and teachers have been participating in the lessons.

There are lots of students coming to Wednesday night keelboat lessons, but we are short of teachers. Sheldon invited a Boy Scout troop to the Open House prior to our last one. They enjoyed it very much. Regarding searching for possible new locations for CSC, Sheldon contacted Alameda's three marinas and found out they are all individually owned. He found out from Peter that there is a fourth marina in Alameda, the former Navy Yacht Club, and will look into that as well. He contacted the Treasure Island marina and talked to someone who said neither the Navy nor San Francisco knows who's in charge. He has not heard back from Richmond, Oakland or Emeryville.

Port Captain (Ron) Absent. No report.

Secretary (Caryl) The minutes are up-to-date. Members were still taking people out for rides at 5:00 p.m. at the last Open House. We were lacking the usual amount of keelboats. We could have used a few more members taking people out in dinghies. The revised CSC Dinghy Sailing booklet is completed.

Treasurer (Peter) Treas report for 10/9/04 meeting: As of 10/12, when I deposited the moolah, we had $87,321, down from $92,248 as of the 9/26 meeting. In the two weeks and change we took in $4,009 including $3940 in regular memberships, $66 in BBQ donations.

And we spent $8,936 including $2,750 dayleader wages (before UC contribution--expect about half back in a month or three, since they contribute 55% of wages but not any of the employer-paid taxes) , $1,758 in keelboat maintenance (mostly rerigging Daisy) , $1,750 for August work-study payment (we switched to paying the dayleaders directly in Sept.), $704 in dinghy maintenance (approx $220 towards new P15 rudders, $140, JY15 rudder repairs and new JY15 fixup, plus new Lido paddles, carabiners for new slings, etc.) , $462 for Oct rent to City$350 for Neil Larson's book purchases to reward teachers , $176 10/3 BBQ cost (yum!) , $150 bubbly for Slim's bday (burrrp!) , $135 paint, plants, fertilizer for club sprucing .

New Agenda items:

1) Saul made a motion to spend $1400 on CSC calendars and $750 to send Will and himself to the Department of Boating and Waterfront Conference (where they will tout CSC and look for grant opportunities). Sheldon seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor.

2) Agenda for November 4 General Membership meeting. Saul made a motion to approve the agenda: Officer Reports/Officer Elections/Update on Lease/Dinner and Dessert. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor. Caryl will email Jamuel the approved agenda so he can send it out to the membership.

3) Approving the Senior Windsurfing Rating for Kenji. Peter made a motion to make Kenji a senior windsurfer, before his project is completed. Saul seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. Kenji's project (new windsurfing board rack on the board hospital west wall) is yet to be finalized. It is not certain whether there will be enough room. Why should he be granted the rating? He has done an enormous amount of work for the club. He is capable of being a senior windsurfer. The motion passed with four in favor and one abstention.

4) Approval of Michael Scalet's continuation toward his Senior Skipper rating. Background: Michael completed his senior project and passed his senior written test in 1999, and would like to continue down the senior road. Peter made a motion that Michael be able to continue working toward his Senior Skipper rating, without having to start the process over from the beginning. Saul seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. The motion passed with five in favor, and one opposed.

5) Changes to Operating Rules. Saul made a motion to revise IV, General Regulations, subpart H to read "The Club may not to except 'anything' that doesn't fit in a dunpster, not just boats or trailers, without the approval of the Executive Committee." Currently it reads "The Club may not accept the donation of boats or trailers without the advance approval of the Executive Committee." Will seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor. Saul made a motion to revise XI, Club Ratings, subpart I, page 16 to add a #6 under Senior Skippers may: that reads "Not sail a Club; it is coast guard requirement to carry at least 3 coast guard approved visual distress signals. The point to this rule is to make sure our people and boats comply with the law. It should also mention "an appropriate device for making coast guard required sound signals", another thing needed to comply with the law.

2004.09.28 - Excom

Tuesday September 28, 2004
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Dan Pang (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Jared Goldberg (Port Captain ), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer, taking minutes),and members Jane Morson, Peter Baczek, Ed Shirk, Ron Hong, et al.

Absent: Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma (co-Secretaries), and Isabel Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore).

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) No report

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) Open House today about 150 riders, went well, but needed more Senior and Cruising Skippers. Moonlight sail last night was a big success. Thanks to Leah Teitler and Jim Pottinger for organizing BBQ. Big thanks to all the volunteers for the YMCA rides, and especially to Sherry Daniel for organizing.

1st Vice Commodore (Dan) Got 4 repaired Lido jibs, will call Pineapple regarding new jibs the week after the Big Boat series ends. P15 mains were fixed-thanks Jon Frazier! JY1 was repaired (boom vang bail came out), broke again (spreader). One dead Laser is gone to Ken Henderson, Russell thought twice about taking the other dead Laser, says pitch it (P Kuhn will saw it up). Saul noted Svens will donate 3 complete Laser masts-Peter Baczek will pick them up. Dan picked up 500' each of ¼ and 5/16 line, which are now in the toolshed. 470 centerboard busted top, has been jury-rigged to allow sailing. New dinghy harnesses for 470 crew are in board hospital for now. Allan Champion has been given go-ahead to rig a trapeze on a JY15.

2nd Vice Commodore (Isabel) Absent

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) Thanks to Allan Arrowsmith for climbing Daisy's mast and to Saul for measuring the rig and to Paul Herzmark for volunteering to help organize haulouts next month (September).

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Michael's fast track in August was plagued by light wind, so far has produced 1 Novice and 1 Junior, more should pass as the wind returns. Mike posted a report to the email discussion list with several recommendations, Sheldon recommends that Fasttrack be for members who've passed their written and rigging tests beforehand, done their work hours. Jamuel agrees. Jane noted that skippers wanted food. Peter Connelly's Advanced Dinghy clinic finished up yesterday, concluding 3 sessions on 3 types of boats, and more may happen as a follow-up.

Port Captain (Jared) New dayleaders hired and being trained: Jeannie Bailey and Brian Sheehan

Dayleader schedule so far: Mon--Jeannie, Tues--vacant, Wed-Marisa, Thurs-Brian, Fri-Erin, Sat am-Jared, Sat pm-Fred, Sun am-Marisa, Sun pm-Micah.

Secretary (Absent) No report

Treasurer (Peter) We got $90,116 in the main CSC holds, pretty much same as $90,414 we had as of the last report for 8/15/04 meeting

In the last 4 weeks, we took in $5,672 including: $3,300 in regular memberships, $1,900 skiff sale, $280 windsurf locker , $105 BBQ donations, In the same 4 weeks, we spent $5,970 including: $2,578 work-study dayleaders June-July (note: budget for these two months was $3,600--we're running way under budget), $924 lease Aug and Sept, $841 dinghy maintenance (sail repairs) & fixup new JY15 (reef points, masthead float, etc.) and new JY15 mainsail (reef points), $482 BBQ food Open House 8/15, fastrack snax 8/10-19, workparty pizza soda 8/7/04, $263 windsurf maintenance (sail repairs, insignia cloth for repairs), $245 notices and stamps general membership meeting 8/5, $152 keelboat maintenance (sail repairs), $120 honorarium Wyatt Miller windsurfing freestyle lecture,

Special Projects Committee:

Jane noted that Wyatt Miller's lecture on windsurfing was a big success. Will noted that Bill P finally managed two duck jibes in a row. No report on member clothing other than "it's fine". Saul reminded Jane to report every month on the member clothing finances and inventory. Peter asked Jane to find someone to handle the numerical duties. Saul also instructed Jane to provide a complete financial statement at the next ExCommie meeting.

Handi-Kup Report Ed Shirk says we now have 1,340, they seem to breed when left in the dark.


Old Business items:

Mixing personal and club windsurfing equipment-no discussion till 2nd vice at meeting.

New Agenda items:

1.. Will Lowe moved to spend $4,000 on replacing the rig on Daisy and other keelboat rig repairs and haulout expenses. Already have some rigging, spars in yard, and will switch to all spectra halyards. Peter Kuhn seconded. Discussion: Peter Baczek recommended matching lines to blocks carefully. Sheldon asked if all sheaves would be changed, Saul said yes where wire halyards would be replaced with fabric. Jamuel asked where rig would be replaced, Will said work would be done mostly in yard. Motion passed-- Unanimous in favor.

2.. Jared resigned and introduced Ron Hung as a potential new replacement whom he and Fred Fannon would train and assist as Port Captain. Saul moved to appoint Ron, Will seconded. Peter Kuhn asked if there was any chance Ron might be distracted from the PC's duties, Ron said we'd have to take it on blind faith. Jamuel asked if Ron knew what he was getting into, Ron said he'd been around and had started volunteer dayleader training with David Fraser last year. Motion passed-- Unanimous in favor.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07 p.m.

2004.09.12 - Excom

Sunday September 12, 2004
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Dan Pang (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and members Jane Morson, Fred Fannon, Seth Cohen.

Guest: Mehmet Sebins

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) Saul attended the Waterfront Commission meeting last Wednesday. Action item 6b. on the agenda was Continuation of Cal Sailing Club's lease/license under current terms with no rate increase. Commissioner Paul Kamen recommended to continue Cal Sailing Club‘s licensing and not to increase their rates, or to switch to a percentage of gross revenue model with rates no higher than commercial leases. Fifteen CSC members attended the meeting. Thanks to all who turned up to show their support. Your effort, concern and enthusiasm are appreciated. It is obvious that the Waterfront Commission supports CSC, but the Commission decided to table the item until the City Council brings the lease proposal to them. Saul will be asking for a lease, rather than a license. Two lawyers have advised him that this would be best for the club. Saul and Will are meeting with Cliff (Waterfront Manger) and Bill Foley on Tuesday. Will plans to talk to Lisa Coronna before the meeting.

Saul told Ex-Com that as it is now, the City of Berkeley could give us 30 days notice and we'd be out. A suggestion was made to look into other locations for the club, such as Alameda, Oakland, Treasure Island, or Richmond.

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) A Boy Scout Troop contacted CSC to inquire if we could give them sailing instruction. They would pay us for instruction. Twenty-one boys @ $60 would bring the club $1294. Neil Larson approached Jamuel and asked if he could offer sailing books to instructors who teach regularly. Currently, members who teach 20 hours in a quarter are eligible to receive a free CSC instructor hat. Jamuel told Neil to go ahead and purchase the books. Alyssa is having difficulty getting people to help with the Open House BBQ’s, and will not be able to continue without more help. Jamuel will work with her. Jamuel is looking into getting small static stickers with a CSC logo that members can put on their cars.

1st Vice Commodore (Dan) The 470 is fixed. The Board in the clubhouse is up-to-date.

2nd Vice Commodore (Isabel) Absent. No report.

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) Thanks to Saul for his work on Daisy. We are two-thirds of the way done. Thanks also to Dan, Sheldon, Peter, Seth and others for their help. Matt Jones and volunteers continue to work on Nenya, and hope to have it done soon. Will bought 600 feet of new line for dock lines. He was in contact with Berkeley City Council member Linda Maio before the last Waterfront Commission meeting. She says she values the Club's continued service to the City and the marina.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Peter Connolly has finished the Advanced Dinghy Clinic. Dan has been organizing Sunday morning spinnaker runs on the Precisions.

Port Captain (Ron) Absent. No report.

Secretary (Caryl) No report.

Treasurer (Peter) We got $92,530 in the main CSC holds, up $2414 from $90,116 reported 2 wks ago Since 8/28 we took in $6,298 including: $5,510 in regular memberships, $303 donation from Bay Area Women at the Helm (big thanks!) , $240 windsurf locker associate membership (8 lockers are still empty, 1 is still unpaid), $105 BBQ donations , $100 racing associate membership. In the same 2 weeks, we spent $3,884 including : $2,172 for 5 new Lido jibs , $500 BBQ's (8/1 and 8/29 Open House, 8/28 Moonlight) , $485 dinghy maintenance (sail repairs, 2 spools line) , $187 keelboat maintenance (sail repairs, winch handle) , $131 Express ad , $92 skiff and motor maintenance (fuel filters, hatch cover hinges) $27 windsurf maintenance (sail repair needles, thread), Dayleader workers comp and payroll: as of 9/1, UC has foisted workers comp and payroll onto us. Workers comp will cost us approx $3500/yr, payroll nada so far--free trial payroll software.

Motor Report: Thanks Fred for fixing skiff motor--it had dirt and water in the fuel. He cleaned out the filter, gas line, and tank. Also problems with linkage inside motor, Peter to get parts & fix. -- Riley

Old Business items:

Mixing personal and club windsurfing equipment. Will made a motion for this to be at the discretion of the day leader. Peter seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. Peter pointed VII, A. in CSC’s Operating Instructions.

VII. SIGN-OUT PROCEDURES A. Members may sail Club boats or sailboards by signing out a specific boat or sailboard and sail on the sign-out sheets provided for that purpose.

It was decided that this clearly means that CSC boats and boards are to be used. Will withdrew his original motion.

New Agenda items:

1) Jane introduced Mehmet Sebinc. He would like to use a club laser or JY-15 for racing, and race under the CSC burgee. He is a well-known racer in Turkey, and is currently living in the Bay Area. Discussion followed, but no motion was made. In the past, a member wanting to take a club boat to a regatta had to have a cruising skipper rating. Ex-Com encouraged Mehmet to join the club and get his Jr. rating.

2) Revised Introduction to Dinghy Sailing at CSC booklet. Sheldon brought copies of the revised booklet to share with Ex-Com. Saul suggested that Sheldon email it to Ex-Com. Sheldon asked Ex-Com to send concerns/suggestions to him.

3) Member Clothing Report. CSC Xtras has 300 T-shirts (cost approximately $4500) and $2021.54 in cash. To date, we've received $8707.34 in orders and paid $6463.24 for materials. We owe $405.20 in sales tax, and thus have cleared $1838.90 for CSC.

Will made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Sheldon seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned.

2004.08.15 - Excom

Sunday August 15, 2004
Closed session regarding dayleader
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Dan Pang (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), and member Jane Morson.

Absent: Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Isabel Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), and Jared Goldberg, Port Captain.

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) Saul attended the Waterfront Commission meeting last Wednesday. They would like to know a little more about who we are, what we've done for the community, how much money we have, etc. There was barely a quorum. Four out of the five in attendance are pro-CSC. They would like to see a copy of our lease agreement. They are concerned we have a license agreement. Cliff, Saul, and Bill Foley will arrange to sit down together to go over the needed information. The donated JY-15 arrived today.

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) Absent. No report.

1st Vice Commodore (Dan) Dan has replaced Robert Towler as 1st Vice Commodore, due to Robert moving to Chicago. We bought a new laser for $2,400, which included a free Seitech dolly. It is a radial rig. Two of our laser hulls will be "laid to rest" soon. They are currently in the back of the yard near the Rhodes and 470. Gunther Weber is the new Laser Chair. Dan will rig the new JY. There is no mainsail for the P2 hull. Dan will take care of this. Currently, two of the Lidos do not have jibs. Dan will check the status of the five new jibs Robert ordered from Pineapple. The Precision spinnakers and poles, and the 470 spinnaker, are stored near the Lido rudders.

2nd Vice Commodore (Isabel) Absent. No report.

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) Still getting rid of the bottom paint on Nenya. Winch maintenance is needed on Donald. The standing rigging on Daisy needs to be replaced. Will to check with Fast Bottoms to see how often the bottoms of our keelboats are being cleaned. Both ensigns are in need of new booms. Louie could use a new mast. Will would appreciate it if folks contact him directly if they see things on the keelboats that need fixing.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Mike's Fast Track is going until 9:00 p.m. each evening. He acts as dayleader when the scheduled dayleader leaves. Peter Connolly held the second of his three-part advanced dinghy clinic yesterday. There was a good turnout.

Port Captain (Jared) Report sent by e-mail: I will not be able to attend this coming ExCom meeting. Nothing new to report. I tried to hire two new dayleaders and had two no shows for training. I will get on that when I get back. Fred and Micah will be working a good amount next week but I have one shift uncovered for Saturday the 21st. If anyone can volunteer daylead for three hours (opening or closing), I have the rest of the day covered. If someone is on the big list serve, could they please inform them of the open shift, it would be much appreciated.

Secretary (Caryl) The two new harnesses that were ordered last month have arrived. Thanks to Jane and her contact Thomas Fogh at Gul. A suggestion was made to keep the harnesses in the clubhouse near the universals, and have people sign them out, as they do for the universals. Dan will make sure they are properly adorned with CSC markings.

Both Ensigns participated in the BYC/CSC Friday Beer Can Race and finished within a fraction of a second of one another.

Treasurer (Peter) Report sent by e-mail: We got $90,414 in the main CSC holds, up $3,763 from $86,651 we had as of the last report for our 7/18/04 meeting. In the last 4 weeks, we took in $8,966 including $8,725 in regular memberships $220 BBQ donations In the same 4 weeks, we spent $5,203 including $759 for new door, shelf lumber, paint, plants, & other bldgs&grounds stuff $567 BBQ food--Open House, Moonlight Sail, etc $563 dinghy maintenance stuff--fiberglass supplies, blocks, sail repair, etc. $390 general membership meeting food $273 keelboat maintenance--wood for coamings on Uncle Donald, stripping supplies Nenya $262, Express ads $129, skiff maintenance $313 windsurf maintenance--sail repairs, spray paint $367. undifferentiated maintenance supplies--epoxy resin, brushes, masks, gloves, paint, etc. $443 taxes--property taxes (required by lease), dup. title $417 in skiff engine parts (new ignition module for turtled Patrick, water pump for 15 hp we're selling, spark plugs) $193 for fast track snax, moonlight sail lightstix, $99 tools (broom umbrella hacksaws etc)

Old Business items:

Mixing personal and club windsurfing equipment. As the Windsurfing Chair was not in attendance, this item was tabled for further discussion.

New Agenda items:

1) Acceptance of boat donation. CSC member Josh Polston, Peter Kuhn and Saul went to look at a Catalina 25 berthed in the Berkeley Marina that a friend of Josh's is willing to donate to the club. A stipulation of the donation is that money from the sale of the boat by CSC would go in the windsurfing coffers. The boat is in adequate condition, has a nice motor on it, but needs to be spiffed up before it is put up for sale. John Glass is interested in taking this on as a weekend work project. Saul commented that we would be lucky to get $2,000 for it, and estimated that it would take 2-3 months to sell. Expenses for the club would be registration fees, slip fees, (a little under $160/month), advertising costs and the cost of supplies to spruce it up. Saul made a motion to accept the boat on the contingency that a viable work plan to get the boat ready for sale be presented to Ex-Com by next Sunday. If the work plan is not presented, or does not seem viable, we will not accept the boat. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

2) Closed session.

Sheldon mentioned that the club's stepladder is a hazard. A new one will be purchased.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Note: Agenda item suggested for the next meeting - Discussion of Logbook’s proper usage

2004.08.05 - General

Thursday August 05, 2004
General Membership Meeting
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Isabella Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Vice Commodore), Jared Goldberg (Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and CSC constituency.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) Thanks to all who volunteer to teach, participate in meetings and other club activities.

Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore) Thanks to all who all CSC members who participate in the BYC Races. The Sunday morning dinghy races are a great training ground for the BYC Races.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore) Thanks to Gregg and Ed for continuing to repair the lido fleet, and to Felix for his tireless work on the Rhodes. I am stepping down as 1st V.C., because I would like to live closer to my wife again, and will be relocating to Chicago. Dan Pang and Michael Faw will be taking charge shortly as my replacement.

Isabella (2nd Vice Commodore) Co-chair Pauline Kuykendahl is moving on to become the new CSC “home decorator.” Windsurf projects are moving forward, including finishing the new sail hanging space, acquiring new novice booms and training new teachers. Art Loche, Josh Polston, Isabel La Rocha, Barbara Knox, Ben Pink, Tico, Jameel Alaidroos are teaching most of the classes. Art and Sofien are teaching most of the waterstarting classes. The third Moonlight Madness is approaching, as well as a work party on Saturday. Art is stepping up as Co-chair.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) The keelboats need to be overhauled. Thanks to all who participate in ongoing keelboat maintenance.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) We have given 537 dinghy sailing lessons in the past year. The majority of the lessons are given during the June, July, and August Fast Track, the Women’s Summer Sailing lessons, plus the Wednesday night Keelboat lessons, as well as the Saturday morning, and Monday and Thursday afternoon lessons. Thanks to Neil Larson and Jim Pottinger for continuing to teach sailing on a consistent basis. We have given 95 windsurf lessons for a grand total of 942 sailing and windsurfing lessons. We continue to need teachers for the Saturday morning lessons.

Jared (Port Captain) We presently have five Day Leaders: Brian, Marissa, myself, and two others ; we intend to keep the club open during scheduled daylight hours. Club house repair is ongoing; new paint and new windows are being added. Peter B. has kept the skiffs repaired. If you would like to help at all with any clubhouse repairs, please ask for volunteer hours.

Peter (Treasurer): Annual Report for the Cal Sailing Club - 5/01/03 through 4/30/04 I certify the fiscal statement below was prepared without audit from the books and records of the corporation. Peter Kuhn – Treasurer

Assets: As of 4/30/04, we had $80,476 in our bank accounts, our property was worth about $90,000. and we had no liabilities.

In the last fiscal year, income was $110,760 and our total outlays were $132,836.

Notes: Income includes: $79,835 in regular membership dues, $11,593 in member clothing sales, $10,045 in windsurf locker associate member dues, $3,364 in dinghy fund donations, $3,171 in other donations, including BBQs, $1,599 in surplus equipment sales, $466 in interest income.

Expenditures include: $15,125 in dayleader work-study program costs, $11,690 lease cost, $10,935 insurance cost, $8,882 in member clothing costs, $11,046 for new windsurfing boards and sails (capital expenditures), $7,728 for maintenance supplies and sail repairs for keelboats, $4,973 fornew Laser, new P15 sails, new JY jibs (capital expenditures), $6,110 for maintenance supplies and sail repairs for dinghies, $6,110 for maintenance supplies and repairs for keelboat and skiff motors, $2,453 for new rescue skiff (capital expenditures), $889 for maintenance supplies for skiff, $3,030 for general boat/windsurf maintenance supplies, $436 for tools (capital expenditures), $9,544 for clubhouse project, locker container, etc., (capital expenditures), $2,176 for maintenance supplies for buildings and grounds, $3,318 for food for BBQ’s, Fast Tracks, Moonlight Sails, $2,970 for general membership meeting room rental and food, notices, stamps, $3,166 for copying handbooks, brochures, et., $3,482 for newspaper ads (Express, Daily Cal, Laney, DVD, Chabot College), $827 in fundraising expenses, including slip fees on Santana 27, $1,516 property taxes and boat registration fees, (note: operating expenses total $95,541, )

Lori (Co-secretary) There seems to be quite a few new births among CSC windsurfers in particular; there may be something in the East Bay water, so beware.

New Agenda Items:

1) Discussion regarding rebuilding of the new clubhouse included: responsibilities of City and Marina Staff, additional increase in the yearly fee for hoist maintenance, doubling of the present lease fees, and ongoing lease negotiations. We would like volunteers to help email our members for our letter writing campaign.

2) The Bob Collins Award recipient is a person who is dedicated to teaching above and beyond the call of duty. Bob Collins continuously made rudders and tillers, and taught keelboat lessons for years. He was generally the type of person who stepped up to volunteer as well as pay for his membership.

The Bob Collins Teaching Award for 2004 is given to one person who has repeatedly taught dinghy and keelboat lessons, year after year. Neil Larson is the CSC Bob Collins recipient for 2004.

Peter made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed and cake was served.

2004.08.01 - Excom

Sunday August 01, 2004
Closed session regarding equipment
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Isabella Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Jared Goldberg (Port Captain), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and members Jane Morson, Geunther Weber, & Aaron Sogel. Meeting began 6:30 pm at the CSC clubhouse.

1) Closed Session regarding use of club equipment as personal.

Executive Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) The yearly Bob Collins Memorial Award for teaching excellence will be awarded at the General Membership Meeting this Thursday. The award is given to honor the memory of Bob Collins, a consistently exemplary CSC member who provided mentorship for over 30 years. Discussion at the Waterfront Commission Meeting included possible lease increase to 10K, up to 15K over 5 years. CSC member representation is needed at the Waterfront Commission Meetings as well as the City Council Meetings.

Isabella (2nd Vice Commodore) The new windsurf storage area is finished and we’ve hung the new sails. We’ve taught quite a lot of windsurf classes recently, and our social activities are abundant. Sail and mast repairs are ongoing.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) Seth is looking for a vendor to dispose of the Ensign, so please contact either him or me online.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) Five more people passed the July Sailing Fast Track. There will be another Fast Track in August, consisting of two three-day lessons. We’re still light on instructors for Saturday mornings, so please volunteer to teach. The recently held Advanced Dinghy Clinic consisted of nine people.

Jared (Port Captain) In order to cover all Day Leader shifts since Marissa is leaving for three weeks, we will hire (3) new DL’s. Our onshore facilities are fine; as you can see, the new clubhouse paint job is in development. A single complaint regarding misuse of the skiff was filed.

Peter (Treasurer) No Report.

Lori (Co-Secretary) Sail days for the BYA and YMCA kids are scheduled for August 3rd and August 4th. Thanks to Bill Prinzmetal & Beth Burstein for organizing the Berkeley Youth Alternative sailing event, and to Sherry Daniels for organizing the YMCA event. Paul Kamen and Alex Anastopolous will skipper the CSC Commander and Ensign, with Tara Ellman and Lori Taguma acting as crew members for the BYA sail, that will take Jr. High school age children and their counselors out on the Bay. The skipper and crew members for the YMCA event will consist of: Paul Kamen, Dave Cary & Allan Champion acting as skippers, with crew members Jill Marshall, Mike Addis, Jim Ulrick, and Stacey Murphy.

New Agenda Items

  • 1) Bob Collins Award: Discussion centered candidates for the award who emulate Bob’s long term teaching history and service to CSC. Questions raised included: reasons why awards aren't given to both a sailing and a windsurfing member, what constitutes overall achievement? Isabella motioned to recognize Neil Larson for the Bob Collins Award. Motion passed unanimously, with six in favor.

    2) CSC Instructor Hats will be given to members who teach at least 20 hours. 3) Discussion regarding Jane Morson’s offer to purchase used Laser from Sven’s, which would replace some of the older Lasers. Will made a motion to retract previous motion regarding Laser, and to allocate 3000.00 to buy used Laser. Motion passed, six in favor.

    4) Motion made by Isabelle, to discard three Revo boards and replace them with three Motion boards. Asked for allocation of 1500.00 for new boards, as well as 800.00 for new masts. Motion passed, with six in favor.

    5) Jane Morson’s Marketing Report on clothing sales for March 1, 2004 to the present. Expenditures: 4803.00, Payments Due: 6127.00, Profit: 1575.00, Total: 7684.00.

    6) Aaron Siegel posed a question regarding reduced prices on wetsuits & equipment from vendors such as Boardsports. CSC contracts with Boardsports and will continue to honor the contract, regarding reduced prices for members.

    Will moved to adjourn the meeting, with unanimous approval.
  • 2004.07.18 - Excom

    Sunday July 18, 2004
    Present: Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and members Jane Morson, Peter Connolly, Matt Jones, Mathias and Gunther.

    Absent: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall and Isabel Fortier (co-2nd Vice Commodores), and Jared Goldberg, Port Captain.

    Guests: Kathleen and Joseph Degroot.

    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

    Ex-Committee Reports Commodore (Saul) Jamuel reported in Saul's absence. A JY-15 in good condition, with trailer, has been offered to the club. Acceptance of the offer is an agenda item. Sven's is having a laser regatta. Two lasers will be available for sale after the regatta, at a great discount. The purchase one or both is an agenda item.

    Vice Commodore (Jamuel) There was an Open House today. There was a good turnout, and enough skippers to give rides. The Events section of the website has been updated. Any additions or corrections should be directed to Jamuel. Postcards announcing the August 5th General Membership Meeting and Dinner went out yesterday, July 17th.

    1st Vice Commodore (Robert) Five lidos are working at the moment. One lido needs to be re- rigged. At least four lido jibs are shot and need to be replaced. Both bytes are sailable. Three out of four lasers are sailable; one of the three is in need of work. The fourth laser has had a DNS sign on it for years.

    3rd Vice Commodore (Will) Will and Matt Jones hope to get Nenya in the water by the end of August. An anonymous volunteer fixed the combings on Uncle Donald, temporarily. Allan Champion thinks he's located a source for the wood so the combings can be fixed on a more permanent basis.

    Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Dan Pang's Fast Track is next week, and there is another one scheduled in August. Sheldon pointed out that the blue Lido dinghy book and the website version are different. Caryl volunteered to help Sheldon edit and consolidate the documents.

    Port Captain (Jared) Report sent by e-mail. Dayleaders: Things are running smoothly on the dayleader front. Fred is back in action one shift a week. Micah has been doing his shift a week. I hired two new dayleaders, Marisa and Ryan, both of which are almost fully trained and will be great additions to the CSC team. Ryan also works at Cal Adventures and has previously taken a 22 hour Boston Whaler course (4 hours alone on docking). Most of you probably already know Marisa since she's been working two or three shifts a week for the last month. As for myself, I've been working five days a week and will be cutting it down to four as soon as I feel truely comfortable leaving Ryan alone on Fridays.

    Current Events: The lock on the club house door gave us problems a couple of weeks ago, but Bill Prinzmetal got some poxy in there to keep the door in working order. I think the door is seeing its final days and a replacement is worth considering at ExComm. Forget about the extra door in the yard, it's a foot too long and a foot two wide (unless we can cut it down to size). Lessons have been well manned; thank you Sheldon. We are getting low on jibs for lidos, something should happen on that soon (possibly some more trips to pineapple). Everything else has been nice and easy. Sorry for my absence and I hope this email fills in any gaps during the meeting.

    Secretary (Caryl) Women's lessons continue, with between three and seven women showing up per lesson. Two harnesses will be ordered through Jane for use on the 470. Winch and boom labels will be purchased for the keelboats in order to make it easier for members new to the boats to differentiate the different lines. Thanks to Dave Carey for an excellent cruise to Mile Rock on July 17th.

    Treasurer (Peter) We got $86,651, up $1,813 from $84,838 we had as of the last report for our 6/20/04 meeting. In the last 4 weeks, we took in $10,460 including: $8,380 in regular memberships, $1,918 in windsurf locker rental associate memberships, $86.32 donation (Thanks Alex B!), $73 BBQ donations, In the same 4 weeks, we spent $8,647 including, $1,842 to copy booklets, signup books, brochure, club video, $1,450 for new yard gate and windsurf rack supplies, $1,081 for workstudy dayleaders in May, $958 for dinghy maintenance--orange paddles, hiking sticks, 1/4 line, dolly welding, Laser rudderhead, fiberglass supplies, etc, etc, $635 for new JY rudder and mainsail, $524 for 4 Express ads May & June, $560 skiff engine repairs and parts, $462 lease payment for July, $441 to City for back assessment of special district taxes 2001 thru, 2003 $290 for keelboat maintenance--hull cleaning, shackles, spinny pole repair parts, $250 to rent BYC for 8/5/04 general membership meeting$245 for 6/20, and 7/4 BBQ's, $164 for snax, BBQ for 6/14-18 Fastrak, $137 for tools--shovel, hoe, drill, hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., Notes on completed purchases: We authorized (6/8 meeting) $1200 for JY sail and rudder, got em for $635, $3,000 for novice ws sails, got 'em for $2021, (6/20 meeting) $2,000 for gate and windsurf area--done for $1500, $1500 for 25 hp (Patrick the turtled) skiff repairs, motor fixed for $600,

    Budget vs expenditures: The figures below under budget are from the spreadsheet used to create the official budget, which is for the fiscal year, so the first quarter (Q1--May, June, and July) budget isn't really official, but the figures nonetheless give us an idea of our income compared to our expenses. Notes:

  • 1. This is really only about 2-1/2 months of actual income, and income can fluctuate month to month based on weather, timing of when I make it to the safe & bank, etc. 2. Member clothing income is in a separate account now, but I paid off some clothing bills for which the main account had already received the income. 3. Skiff sale refers to the 3rd skiff, currently being prettied. 4. Dayleader expenditures are subject to the vagaries of UC's accounting, and don't necessarily reflect actual dayleader time for the period. 5. Lease cost is below budget since we'd budgeted for a new lease in July, but don't have it, so we paid $462 under the old lease's extension provision. 6. Ads are way below the budget since we'd planned to prepay a years' worth of Express ads, but have been paying as we go Q1 FY 04-05 budget Q1 FY 04-05 actual

    Income Regular and YRA memberships $37,284 $27,420, Windsurf lockers $8,700 $4,218, Clothing Income $3,700 $0, less clothing costs ($3,515) ($539), BBQ donations $345 $254, Dinghy fund donations, Santana 27 sale $3,100 $2,786, Other donations, skiff sale $1,800 $86, Interest, etc. $175 $77, Total Income $51,589 $34,303

    Expenditures CSC 15 $26,000 $62, New clubhouse, containers, fence $3,350 $4,173, Clubhouse, containers, yard, fence maintenance $500 $226, Dayleaders $5,493 $4,315, Lease $1,840 $1,342, Insurance $0 $0, Windsurfers $7,400 $9,387, Dinghies $4,700 $2,358, Keelboats $4,700 $521, Skiff, Engines $850 $1,371, BBQ--Open House, Fast Track $1,150 $1,020, Misc $2,100 $191, Advertising $3,700 $524, Brochures, booklets, Bottle $1,200 $1,879, Gen Membership meeting $750 $859, Total Expenditures $63,733 $28,228.

    Motor Report (Riley/Peter) All three skiffs are running. Squidward will be for sale after the paint job is finished.

    Old Business items:

    Jamuel reported that according to Saul, Jane's clothing hut report is incomplete. A report with a complete balance sheet, including all of our assets and liabilities with items like: cash, inventory, a/c payable, a/c receivable, etc. is needed. Jane will provide the report at the next Ex-Com meeting per Jamuels's request.

    New Agenda items:

    1) Approval of Minor Member. Will made a motion that Joseph Degroot, fourteen-years-old, be allowed to join the club as a minor member with the usual obligations, and go for his novice windsurfing rating and junior sailing rating without having to come back to Ex-Com for approval. Robert seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    2) Approval of Matt Jones' Senior Project. Matt Jones presented his Senior Project, which is to finish the bottom work on Nenya, hopefully by the end of August. Will made a motion to accept Matt's proposal. Peter seconded the motion. Budget to complete the project is $500.00. The motion passed unanimously. Will gave Matt the "senior spiel."

    3) Approval of Peter Connolly's Senior Project. Peter Connolly presented his Senior Project, which is to organize, coordinate and run a three-part advanced dinghy clinic. Will made a motion to accept Peter's project proposal, to have Sheldon reserve boats as needed, and to approve Peter to give ratings on the advanced dinghies. Caryl seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Dates are July 25, August 14 and August 28. Peter was given the "senior spiel."

    Action item: Peter Kuhn to get Peter the dinghy handouts, electronically.

    4) Windsurfing lecture series. Jane reported that noted windsurfer Roger Jackson has offered to give a talk to members, with racing tips and a question and answer period, Tuesday, July 20, at CSC. The next day he will give on-the-water tips. The lecture series is free. An announcement will be made on the Yahoo e-mail list. No motion necessary.

    5) Racing Poster. Jane asked whether Ex-Com would like "Supported by CSC" to appear on the Windsurfing Racing Poster publicizing the Wednesday evening windsurfing races she and Ben are organizing. The idea was discussed. The usage of club equipment (such as one of our skiffs) to set up the start and finish marks for the races is covered by club operating rules, just so long as said usage is performed exclusively by a trained and properly rated CSC member. No motion was made to support including "Supported by CSC" on the poster. Although several CSC members take part, the races are not CSC-sponsored. Peter claimed that we do have regatta insurance, in case there is an accident involving the skiff. Jamuel suggested to Jane that she and Ben should consider including CSC as an event organizer so that the event is adequately insured (i.e. regatta insurance) should an accident of fault occur during the Ben and Jane organized racing event.

    6) New lido jibs. Robert made a motion to spend up to $2200 on new lido jibs. Will seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. The three jibs currently at Pineapple are no good. One lido jib was patched yesterday with sticky cloth. The motion passed unanimously.

    7) Acceptance of JY-15 donation. Will made a motion for Saul to accept the donation of a JY-15. Peter seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    8) Lasers for sale. After completion of an upcoming laser regatta, Sven's will have two lasers for sale, with hulls that are 9 days old, used in 3-5 races per day, costing less than $2500 each. Included with the hulls are new radial sails, new lines, and new foils. Peter made a motion to direct Saul to spend up to $3,000 for one of the lasers, and to authorize disposal of the laser that has been tagged "Do no sail" for years. Caryl seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Jane suggested trying to get someone to donate the laser to the club, and will look into this possibility. Peter noted that the purchased laser might be sold for profit. Will noted that the decision on selling it can be deferred.

    Peter made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Note: Two motions were made and passed via e-mail. The first was to accept Asma's younger sister as a minor member; the second was to approve the date of July 30 for Moonlight Madness.

  • 2004.06.20 - Excom

    Sunday June 20, 2004

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Isabella Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Vice Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and club members Matthais Roschke and Jane Morson.

    Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

    Fourteen year old Emily Dichler and her mother Sarah Pichler attended the Ex-comm meeting in order to seek permission to attain Emily’s Jr. windsurfing rating, as well as her Novice Sailing rating. Saul motioned to allow Emily to achieve her Jr. Windsurf rating and Novice Sailing rating without attending an additional Ex-comm meeting. Motion passed with 6 in favor, 0 opposed.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Saul (Commodore) Since starting my Rigging job at Sven’s two weeks ago, my spare time has been limited. Sven’s is still honoring the 10% reduction on purchases for CSC club members.

    Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore) 1. Sherry Daniel has volunteered to continue the YMCA Kids Rides Program that she was organizing while she was VC. Here are the dates of the rides:

    Wed June 16, Fri July 2, Tue Aug 3, Wed Aug 4, Tue Aug 17

    Sherry is in need of a few more skippers (seniors) and a slew of crew for the future dates. Please contact Sherry to help out: nycsherry@earthlink.net

    2. Yet Another Events Calendar update as of July 19th has been made to reflect all of the latest events. Please have a look and see if anything is missing.

    Robert (1st Vice Commodore) No Report.

    Isabella (2nd Vice Commodore) Fifteen people have rented new windsurfing lockers and we’re presently working on windsurfing class efficiency. There will be a windsurfing trip to the Delta this Sunday.

    Will (3rd Vice Commodore) No Report.

    Sheldon (Rear Commodore) Fifteen people started David Kao’s Fast Track last week, with four receiving Novice ratings. Due to lack of wind, no Jr. tests were given. Dan Pang and Mike, are preparing for their two Fast Track Senior projects that will be held soon.

    Peter (Treasurer): June has not been busting out all over, but indeed has been bountiful.

    What we have is $84,838, up about $5,267 from $79,571 we had as of the 6/6/04 meeting.

    We took in $8,067 including $7,785 in regular memberships, $0 windsurf locker rental associate membership (note: 10 lockers are still not rented--ads are up everywhere, but no takers yet), $164.70 refund of deposit on slip fee for Santana, $108 in donations for BBQ's 6/6 and 6/20 open houses,

    We spent $2,800 including: $2,021 for windsurf novice rigs (6 sail/mast/boom/base/uphaul combos, out of $3k motion last meeting, $246.57 on BBQ food cost 6/6 and 6/20 Open Houses, $163.63 on Fast Track snax and food for BBQ 6/18, $77 on paint for windsurf locker containers, BBQ parts, $54 on tools, $45 on office supplies (anyone notice no maintenance costs? there's a few, bills for shackles and stuff coming in, but no major costs this fortnight for repairs. so far, so good.)

    Lori (Co-secretary) Thanks to Isabella Fortier, Art Loche, Adam Tanner, Sofien S., Bill Prinzemetal, Edmund and anyone else I’ve missed, for teaching impromptu windsurfing lessons. Also thanks to the Senior and Jr. sailors who consistently teach lessons: James Wai, David Fraser, Bob Hood, Ed Shirk, Peter Bazek, Jim Pottinger, Leah Teitler, and anyone else I’ve missed.

    Jane (CSC Extras, Marketing) Jane reported that her clothing business, which consists of marketing sailing and windsurfing gear, is progressing “pretty well”.

    New Agenda Items:

      1) Motion made by Saul to allocate 1500.00 for skiff repairs. Motion passed unanimously, 6 in favor.

      2) Discussion regarding mixing club windsurfing equipment with personal equipment centered on insurance issues. Robert motioned to table discussion; 6 in favor.

      3) Peter moved to allocate 2000.00 for installation of rolling gate that will replace the ancient, decrepit swinging gate. Motion passed unanimously, 7 in favor.

      4) Motion made by Saul to create an Advanced dinghy area equal to the Senior dinghy area. Motion passed, 7 in favor.

      5) Isabella motioned to allow 30 hours of teaching windsurf lessons to comprise a student Senior Project. She will continue to teach and be responsible for coordinating Josh and Art’s Windsurf Teaching schedule. Motion passed unanimously, 7 in favor.

      6) Saul made a motion to propose his Senior Windsurf Project: Commodore of CSC. Motion passed, 0 opposed.

      Peter moved to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously.

    2004.05.13 - General

    Thursday May 13, 2004
    General Membership Meeting
    Ex-Comm meeting prior to General Membership meeting: Pauline would like Ex-Comm to approve $470 for windsurfing equipment (amend a previous motion to add $470 more).There was a second. Motion passed unanimously.

    Pauline made a motion to allow CSC equipment to be taken to Rio Vista on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Robert seconded the motion. Discussion. Saul is worried about safety. The first such trip was well organized, but the second was not. There were complaints. A rescue had to be made by an innocent bystander. We don't have any way of rescuing people. Saul would like the club to have a cruising windsurfer rating and have a rated cruising windsurfer go along. Pauline explained that every precaution will be made for a safe trip, and there would be rules and regulations to follow, based on the previous successful trip. Motion passed: 5 yes, 2 no, 1 abstention.

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler and Alan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodores), John Mathias (co-Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer).

    Agenda items:

    1) Dinner

    2) Officer Reports Commodore (Saul)

    Dry storage issue still not resolved. Waterfront Commission agrees that CSC could use more land. We still have a discount at Sven's in Alameda. Contact there is Barbara. Prices are wholesale or close to wholesale. We do not get discounts at the rigging shop. The CSC Alumni Picnic is May 22. Meet at 10:00 or 10:30 at guest dock to catch a ride to Angel Island. It would help Louis, Alumni Chair, to know how many people plan to attend the picnic, so he can plan food accordingly. Just go to the website and log on if you plan to attend. PFD prices. We need to buy a quantity of 12 PFDs to get a good price. CSC members visited the Channel Islands. A slideshow will take place at the end of the meeting. Applause for Ex-Comm members who are rolling off, and for Sypko, who is finishing up as Membership Chair.

    Vice Commodore (Sherry)

    The Berkeley Bay Festival was a big success. Thirty CSC members volunteered their time and talents and we gave rides to a wide variety of folks over a period of several hours. Last year we gave 1,836 Open House rides. We had 1,535 memberships, amounting to $80,000 in dues. Thanks to the cooks and bakers of tonight's meal and everyone who has volunteered to make CSC the great club that it is. It's been a fun adventure being on Ex-Comm. 1st Vice Commodore (Robert)

    Thanks to the volunteers who have been working on the Rhodes, and thanks to Bill, Peter, John and everyone who has helped to get the precisions working again. Thanks to Ed and Greg, Lido masters. Right now there are 4 lidos down. Come down on Saturday mornings to help get them ready for the busy summer sailing season.

    2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline)

    Thanks to all of the windsurfing enthusiasts, teachers, and those who help maintain the fleet of windsurfers.

    Third Vice Commodore (Will)

    Thanks to Allan Champion for fixing the cockpit combings on Donald and John Mathias and OCSC folks for their help maintaining the keelboats. Contact Will if you would like to work on the keelboat fleet.

    Co-Rear Commodores (Leah and Alan)

    Thanks to Allan C., Chris and Saul for their help with the Cruising Study Group. Thanks to Jan Crosby Taylor for her help with the Senior Study Group. The senior skipper written test and senior cruising skipper written test will be given Monday, May 17, for those who are ready to take it. Bob Hood, Rating Chair, will make known other dates available for taking the tests in the future. Seniors and Cruising Skippers: Adopt a senior wannabe! Be a mentor to a senior wannabe and help them gain their senior skipper rating this summer. Jamuel is running the first Fast Track of the year, May 17-21. Students, teachers and testers needed. There also are Fast Tracks scheduled for June and July. There also will be women's sailing lessons. Special thanks to Neil Larson, who has been teaching regularly on Monday and Thursdays; to Jose, our windsurfing chair; and Jim Pottinger, for teaching on Wednesday nights. Thanks to Leah and Alan from each other for sharing the job of Rear Commodore.

    John Mathias (co-Port Captain)

    He and Fred are finishing up their term as co-Port Captains, so the position is available. The Port Captain helps train and schedule dayleaders.

    Caryl (Secretary)

    Lori and I enjoyed being co-Secretaries and would like to run again. We are organizing women's sailing lessons this summer, beginning May 30. These will be lessons for women, by women. Thanks to Ex-Com members who are finishing up their terms.

    Peter Kuhn (Treasurer)

    A copy of the budget is on each table. If there are questions, see Peter.

    3) FY2004/05 Budget Included in Peter's report.

    4) Updates on the CSC 15, clubhouse, lease, windsurfing container a) CSC 15. Saul has asked Dave Carey to help negotiate the CSC-15 deal with the builder.

    b) Clubhouse. We are going to put in a grant application to Christmas in April (old name, now called something else) for renovation of clubhouse.

    c) Lease. Not known how much of an increase, but it is expected to be large.

    d) Windsurfing container. One more Saturday and the windsurf lockers will be ready. Come help on Saturday. We also need volunteers for this weekend's Open House.

    5) Officer elections:

    Commodore - Sherry nominated Saul. There was a second. Saul accepted the nomination. Bill nominated Kent. Kent respectfully declined the nomination. Unanimous vote for Saul.

    Vice Commodore - Peter K. nominated Jamuel. Will seconded the nomination. Jamuel accepted the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Jamuel.

    1st Vice Commodore: Sherry nominated Robert. There was a second. Robert accepted the nomination. Unanimous vote for Robert.

    2nd Vice Commodore - There was a nomination for Isabel and Pauline to share the position. They accepted the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Isabel and Pauline.

    3rd Vice Commodore - Peter Kuhn nominated Will. for 3rd Vice Commodore. Seth seconded the motion. Will accepted the nomination. Kent also was nominated, and respectfully declined the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Will.

    Rear Commodore - Leah nominated Sheldon. There was a second. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Sheldon.

    Port Captain - There were no accepted nominations for Port Captain. Fred and John are stepping down, so there will be a void until someone is found to replace them. See Saul if you are interested.

    Secretary - Saul nominated Caryl and Lori. Sherry seconded the nomination. They accepted the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Caryl and Lori.

    Treasurer - Peter nominated himself. Jim Pottinger seconded the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Peter.

    Meeting adjourned.

    Following the meeting, Neil Larson and his fellow crew put on a slide show about their recent cruising trip to the Channel Islands.

    2004.05.09 - Excom

    Sunday May 09, 2004
    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherrie Daniels (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler (Rear Commodore), Fred Fannon (Co-Port Captain), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and club members David Fraser and John Glass.

    Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Saul (Commodore) We had a great Ashby Shoal Breakfast today with between 32-36 people and boats meeting at the Shoal, where we devoured delightful breakfast treats; the low point was not having real Maple syrup. I recently attended the Bay Trail Planning meeting; water use access highlighted the discussion. The Marina is no longer considering moving the dry storage to the parking lot, thanks CSC’s presence at the Waterfront Commission meeting. Regarding online motions, I feel that motions made online should be reserved for emergency situations. David Cary will be negotiating contract negotiations for CSC 15. The proposal for the new CSC clubhouse will be submitted to Christmas in April, by July

    Sherrie (Vice Commodore) The medical release booklet for minors was lost so a new binder has been created. We’ve finished teaching the Shorebird Sailing Land School for children. During our last Open House, we gave 239 rides, with 30 club members assisting. Our newly designed membership cards are in use and we hope to get practical marketing information. Thanks to Mike Hummell for taking over the Editorial position for the Floating Bottle.

    Robert (1st Vice Commodore) The Rhodes is almost finished. Felix has completed his Senior Project, refinishing and painting the Nena. Peter K., John M., Bill have also practically completed Pam’s refinishing project on the Lido.

    Will (2nd Vice Commodore) I'm in Sea Island, Georgia this week for a conference so I can't make it tonight. There are frosty drinks for sale and Hobie Cats for rent on the beach so I'll keep it short: Allan Champion has volunteered to do misc repairs on Donald, including replacing the wooden cockpit combing that is becoming hazardous. Please approve $450 for the repairs at tonight's meeting and shoot me/Allan an email so he knows he can get started.

    Leah (Rear Commodore) May 17th we are holding the Test for Cruising Skippers, along with the Senior Test. Bob Hood will publish the Rating Committee List soon. Edmond is holding his Windsurf Waterstart Clinic, with two Sundays left.

    Fred (Co-Port Captain) The new U.C. B. Day Leaders contract has been finalized with our insurance company. DL’s will be covered as work study students, with University reimbursement at 50%. We are still low on DL’s; hopefully we’ll have more soon.

    Peter (Treasurer) What we got is $81,818 up about $4,700 from $77,123 we had as of the 4/25/04 meeting.

    We took in about $8,750 including: $2,700 to the dinghy fund from sale of the Santana 27 (yea Saul!, $4,670 in regular memberships, $1,180 in windsurf locker rental associate memberships, $175 YRA current and back membership,

    We spent about $4,050 including: $1,636 for supplies for the new rental windsurf locker, $560 for skiffs, fuel, oil, $654 for dinghies (P15 rubrails, JY dolly tire, R19 seat repair), $440 for lease May, $226 Santant 27 slip fee May (prepaid by new owner), cleaning supplies, $201 member clothing bills (yea Saul again-now member clothing has its own bank account), $189 day leader work study (1day leader only) March, ta!

    Lori (Co-secretary) Co-secretary Caryl Woulfe and I will be teaching the Women’s Sailing Course as our Senior Sailing Project. Class dates are May 30th, June 13, June 27, July 11, July 25, and August 22nd , from 1 to 4pm.

    Thanks to Leah Teitler, Sherry Daniels, and other Ex-comm members who are moving on to other positions within the Club, as well as spending more time sailing, windsurfing, and/or working, for their excellent input and time spent volunteering for the Club.

    Riley (Motor Chairperson) 3 skiffs working, 25 hp skiff motor repaired Sat am, thanks to Riley.

    New Agenda Items:

    1) Motion made by Leah to allocate $450 for keelboat expenses. Motion passed unanimously.

    2) Windsurf trip to the Delta is planned for Memorial Day weekend.

    3) Discussion regarding length of time to fix boats vs letting them continue to be sailed while damaged will continue as discussion regarding new solutions, timeframe for repairs, and member responsibility led to general agreement that repairs need to be finished before members can continue to sail or windsurf.

    4) Michael Faw’s Senior Project: Building the New Windsurfing Lockers, is complete. They are available to rent. Please see Isabella for rental information.

    Sherrie made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously.

    2004.04.25 - Excom

    Sunday April 25, 2004
    Present: Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler and Alan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodores), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (treasurer), and members David Kao, James Ellis, Jamuel Starkey, Dan Pang.

    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

    Six senior projects were proposed and accepted. Jamuel Starkey will do a Fast track in May, David Kao will do one in June and Dan Pang will do one in August. James Ellis' project is fixing up Spongebob and getting it ready to go back in service as our primary rescue skiff. Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma's senior projects will be to co- chair the women's lessons this summer. Alan gave the "Senior Spiel" to the senior candidates, in which he pointed out that once you become a senior skipper there are no more formal lessons, that you should consider volunteering for Ex-Com, continue to give lessons, test others, and assume a leadership role in the club. Seniors are given a key to J-dock and the clubhouse, can use the boats when there is no dayleader or skiff in operation, and are expected to act in a responsible and prudent manner.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Commodore (Saul) The donated Santana 27 has been sold for $2700. We received a deposit of 2 berth payments, May and June. A cashier check for the rest will come Monday or Tuesday. The container is here. It is a 20-footer that is temporarily placed on the western boundary. We will move it soon to the northern boundary. It was supposed to be a 40-footer. It is a long story, that if you all want in person I will give to you. Went to the Waterfront Commission meeting Wednesday the 14th. There were people lined up out the door, almost all from CSC. It gave the Commission pause. They are still attaching our yard expansion to decisions about the dry storage move, even though all the people in the room who expressed an opinion basically said, why are you holding out on the sailing club. They also informed us that the city denied our use fee waiver. I want to send a big thank you to all club members who attended. Your presence was needed and felt. I have asked Dave Cary to help with the contract negotiations for building the Antrim/CSC-15. He will be taking point on this one piece of the process so that we can move forward and build, or have built boats.

    Vice-Commodore (Sherry) Sherry reported that she will not run for re-election at the General Membership Meeting on May 13. She will try to find someone to take her place.

    1st Vice Commodore (Robert Towler) Three Lidos and both Precisions are currently DNS until repairs have been made.

    2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline) No report.

    3rd Vice Commodore (Will) No report.

    Co-Rear Commodores (Leah/Alan) A senior study group has been formed to prepare students to take the senior written test. Neither Leah nor Alan plan to run for re- election at the General Membership Meeting on May 13.

    Port-Captains (Fred/John) Absent. No report.

    Treasurer (Peter) Motor Committee report: James Ellis and Jared Goldberg ground away at Spongebob, hopefully he won't run away shrieking in terror at all the grinding, mixing, glassing, gooing. 15 hp skiff trailer is brown, skiff interior is gray, soon as Spongebob is back up, paint it and sell it. Neil Larson reports the 4 hp Suzuki isn't just vestigial, it has a cracked head. 25 hp skiff has a crack in the floor, and a hole through the side. This has happened before, and we can continue to use the skiff.

    Insurance guy says we look good to get our insurance set up to take over as employer from UC, no quote yet on workers comp, but it doesn't sound like it will kill us. Also, all our windsurf boards will be covered, all we have to do is list all the manufacturers, not the individual boards No progress reported to date on member clothing accounting.

    Here's a summary of the last quarter of our fiscal year, which ends May 1: overall we have $37k more than expected we took in $7k more than we expected we spent $30k less than we expected we will pay for this later regular and racing membership income was almost exactly as expected windsurf locker memberships in early, boosting us by about $8k (reducing income expected in May and June) CSC 15 expenses $18.7k lower than expected (if project still $65k for molds and prototypes, we pay this later) Dayleader expenses $3k lower because of lousy UC billing (eventually they'll bill us), no dayleaders many days Windsurfer expenses $2.2 k lower than expected (we'll need booms, masts soon) Dinghy expenses $1.8 k lower than expected (we'll need lines, blocks, etc.) Keelboat expenses almost as high as expected (we'll need more stuff there too) We vote on budget for FY 04-05 (May 1 04 to Apr 30 05), which was posted, copies to be distributed. I have spreadsheet of current revised expectations for expenses. Revisions are as follows: Dayleader rates up to $12 an hour Guesstimate workers comp at $11,800, due in September (no quote yet) Expect lease to start at $960 in July Budget $2,800 for rental windsurf locker plywood Windsurf rental locker income reduced to 25 lockers (11 existing, 15 new) in May and June Sale of Santana 27 for $2,700, sale of 15 hp skiff for $1,600 Result: we end up with cash balance of $14k in May 05. This is a planning budget only. Not the one we vote on.

    As for today, what we got is $77,123 up about $3300 from $73,857 we had as of the 4/11/04 meeting We took in $8,307 including $4,990 in regular memberships $2,680 in windsurf locker memberships (so far 32 of the 43 paid lockers have paid thru May 05) $200 in racing memberships $329.40 slip fee payment by Matt Klein (buyer of Santana 27) $76 BBQ donations 4/17 We paid out $5,041 including $2,266 rental windsurf locker container, electrical $971 Cal Copy bill (400 Op rules, 200 WS & Lido booklets, etc) and publicity brochures $667 keelboat Ensign genoa $608 dinghy maintenance (Lido booms, fiberglass repair supplies) $240 weather station $180 gen membership meeting postage $144 work day 4/11 food $129 BBQ 4/404 food $75 windsurf sail repair (N6.95) Planning Budget for FY 04-05 Income: Membership Dues $107,256 Donations, etc. $5,919 Total Income $113,175 Operating Expenses: Dayleaders $16,380 Insurance $11,000 Lease $9,380 Printing, Newspaper Ads, Voicemail, other Communications $9,200 Dinghy maintenance $5,450 Keelboat maintenance $5,450 Windsurfer maintenance $8,900 Skiff and engines maintenance $2,300 Buildings & Grounds maintenance $1,500 Club activities $6,000 Miscellaneous expenses $5,000 Total operating expenses $80,560 Total Income - Total Operating Expenses $32,615 Capital Expenditures Dinghies $51,450 Keelboats $5,450 Windsurfing boards, sails $8,900 Rescue Skiff $0 Clubhouse & Yard Improvements $550 Total Capital Purchases $66,350 Total Spending $146,910 Effect on Cash Assets Cash expected on hand 5/1/04 $78,322 Cash expected on hand 5/1/05 $44,587

    Secretary (Caryl) There was a standing-room-only crowd at the Waterfront Commission meeting on Wednesday, April 14. It was good to see such a large group of CSC members in attendance, several of whom spoke out against the proposed move of the dry storage to the area behind the clubhouse. Commissioners took note of our concerns.

  • New Agenda items:
  • 1) Purchase of new windsurfing equipment. Pauline made a motion to spend $2940 on new windsurfing equipment; $840 for booms and $2100 for boards. She explained that we have a good supply of beginner and advanced boards, but not a whole lot in between. The new boards would be transition boards. Will seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

    2) Approval of new minor members. Will made a motion to accept Zach and Justin Johnson, 17 and 14 respectively, as minor members. Peter seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

    3) Approval of Bob Hood's recommendations for Rating Committee. We voted to accept the "amended" list.

    4) Berkeley Youth Alternatives. Will made a motion to reserve both Commanders on July 6, 13, 20, 27 and August 3 to take Berkeley at- risk kids sailing. Sherry seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously; however, the dates we take YMCA kids sailing will need to be checked to see if there is a scheduling conflict.

    5) Budget. Peter made a motion to pass the FY 04-05 budget (May 1, 04 to April 30, 05). He projects that we will have 14K left if all the money budgeted is spent and income matches projections. The motion was approved unanimously.

    Alan made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Robert seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

    2004.04.11 - Excom

    Sunday April 11, 2004

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Robert (1st Vice Commodore), John Mathias (Co-Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and club members Jane Morson & David Fraser. Waterfront Commissioner Paul Shane was also present.

    Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

    Paul Shane, who is one of the Waterfront Commissioners as well a subcommittee member for Marina security, discussed present Marina security problems such as parking lot break-ins and general safety measures that should be exercised when in the Marina area, which are especially pertinent to women. Ex-comm members related similar concerns, including clubhouse break-ins. Possible solution discussed includes creating a survey of Marina stakeholders who could share rental security in order to create cohesive group communication. Paul Shane additionally suggested scheduling a police advice visit in order to outline safety measures for CSC members.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Saul (Commodore): Please attend the Waterfront Commission meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, if you don’t want the Marina dry storage to end up in CSC’s parking lot. The City has received several complaints regarding the move from Marina residents. A Housecaptain for the Berkeley non-profit Christmas in April, requested a project proposal for the CSC clubhouse, due by July. If accepted Christmas in April would do fundraising and then build the clubhouse next April. E. Fogh of Gull, Inc. expressed his positive impressions of CSC potential after his visit.

    Sherrie (Vice Commodore) We gave 71 rides at the April 4th open house. Thanks to all the members who contributed. During the month of March we sold 120 memberships ($7,055 in dues). This membership level is consistent with our 2000-2003 average for March.

    We had a fantastic spring cleaning Work Party on April 10th from 9am-1pm. Approximately 35 members participated and we accomplished many projects including cleaning out and repainting the floor of the clubhouse, cleaning out the PFD lo cker, installing the weather station, repainting the boatyard, fiberglassing the skiff and cleaning out the keelboats and dock boxes on J dock.

    Robert (1st Vice Commodore): Lido #7’s gel coat is off and it’s ready for new fiberglass. Lido #4 is ready for new epoxy and the seat on the Rhodes is waiting to be fiber glassed. The two Precisions are being nursed back to health and Jim Pottinger has offered to fix the rub rails on all of the boats. John (Co- Port Captain): It’s been a rough week for the Day Leaders. New DL’s are being trained by David Fraser and Fred Fannon; the next training is scheduled fro April 24th from 10-12. Fred has recently hired one new DL.

    Peter (Treasurer): Nice work party yestiddy, but boy am I beat. It wasn't the work party, it wasn't fiberglassing the skiff for sale, it wasn't getting ragged on by the old farts, it wasn't seeing my new paint job on Spongebob go boom boom on the rocks when I shoulda trained the dayleaders about anchoring in those situations, it was the Jr. test still left to do at 4:30 pm. Let's get more Jr's signed off to do tests, OK? Everyone who could do Jr tests was either out windsurfing or just not available.

    >p> OK, back to moneybags. As of today--and I haven't robbed the safe since Wed--we got $73,857 up about $1200 from $72,645 we had as of the 3/28/04 meeting.

    We took in $4,022 including $3,015 in regular memberships $900 in windsurf locker memberships (renewals thru 5/05) $100 in YRA membership

    We spent $2,810 including $800 on dinghy stuff (Lido booms, boom vang blocks and line, P15 rudderhead welding, P15 paddles, etc.) $648 on Feb dayleader UC work study $440 on lease $192 on work supplies (work party food, sandpaper, particle masks, disposable knives, latex gloves, etc.) $165 on Santana 27 berth $124 on skiff paint and supplies $124 on 4/10/04 work party food $99 on building repairs (fire extinguisher, ply for wheelchair ramp) $72 on keelboat stuff (electrical, winch handle, bucket) $5 on windsurf stuff (duct tape!)

    Lori (Co-secretary): My concern regarding a particular club member who has intentionally and repeatedly violated club etiquette, will include a discussion of possible disciplinary measures.

    New Agenda Items:

  • 1) Discussion regarding raising Day Leader pay in order to attract consistent DL coverage. Motion to raise DL pay to 12.00 per hour by Saul. 5 in favor, passed unanimously. Motion is effective beginning June 1st.

    2) John motioned to accept CR Saikley’s Senior Sailing Project, Real Time Wind Conditions, on the web. Motion passed unanimously, 5 in favor. The project reveals a variety of different weather/tide conditions and will appear online soon. Saul presented the Senior Spiel to CR, outlining moral and operational responsibilities of key holding club members.

    3) Saul motioned to accept the donation of a Coronado 15, which is in dry storage, under the condition that Cal Adventures accepts the boat, allowing us to accept the trailer. Motion passed, 5 in favor.

    4) Motion by Saul to accept Senior Sailing Candidate Michael Faw’s project, which consists of preparing the space for 20ft windsurfing storage trailer, and managing work crews over three weekends. He will create doors with locks, ventilation, shelving, averaging 90 hrs. total. Motion passed, 5 in favor. Saul presented Michael with the Senior Spiel.

    5) David Fraser will assist Sherrie in creating new marking design for CSC cards.

    6) Motion by Peter, to designate ten new Jr. Sailors to give Jr. Sailing tests. List includes: John Mathias, Robert Towler, Fred Fannon, Joe Hudson, Matt Jones, Jeff Lewis, Peter Mui, Ken Osborne, Dan Pang, James Ulrick. Motion passed, 5 in favor. More women who are Jr./Senior sailors are needed to give Jr. tests!!

    7) Senior Sailing Study group will begin on Wednesday evening, at several possible sites outlined on the list.

    8) Discussion of locker purchase and placement along the backside of the windsurfing area, will be continued.

    Robert made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously.
  • 2004.03.28 - Excom

    Sunday March 28, 2004

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler (Rear Commodore), John Mathias (Co-Port Captain), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary). Members Jane Morson, Shireen, Farzin and Tania Abdollahia, & Edmond Temple.

    Motion by Saul to accept both Shireen (14 yr.) and Tania (12 yr.) as minor members, under the condition that both daughters windsurf with their father Farzin. Additional friendly amendment: Shireen will be allowed to attain her Jr. windsurf rating without an additional appearance before Ex-com. Five votes in favor; motion passed.

    Meeting began at 5:30pm.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Saul (Commodore): I was recently at a waterfront commission financial subcommittee meeting where the commissioners had trouble agreeing on the budget #s. They are proposing an increase in berth rates of at least 10% this year with a 5% increase each year until 2010,possibly more. The marina management feels that they are in a financial problem. Waterfront commission; Josh Polston has put his name into the Berkeley City Council for that seat. I am looking to see if US Sailing will run annoucements for us through their newsletter.

    Sherry (Vice Commodore): Vice Commodore report On March 17th and 19th we held two sailing land schools for the Shorebird Nature Center. Thanks to members David Cranston and Beth Burstein for teaching these programs. We have two Shorebird dates remaining - April 29th and 30th. We have been contacted by the Berkeley and Albany YMCA summer camps to give sailboat rides again this summer. Motion to reserve keelboats will follow on the regular agenda. Eight skippers have already volunteered for the Berkeley Bay Festival on April 17th. I will begin recruiting other club members to help out with this important community service day.

    Robert (1st Vice Commodore): Lido #3’s mainsail has tears and Lido #4 is almost finished. We’ve purchased all of the material for the fiberglass clinic and Peter has ordered new booms.

    Will (3rd Vice Commodore): I recently attended the Disabled Bay Area Sailing Association’s Board meeting and will continue to develop a supportive network within the non-profit sailing community. John and I started bottom painting Nena, which will be ready to launch soon.

    Leah (Rear Commodore): Congratulations to Asmaa and Sofien on the birth of their daughter Nadia! Sypko taught the well attended Motoring Clinic on Saturday and we are planning a Fiberglass clinic for Saturday April 3rd. Jamuel will teach a Sailing Fast Track May 17th through the 21st.

    John (Co- Port Captain): We need more Day Leaders and are not getting much response from UC Berkeley’s work study program. Club members please volunteer to cover Mondays and Thursdays; it’s a great way to get a membership in exchange for ten hours work. DL training will be held soon.

    Peter (Treasurer): A little late, but what we had was $72,645 up $3802 from $68,843 as of the 3/14/04 meeting.

    (I'm putting in this report separately since then you can see what those 2 weeks were like--pretty great weather!)

    What we took in: $4,299 including $3,075 in regular memberships $900 in windsurf locker rentals ($300 pays up till 5/1/05--half the locker folks have paid early) $200 in YRA $111 in clothing hut orders

    What we spent: $497 including $170 in clubhouse bulletin board supplies $146 on keelboat stuff (more of Kent's electrical, Bob Hood's spinny pole) $121 on tools, etc. to stock up $53 for clothing hut orders

    Lori (Secretary): As the City of Berkeley’s most recently appointed Art Commissioner, I would like to invite all CSC members to a Berkeley Arts Commission Planning meeting that will be held on April 24th, from 4-6pm, at the Berkeley Art Center in Live Oak Park. If you would like to present input for the Berkeley Arts Cultural Plan, which will be submitted to the City Council for approval, please feel free to attend.

    Old Agenda Items:

    1) Edmund Temple, a J+ windsurfer, presented his Senior Windsurf Project to Ex-comm. Leah made a motion to allow Edmund the ability to create a visual magazine for CSC instruction, complemented by two Waterstart Clinics which will be held in May and June, and with permission to take the clinics to Ashby Beach. Vote passed by (7) in favor. Saul presented the Senior Spiel to Edmund, which outlines the moral and educational responsibilities of Senior Club key holding members.

    2) Michael Faw presented his Senior Sailing Project proposal consisting of location preparation for the new windsurf containers.

    3) There will be an Ex-comm meeting on Easter Day, beginning at 6:30.

    4) Clothing Hut Discussion: Jane Morson’s Clothing Hut project serves several purposes for CSC members, including offering discounted sailing, windsurfing clothing and wetsuit prices, providing marketing and membership outreach. With increased popularity, it presents overflow of bookkeeping time beyond the Treasurer’s time limits. Jane will continue to manage the project and take on bookkeeping responsibility from this point forward. She has agreed because of dedication to commodore. Discussion tabled. CSC will discontinue selling O’neil wetsuits in order to satisfy previously established vendors contracts.

    New Agenda Items:

    1) Leah made a motion to hold the Ashby Shoal Breakfast on May 9th at 8am. Jr. , Jr+, and Senior Windsurfer and Sailors may sail to the Shoal. Motion passed, unanimously by (7).

    2) John made a motion to allocate $150.00 for one new DL foulie outfit, size S, for women DL’s. Motion passed (7) in agreement.

    3) General Membership Meeting Agenda for May 13th will include: a) Budget Discussion b) Update of Projects including Antrim, Windsurf lockers, Clubhouse, Lease c) Elections d) Food & Dessert e) Will include a reminder announcement about the August meeting presentation of the Bob Collins Memorial Teaching award. f) Saul made a motion to pass the agenda. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

    4) Sherrie motioned to donate a one-year membership to the Sierra Nevada Fundraiser, through representative Ed Corbett. Motion passed, with unanimous vote (7) in favor.

    5) Motion made by Sherrie to give keelboat rides for the Berkeley and Albany YMCA on June 16, July 2, August 3, 4, 17. Motion passed (7) in favor.

    6) Motion made by Will to allocate $5200.00 to Saul in order to buy and install 40 and 20 ft windsurf locker/storage containers, recinding the originally allocated $4000.00 by April 14th. The friendly amendment attached will depend on Waterfront Commission’s Decision regarding parking lot rental increase. (20 footers 1200 plus tax 8.25% and delivery about $200, 40 footers 1400 plus tax 8.25% delivery about $200, second set of doors $800 each container. 24-48 hours delivery time unless we want to add doors then add a week. Motion passed, with (6) in favor.

    Will made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

    2004.03.14 - Excom

    Sunday March 14, 2004

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler and Alan Arrowsmith (Co-Rear Commodores), John Mathias (Co-Port Captain), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and club member Jane Morson.

    Allen made a motion to grant Tony Herrera, age 15, a minor membership allowing him to windsurf with his father Ken Popperwrill. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

    Motion made by Will, in the form of a friendly amendment allowing Tony to take his Jr. windsurf rating test without re-appearing before Ex-comm. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    Motion made by Sherrie to approve David Aniston’s Senior Windsurf Proposal: A CSC Calendar for 2005, which will feature sailing and windsurfing club member photographs and include tidal information & club dates. A friendly amendment attached includes possibility of using the calendar as a marketing tool. Sherrie will have creative control and project will conclude by Sept. 2004. Motion passed. Allen Arrowsmith presented David with the Senior Spiel, outlining Senior Member's moral and operational responibilities.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Saul (Commodore): CSC club members who would like to help letter write to the City of Berkeley regarding the moving of dry storage boats to the parking lot adjacent to our clubhouse, please pick up the letter at the club. The Cal Sailing Club current asking price for the donated Santana is $3500.00; the slip fee is 150.00 per mo.

    Sherry (Vice Commodore): February was a great month for memberships. The 2000-03 average for Feb is 56 memberships and $2666 in dues. But in February 2004 we sold 98 memberships, yielding $5805 in dues. The increase may be attributed to good weather, good turnout at Open Houses, and the pending dues increase. Thanks to Sypko our membership chair for this update. At our March 7 Open House we gave 144 rides, which is more than any Open House in FY2003/04, with the exception of July 4th. Special thanks to skippers Jim Pottenger, Alan Arrowsmith, Bill Gavelis and Robert Ofsevits for providing "pre-open house" rides to the Cal Engineering Honor Society. We held two sailing land schools for the Shorebird Nature Center on March 9 & 10. Thanks to members Jim Ulrick and David Cranston for teaching these programs. We have submitted the application to participate in the Berkeley Bay Festival on April 17th. A club member has requested that we donate one quarterly CSC membership to the El Cerrito high school fundraiser taking place on March 20th.

    Robert (1st Vice Commodore): We are in the process of compiling a list of things we need including new booms and new Lido blocks which will cost $100.00.

    Pauline (2nd Vice Commodore) Art Loche and Josh Polston have been teaching Windsurf Dock Etiquette classes. We need new Jr. level teachers for Saturday morning. Josh is coordinating the Saturday lessons, and Trumpton is organizing a Senior Windsurf Study Group. Thanks to Adam for teaching. New equipment is on the way.

    Will (3rd Vice Commodore): I recently attended the Berkeley City Council meeting where I found that the Marina will handle the fee waiver permits. I also attended the Bay Area Disabled Sailor’s meeting.

    Leah (Rear Commodore): The Fiberglass Clinic is coming up, as well as the Motoring Clinic and the Senior Study Group.

    John (Co- Port Captain): We need more Day Leaders and volunteer DL’s.

    Lori (Co-secretary) No report.

    New Agenda Items:

  • 1) Budget Discussion: Tabled.

    2) Pauline presented architectural drawings recommending several different versions of new windsurf container placement, which will provide additional windsurf lockers and storage. Placement is pending Cliff’s approval.

    3) Discussion regarding building new clubhouse, questions include: effort to rebuild, vs. effort to repair, vs. buying a mobile structure, vs. relocating club. Sherrie will find a point person within the club who will oversee future Clubhouse plans.

    4) Saul made a motion to allocate 600.00 for replacement of two Lido booms. (5) voted for, (1) abstention, motion passed.

    5) Sherrie will oversee revision of membership cards, which will be redesigned to include new marketing information.

    6) Saul motioned to table the list of members allowed to give Jr. Dinghy tests. (4) for, (1) abstention.

    7) Saul made a motion allowing Allen Champion to give Dinghy Cruises. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    8) List compilation allowing Jr. Windsurfers to give Jr. tests, tabled.

    9) Motion made by Saul to change meeting times to 6:30 starting Ap. 11, in consideration of daylight savings time. Motion passed unanimously.

    10) Motion made by Will to create a CSC Angel Island Alumni Sail on May 22nd. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    Will made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed.

  • 2004.02.15 - Excom

    Sunday February 15, 2004
    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Allan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodore), Fred Fannon, (co-Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), and Jane Morson.

    Saul called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Commodore (Saul) Saul would like to put time limits on agenda items. If he finds people repeating themselves, he will cut them off and move on.

    Vice Commodore (Sherry) We gave 71 rides at the February 8 Open House. Members have volunteered to be instructors for the Shorebird Center’s Land Sailing School. We still need one instructor for April 29. A request has been placed on the listserver.

    Our new brochure reflects the new membership rates, and some small changes to the text. Signs reflecting the new rates will be posted around the clubhouse, and will be reflected on the website by the end of the month.

    1st Vice Commodore (Robert) Lido #7 is now added to #4 as non-operational. Our fiberglass expert, Greg, will run a Fiberglass Clinic in the upcoming months.

    2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline) No report. Windsurfing item is on agenda.

    3rd Vice Commodore (Will) No report.

    Rear Commodore (Alan) The Person Overboard roundtable discussion was well received. Dave Carey acted as facilitator. An additional "live person overboard" session is planned for the future. If there is enough interest, Saul may give a senior test lecture series.

    Port Captain (Fred) Fred trained three new dayleaders.

    Treasurer (Peter) In the deepest depth of winter, we clutch $63,708. Our take this last two weeks: $3,899, including $2,465 in membership dues (mostly from open house, plus lots of annuals) $1,241 in member clothing orders (mostly from gen. membership meeting) $193 in donations ($100 from Pam Crawford for new clubhouse, $50 from Beth Burnstein, $43 in open house BBQ donations) What we spent, last two weeks: $1,488, including $288 for CSU Hayward newspaper ads $285 on Gill member clothing order cost $222 on food for 2/4 gen membership meeting $171 on windsurf maintenance supplies (boom covering glue, spray paint, epoxy resin and hardener) $138 on 2/8 open house BBQ $125 on keelboat winch repair parts $100 on New Years Day Brunch food $74 on sandpaper, sanders, paint, etc. What we expect: more money, more fun.

    Secretary (Caryl) No report.


    Old Business items:

  • 1) Fee waiver application. Peter made a motion to table the fee waiver application item. Robert seconded the motion. Motion passed with two abstentions.

    2) Budget. Will made a motion to table the budget discussion until the next meeting. Sherry seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

    New Agenda items:

    1) Purchase of 6 new 430 windsurfing masts. Pauline can get them for $150 each. Peter may be able to get them for $120 each. Pauline made a motion to purchase 6 new 430 masts at a cost not to exceed $800. Peter seconded the motion. Motion passed with two abstentions.

    2) Gary Farber’s sign request for Open House Days. No motion or move was made.

    3) Governmental Affairs Chair. Saul made a motion to name Paul Kamen Governmental Affairs Chair. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

    4) Cancellation of CSC phone line and voicemail. Sherry made a motion to cancel the phone line and voicemail. Robert seconded the motion. The cost to the club is $324 a year, and it is uncertain how beneficial it is. Our website and printed material indicate that we do not have a phone. Motion passed unanimously.

    5) Redesign membership cards. After meeting with Sypko, our Membership Chair, and Peter, Sherry has come up with some design and text changes for the membership cards. As they are now, there is not enough space for new members to clearly write in their personal information, the cruise reservation phone number is still listed, and there is no box to check off that members agree to obey club rules. Sherry passed around a draft of the work in progress, and input was given. She will present a new draft, with the suggested changes, at the next meeting.

    6) Participation in Pacific Sail Expo. Should we or shouldn’t we? Jane agreed to do the work involved if Ex-Com was really interested in participating. Pros would be networking, exposure, getting our name out. Cons are the extensive preparations, organizing the booth and manning it, and the expense. Sherry’s recommendation is not to participate this year, but leave the option open for next year. Ex-Com agreed.

    7) Berkeley Bay Festival. The Berkeley Bay Festival is Saturday, April 17, from 12:00 to 5:00 PM. It is also a CSC teaching day. Sherry would like to reserve all of our keelboats for the festival. Saul made a motion to reserve the keelboats. Alan seconded the motion. Peter made a friendly amendment to reserve the P-15’s as well. Motion, with amendment, passed unanimously.

    8) UC Berkeley Engineering Honor Society’s request to attend our March 7 Open House. This would entail about thirty people coming to the Open House. After discussion, it was decided that this is a fine idea, and they should be told to come early to sign up for rides. They will have to "sign up and wait" like everyone else who comes down for Open House rides.

    9) BBQ Chair. Finding help with cleanup after Open House Barbecues is a problem. A "to do" list would be helpful for those who do volunteer to help, so they know exactly what needs to be done. It would be helpful if a cleanup crew was arranged ahead of time. Set-up is not as much of a concern. Some suggestions: make it known that clean-up hours can be used as work hours, announce that help is needed on the listserver and have people e-mail Alyssa directly with the date they can help, and have a sign-up sheet readily available at the BBQ’s for people to sign up to help on the spot.

    10) Work Day to get the club ready for the busy season. It was decided that April 10th, a day when the club is closed in the morning due to low tide, will be the next Club Work Day. It will be publicized as such ahead of time.

    11) Approval for Saul to give Cruising Skipper written tests. Will made a motion to approve Saul to give Senior and Cruising written tests for sailing ratings permanently or until revoked by the Rating Chair. Peter seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

    12) Saul appointed Art to be Rating Committee Chair for windsurfing. Bob Hood was recently named Rating Committee Chair for sailing. Together they are Co-Rating Committee Chairs.

    Peter made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Will seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.
  • 2004.02.05 - General

    Thursday February 05, 2004
    General Membership Meeting
    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Alan Arrowsmith (Rear Commodore), Fred Fannon and John Mathias (co-Port Captains), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Caryl Woulfe & Lori Taguma (co-Secretaries)

    Ex-Comm Reports

    Saul (Commodore) We’re in the process of negotiating a new lease with the City of Berkeley which will include the restructured rent increase. I recently attended the Cal Marina Director’s Association Boating and Waterway meeting, as well as the US Sailing Seminar for Sailing Administrators. We’d like to acknowledge three Senior level windsurfers: Barbara Knox, Isabella La Rocca, and Asma Asyyed, for initially establishing the presence of women in the CSC Windsurfing Program. We’d like to thank them for their teaching and operational contributions to CSC windsurfing.

    Sherrie (Vice Commodore) Thanks to Jerry Huff and Jennifer Kirkland for preparing a great dinner! We currently have 194 members in the club. This represents the lowest point of the membership cycle and from past history we can expect our numbers to start increasing again this month. According to the membership database we sold $7,355 in memberships during the past quarter (nov/dec/jan). This number beats every 3rd Quarter since 2000. We had three open houses during the past quarter and we did not have any rain cancellations. We gave a total of 130 rides to the public.

    This Sunday (Feb 8th) we have an Open House so please come down and help out. Alex Case, our advertising chair, reports that we will start actively advertising our open houses again beginning in March. In addition to advertising in the East Bay Express and the Daily Cal, he will try a new strategy and advertise down by Hayward, in Contra Costa County and over by SF State. We have two community service events coming up this Spring. We will be hosting the Sailing Land School for the Shorebird Nature Center. We will also be participating in the Berkeley Bay Festival on April 17th. Last year we gave 220 rides during the festival, so we can expect it to be a busy afternoon. I am looking for members to volunteer and help the club with both of these events.

    Robert (1st Vice Commodore) All of the lidos are operable, except #4, which needs a new boom and fittings.

    Pauline (2nd Vice Commodore) We have several Board Repair Clinics in the planning stages. Special thanks to Kenji for taking inventory on the windsurfing equipment, as well as repairing the windsurf sails, and to Mitsu for repairing all of the boards in the Board Hospital. Thanks to Art Loche for scheduling the windsurfing classes, and to Josh Polston for continuing to teach.

    Will (3rd Vice Commodore) The new Ensign Genoa is on the way and we plan to get the keelboats back on a regular maintenance schedule. A Senior has devoted his Senior project to getting the Nenya back in the water; if you’d like to help with this project, let us know.

    Allan (Rear Commodore) We’ve recently held our Winch Cleaning and Person Overboard Clinics, both well attended. Our Cruising Skipper Study Group is now in progress and we’re planning a Sail Repair Clinic soon. Please feel free to volunteer to teach for these clinics, as well as the sailing and/or windsurfing classes held on Saturdays, Monday and Thursday afternoons.

    John and Fred (Port Captains) Thanks to all the Day Leaders and volunteer DL’s who consistently provide essential daily operational services that keep the club open. We’ve recently hired three new Day Leaders and we’ll hold a DL training for new and potential DL’s in March.

    Peter (Treasurer) Statement of Financial Condition 2/1/04. Currently we have $61,297 in the bank, and our property is worth about $95,000. In November, December, and January, we took in $8,512 and spent $30,865 as follows: Income last quarter: Memberships $8,410, Donations, etc. $102, Total Income $8,511. Equipment Purchases and Expenses last quarter: Dayleaders $2,517, Insurance $10,835, Lease $9610. Printing, Newspaper Ads, Voicemail, other $455, Dinghies $1,083, Keelboats $372, Windsurfers $1,245, Skiff and engines $974, Clubhouse &Yard $879, Club activities $2,154, Miscellaneous (YRA, USWA dues, DMV registration $742, Total Outlays $30,865.

    In February, March and April, assuming approval of the dues increase, we can expect about $22,000 in income, and plan to spend abut $45,000 as follows: CSC 15 $19,200, New clubhouse, containers, fence $3,630, Clubhouse, container, yard, fence maintenance $400, Dayleaders $3,865, Lease $1,320, Windsurfers $3,300, Dinghies $3,000, Keelboats $2,100, Engines $300, BBQ-Open House, Fast Track $450, Misc $1,100, Advertising $5,000, Brochures, booklets, Bottle $700, Gen Membership meeting $750, Total Expenditures $45,115,

    Caryl & Lori (Co-secretaries) (Caryl) We’d like to thank all CSC members for their support. (Lori) I’d like to acknowledge Peter Kuhn’s efforts at clarifying CSC’s financial accounting process for Excomm members as well as CSC constituency, and for his willingness to take on whatever else may arise, refined by his special brand of humor.

    A special announcement from Seth about racing: We are finally getting a racing team together. Please see me or send an email, if you are interested in joining our team.

    New Agenda Items:

    First Item: Saul: we're in discussion with the City of Berkeley regarding use permits for the proposed Clubhouse.

    Second Item: Allen Arrowsmith proposed a Motion to pass dues increase effective March 1. As of March 1 dues go up to: $60 quarter ($55 students and seniors, $200 annual, $100 YRA associate

    Third item: Discussion regarding increasing windsurfing locker dues at a slightly larger percentage than the overall increase. Several long standing members opposed the larger increase for windsurfing lockers, viewing the larger increase as unfair to that segment of the sailing club constituency. Other members overlooked and outnumbered them in opposition. Motion passed in favor of dues increase at proposed rates: vote for (43), opposed (8), abstain (3). Motion passes with two- thirds vote of CSC constituency present at General Membership meeting.

    Meeting was adjourned.

    2004.02.01 - Excom

    Sunday February 01, 2004

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler and Alan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodores), Fred Fannon and John Mathias (co-Port Captains), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and members Jane Morson, Dave Rabinowitz, and David Fraser

    Meeting began 5:30 pm at CSC clubhouse.

    Executive Committee Reports

    Ken Withee proposed a Sr. project consisting of replacement of the seats in the Rhodes 19, with a budget of $300 for supplies and a deadline of May 1. Passed unanimously.

    Commodore (Saul) John Glass has offered to varnish and do minor repairs on the Santana 27 that was donated to the club (proceeds of sale to benefit CSC15 fund), in return for a free membership. Saul agreed, and set a $50 budget and May 1 deadline. Saul has spent the last 6 days with other boating facility administrators at the Aquatic Center Directors meeting (Cal Boating and Waterways participation) and the US Sailing National Sailing Programs Symposium (see separate report below under Agenda Items).

    Vice Commodore (Sherry) Volunteers are needed to teach sailing land school for the Shorebird Nature Center, on 7 dates between the end of February and May. The land school involves setting up a dinghy on a trailer on land to demonstrate use of the sails and lines. Shorebird Nature Center uses the land school as preparation for sailboat rides on the Pegasus. Shorebird Nature Center would like to discuss future sailing programs to replace the Pegasus, which is slated to go under this summer. Sherry has analyzed membership patterns in 2003, and found many interesting patterns, such as that 70% of all memberships sold were to persons who only purchased one quarter's membership in 2003.

    1st Vice Commodore (Bob Towler) Bob notes that the blue-white Laser (the newest one) is available to all Juniors, contrary to rumors that special abilities / ratings are required. Since it's the best of the Lasers, new Laser skippers should practice docking on the other Lasers before risking this pristine Laser nose.

    2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline) no report

    3rd Vice Commodore (Will) Will went to the US Sailing bunfest with Saul. Leah and Alan cleaned 9 of the club's 10 winches at the winch repair clinic. Will has put a winch repair kit in the dockbox and begun a list of maintenance and parts for the keelboats.

    Will and Saul inventoried the keelboat sails and found that CSC has 7 keelboat mains. 4 of the mains were sent to Pineapple for repair-or-toss determination. Will just returned from a 2 hour sail circumnavigating the Berkeley breakwater.

    Rear Commodore (Leah) Thanks to John M for the fun winch overhaul clinic. A Person Overboard clinic will be held Sat Feb 7th at 2 pm, weather permitting.

    Treasurer (Peter) (report posted online, here 'tis): What we got: about $61,297, down about $6,000 from the $67,240 we had last we met.

    Fortnight's haul: $3,833, consisting of Regular memberships: $3255 Member clothing: $578 Fortnight's splurge: $9,800 including: Lease and Hoist Payment for '99-'03: $8,690 YRA dues: $300 for CSC members CSC15 fundraising: Feb slip fee for Santana 27: $165 Member clothing: $135 Weather Station (CR Saikley Sr project) $101 for PC card reader Budget: see Agenda Item below Port Captain (John M and Fred) Fred has been working to hire more dayleaders, we currently have no work-study dayleaders for Mondays and Wednesdays-volunteers are needed. Fred's work-study money is gone, but he will continue as co-port captain.

    Secretary (Lori) Lori will get Starbucks to donate fattening goodies again. Thanks to Peter for taking minutes for Lori.

    Agenda: Special report from Saul on Oakland meetings on sailing centers that he attended Dues increase approval Bob Hood Rating Committee Chair approval Budget discussion

    Agenda Items

  • 1) Saul reported on the six days of California Marine Center Directors' meeting and US Sailing Symposium events he attended in Oakland. Most of the presentations at the California Marine Center Directors' meeting were not useful: a great deal had to do with employment procedures (Dept. of Justice presentation on fingerprinting employees who will care for children), and there was nothing on grant writing. California Boating & Waterways was peripherally involved in this meeting, since they attend to meet with recipients of their Aquatic Center grants. Cal Boating's grant money for facilities may be grabbed by the State Parks, and their Aquatic Center grants, is on a biennial cycle, with the next round of applications not until next year.

    Among organizations that sent representatives, other than UC/CSU and municipal Aquatic Centers were: Sailing Healing, a very small, very new venture aimed at taking cancer victims sailing, and America True, which bought boats for SF State University's Lake Merced center. Most of the reps didn't talk about the money they got from Cal Boating or what they spent it on, but rather about who they were and their general programs.

    Saul got a brief chance to speak with Amy Rigby, who reads and approves grant applications for the Cal Boating's Aquatic Center grants program. She expressed a need for lasting club organization with a continuing point of contact, and expressed a preference for programs with classes that have start and end dates. Any safety program grants would be for equipment whose title would be held by the State.

    Saul toured Cal Maritime Academy with other sailing center directors, and used the Academy's simulator to crash the radar tower of a simulated tanker into the San Rafael bridge (instructor's fault, just like our lesson capsizes). He also toured the Vallejo Yacht Club, and saw a nifty tiller use simulator made out of a bicycle with the handlebars replaced by a tiller, the pedals and seat removed, and the whole contraption pushed along backwards for practice steering a boat forward.

    At the US Sailing Symposium, one of the more interesting presentations was on branding. Much smaller sailing centers are using their club name as a brand for marketing and fund-raising. Saul noted that many symposium participants commented on how many Cal Sailing Club graduates they had encountered. Saul concluded that Cal Sailing Club could raise far more donations by using the club's imprimatur.

    Saul attended a fundraising presentation that covered many fund-raising strategies, and how to incorporate them into an organized plan for raising funds. An example was use of a discount from a vendor to buy at wholesale and sell at retail. Peter noted that should the club pursue this particular vendor (Krispy Kreme), in-house consumption might increase the danger of capsizes.

    The topic of fundraising always came up at the community based sailing seminars. Most of the successful fundraising strategies involved higher levels of organization and involvement than Cal Sailing Club has employed. Many of the sailing centers had organized door-to-door fundraising solicitations, typically using children to raise money for youth programs. Some participants mentioned a website (www.guidestar.com) that offers leads on funding sources.

    Among the community sailing center reps that Saul met were David Lumian from Fairwind Yacht Club (www.fairwind.org) who is very active in community sailing center outreach/connection programs, has visited Cal Sailing Club, and mentioned that one CSC member had visited his club. Saul also met with community sailing center reps from Baltimore and Chicago. Awards were given to several community sailing centers, including Treasure Island (award for starting), Fairwind Yacht Club, and Courageous Sailing Center in Boston.

    US Sailing is very interested in promoting community sailing centers like CSC. US Sailing wants to expand their influence beyond the racers that constitute their core constituency. Worldwide, the sport of sailing is shrinking. The president of US Sailing attended a tour that Saul gave Sunday morning at CSC, and told Saul she'd like to put him in contact with persons at US Sailing and in other organizations to work together on programs.

    One thing that was clear to Saul is that all the attending organizations are far better organized to raise money. In part, this is because almost all the organizations have paid staff whose salaries would not be possible without the funds they raise. But there were many key ways in which others are better adapted and organized for fund raising. For example, a key asset that organizations develop is 'board level participation'-active participation by all board members in fund raising, in which all board members are in some way actively committed to raising funds for their organization. In some organizations, this is trivial-Saul gave the example of a director paid $150,000/yr by the organization who was listed as a contributor even though the contribution was only $100-but it is a key asset in attracting donors.

    Peter asked if the meeting participants were way different in appearance than CSC members. Saul replied that most weren't the stereotypical rich sailors, only half were blond/blonde, many beards, about a third women.

    2) Sherry moved to raise quarterly dues to $60 general, $55 for students and seniors. Will asked if this would provide $15,000/yr additional funding (Peter: yes). Dave R asked what percentage increase this represents for students (Sherry: 19%). John M said this was great, let's not complicate this, should get passed by general membership meeting. Passed unanimously.

    3) Sherry moved to raise the YRA associate dues to $100/yr. Passed unanimously.

    4) Sherry moved to raise the annual dues to $200 for both general and students and seniors. She noted that there were only 68 annual memberships sold, of which 14 were students or seniors, and the $200 rate is a considerable discount over quarterly costs for both general and students or seniors. Passed unanimously.

    5) Peter moved to offer free quarterly memberships to new members who are low income. Sherry expressed concern over risks that this move might present, and the difficulty of rescinding this if it were passed as part of the dues structure and then proved problematic because of administration difficulties, etc. Dave noted that free offers are frequently abused. Lori said it was a good idea but risky. David suggested it be left till later. Sherry said it was a big change, and it could fog up the discussion over the dues increase. Motion to table this motion passed unanimously.

    6) Saul moved to raise the windsurf locker associate dues to $300/yr. He noted that this increase was justified by the increase in lease and insurance cost, which are the basic costs for providing the windsurf lockers. Pauline noted that this represents a large increase. John stated that most of the locker users could afford this level. Sherry asked if there were competing lockers, and Bob noted that the other lockers at the dry storage area are now gone. Saul noted that proposed lockers in the Eastshore State Park are many years off, if they happen at all. Lori suggested a smaller increase. Alan noted that while the increase appears large (30% above current level), it's still low compared to the increase in the cost of CSC's lease with the City, which is expected to go to $850/month, versus $240 in 1999. Bob asked if it would be better to go to $275. Dave R asked if the associates received any privileges at CSC other than the lockers. Jane said the increase is OK by her. Saul amended the motion to note a May 1st start date for the windsurf locker dues. Motion tabled until Saul speaks with the windsurf locker chair.

    7) Saul moved to make the new quarterly and annual dues and YRA associate dues effective March 1st if adopted by 2/3 vote at the general membership meeting. Passed unanimously.

    8) Saul moved to appoint Bob Hood as Rating Committee Chair. Passed unanimously.

    9) Peter presented budgets representing

    a) income and expenditures if no dues increase gets passed, and ExComm wishes to restrain capital expenditures to a minimum level, and

    b) income and expenditures if the dues are increased 15%, and ExComm pursues needed capital expenditures to the extent possible without depleting cash reserves below minimum level.

    He said he intended to present these at the general membership meeting, to provide the bylaws requirement for a quarterly budget report and an illustration of how ExComm will budget with and without a dues increase.

    Alan noted that the higher amount budget appeared to sandbag the CSC15, which would create a distraction to the dues increase discussion, and recommended a simpler budget. Dave R asked for an accounting of the dinghy replacement fund in the budget. David F asked for a comparison of the past year to the coming year, as well as separation of capital expenditures from operating expenses.

    Peter agreed that the two budgets he'd presented would tend to disrupt the dues increase discussion at the general meeting, and promised to provide a budget that would present line items for overhead, capital expenditures, and operating expenses.

    10) Will moved to defer ExComm voting on the budget until the dues increase has been decided. Motion passed unanimously.

    11) Will moved that ExComm present information at the general membership meeting related to the increase in operating costs (especially lease, insurance, and dayleaders, whose increase alone amounts to $15,000/yr) since 1999, and on ExComm's intention to spend on basic non-sailing or -windsurfingoperating costs, capital expenditures, and maintenance of the sailing and windsurfing fleets. Saul offered to present this information in drag if Peter would shave his body and put on a Speedo (declined on the grounds of homeliness resulting in homelessness).

    Meeting adjourned 8 pm

  • 2004.01.18 - Excom

    Sunday January 18, 2004

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Allan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodore), Fred Fannon, John Mathias (co- Port Captains), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), and members David Frazer and Jane Morson.

    Saul called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Commodore (Saul) Chris Havel will be here until June, so we don't need a new Rating Chair.

    The Waterfront Commission Advisory Board wholeheartedly supports waiving our use permit fee.

    The Windsurfer Board Hospital can not be called a hospital. Among ourselves, we can call it that, but a hospital would indicate that "bodies" are involved. It can be called a windsurfer storage shed, or lean-to.

    A Santana 27 was donated to the club. It is berthed next to our ensigns. Saul will advertise it for sale in Latitude 38.

    Vice Commodore (Sherry) Thanks to Robert for making sure the January 11th Open House ran smoothly. Approximately 15-19 people were given rides and one or two people became new members.

    Alex Case, Advertising Chair, doesn't actively advertise during the winter months.

    Postcards were mailed to approximately 500 members announcing the February 5th General Membership Meeting. There were 234 current members as of Dec 31, 2003; the remaining postcards were sent to catch people who might recently have let their membership lapse.

    1st Vice Commodore (Robert) All of the lidos are operable, except #4, which needs a new boom and fittings.

    Robert has prepared an estimated budget for yearly cost of the dinghies.

    2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline) Absent. No report.

    3rd Vice Commodore (Will) There is some halyard chafing on Dewey. He will look into this.

    Will contacted the person who offered to donate the marine diesel motor and declined the offer.

    Will has prepared a rough budget for yearly cost of the keelboats.

    Co-Rear Commodore (Alan) There is a keelboat winch cleaning and maintenance workshop on Saturday, January 24. Rain cancels. Meet at the clubhouse at 2:00 p.m., or J-dock after 2:00 p.m.

    There will be a POB (Person Overboard) roundtable discussion on Saturday, February 6, at 2:00 p.m. at the clubhouse.

    Port Captains (Fred and John) The club was open throughout the holidays, except for a handful of days when dayleaders were not available. Students are back from vacation; hopefully this will mean more available dayleaders. Fred suggested giving the dayleaders a raise of 50 cents an hour to bring their pay more in line with other UC Berkeley student jobs, and/or help pay for cost of transportation. Presently dayleaders are paid $10.00 an hour, and receive free CSC memberships.

    David suggested looking at other local colleges for potential dayleaders. Until the budget is finalized, decisions about the raise and/or help with cost of transportation will have to wait.

    The general liability insurance has been paid.

    Treasurer (Peter) What we got about $67,240, down about $12,000 from the $79,560 we had last we met.

    Fortnight's haul $1,285 Regular memberships $1085, Donations $125 (thanks Seth, Paul H!), Racing membership $75

    Fortnight's splurge $13,666.66 (not a misprint!) including Insurance for 2004, $10,710; Dayleaders Nov 03, $1,432; CSC15 fundraising (slip fee first & last for Santana 27) $329; Windsurf sail repairs $252; Skiff engine and skiff hull repair parts $226; Dinghy repair parts $126; Gen Membership Meeting 2/5/04 (room rent & postage) $359

    Budgeting Notes Here's an estimate of $66k for 2004 costs for stuff other than buying and fixing sailboats and windsurf equipment.

      1. CSC 15 is the 900 lb gorilla that is rumored to be looking for a place to sit. $0. Not included in this total.

      2. Clubhouse is its little baby. And its cousins, the two new containers. I'll ignore them. But there'll be a few bucks for garbage service, etc. $1500.

      3. Dayleaders should cost us about $16,380.

      4. Regular Lease payments are now $440 a month, but the lease is up in June. If we go to a larger space, and pay the same as Cal Adventures, we can expect the lease to cost us $7,740.

      5. Lease & Hoist Underpayment 99-03--the City is putting together an invoice (which I will pay instead of the $8,549 we voted to pay) for about $9,000

      6. Insurance--just paid $10,710.

      7. Engines-fuel, parts, repairs--expect to pay about $1,200.

      8. BBQ's and other junkets. Expect about 10 to 20 of these at $100 to $300 a pop. Food cost (the expected donations of $1,000 go into our income) for the year - $3,000.

      9. Advertising $5,000 for Express, Daily Cal.

      10. Copies and other printing--Brochures, booklets, Bottle $4,000.

      11. Gen Membership meetings--each meeting costs $250 for BYC rental, about $300 for food, and $200 for mailers. $3,000.

      12. Miscellaneous. About $1k/yr for various taxes (boat registration, property taxes, non-profit and charitable institution filing fees). CPR training fees. Postage for bill payments and reimbursements. Bookkeeper. Phone voicemail fee for the recorded announcement. Etc., etc. $5,000.

    Secretary (Caryl) Check website for up-to-date meeting minutes.

    New Agenda items:

      1) Sell a laser. The Modesto Sea Scouts contacted Saul. They offered to pay $350 for a laser for their program. Currently the club has 4 lasers. Saul made a motion to sell laser hull #3, complete with all rigging and parts, for not less than $400. Will seconded the motion. Motion passed; 6 for, 2 against.

      It was noted that the website includes information about laser racing on Sunday afternoons. Saul informed us that the person who organized the races is no longer a member. We already have lido racing on Sunday mornings; someone would have to volunteer to get the laser racing program going again.

      2) More land for the club and how much will it cost. In June we will be signing a new lease. The City agreed that we could have more land. At this point we don't know how much we would be charged for the extra land. There was a consensus among Ex-Com that it would be beneficial to the club to have the extra land. No motion or vote was taken until we find out how much the extra land will cost, and how much our new lease will be.

      3) Neil Larsen to give Jr. Tests. Peter made a motion that Neil Larsen be approved to give Jr. tests. Fred seconded the motion. An amendment was made to the motion to reinstate Neil's Cruising Skipper rating, a rating he held several years ago. He is very experienced sailing keelboats. The motion, with amendment, passed unanimously.

      4) Saul made a motion to grant Mitzu a free membership. Peter made an amendment to add "and one free windsurfing locker for a year". Fred seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Mitzu has salvaged lots of windsurfing rigs, saving the club loads of money in repairs or replacement of equipment. Motion passed unanimously.

      5) Will made a motion to spend $3800 for two new Ensign mainsails and two new Ensign genoas. Caryl seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Until someone looks in all the storage areas to check the sail inventory, and until we have a budget that has been approved, it was decided to table the motion.

      6) Raising membership fees, possible choices and what will be presented at the General Membership meeting. Sherry reported that the last dues increase was in 1999. Since that time there has been an increase in the costs of our overhead expenses, in particular insurance, rent, and dayleader costs. She distributed three scenarios for raising dues. 1) Increase all dues across-the-board. 2) Create a new incentive structure (supersize it). Example- $50 for two months/$100 for five months (buy four get one free), annual dues up to $225 from current $175. 3) Look for alternative sources of income. Example: charge one-time initiation fee that includes handbooks, white card, etc. Charge members $50 for one program of their choice plus $25 additional fee to participate in other program too?

      David suggested that we present sufficient information to the members to help inform them of the needs/reasons to raise dues.

      We will finalize what we will present to the general membership at the next Ex-Com meeting.

      7) Budget. Discussed, but not finalized. Peter expects expenses for insurance and everything else for 2004 to be around $66,000. This includes the $9000 one-time lease underpayment charge. Add another $54,000 for "what ifs" and you get a total of $115,000. We pull in $85,000/yr.

      A few suggestions for raising income that came up during the budget discussion were to ask for end-of-year donations from members, look into grant possibilities, and get more things donated.

      The budget will be discussed again at the next Ex-Com meeting.

      8) Fundraising. Will made a motion to table the Fundraising agenda item. Saul seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

    A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

    2004.01.04 - Excom

    Sunday January 04, 2004

    Present: Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice-Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler and Allan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodores), John Mathias (co-Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and members David Frazer and Jane Morson.

    Sherry called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Vice Commodore (Sherry) No report.

    1st Vice Commodore (Robert Towler) Another lido mast workshop will take place when the weather gets better. Two lidos are currently without booms. Robert distributed projected dayleader costs per month for 2004.

    2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline) Pauline distributed drawings depicting different options for placement of the two new containers approved by Ex-Comm, and asked for input. A couple of the options involve moving some of the containers we have now. If one of these options is chosen, we will have to determine whether these containers can be moved.

    3rd Vice Commodore (Will) No report.

    Co-Rear Commodore (Leah) Plans are underway to hold a roundtable discussion on Man Overboard maneuvers. John Mathias volunteered to teach a class on taking apart and cleaning winches on keelboats.

    Port-Captain (John Mathias) No report.

    Treasurer (Peter) What we got: about $79,560, down about $1,000 since last you guys met and I didn't make it 12/21/03. What we took: $999, including $835 in memberships, $82 in BBQ income (from 12/14 BBQ), $50 donation (thanks Alex B!) What we spent: $1,987, including $750 on new windsurf sails, $440 for Jan lease payment, $438 on windsurf sail repairs, $164 to ship the new windsurf sails, $125 to send Saul to the US SAILING expo

    Secretary (Caryl) No report.

    New Agenda items:

  • 1) A motion was made to approve Robert Hugel to give Senior Dinghy tests. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.

    2) Peter made a motion to send a letter to the City of Berkeley acknowledging that we have not been billed correctly for our lease, and to enclose a check for $8,549 (back rent plus interest at 2 percent/yr). Leah seconded the motion. Discussion: This will show the City and the Waterfront Commission our good faith, which is especially important because our five-year lease ends June ‘04, and also may avoid a 10% late penalty. Motion passed, seven for, one abstention.

    3) Peter made a motion to pay $10,710 for insurance. Sherry seconded the motion. Discussion: Peter tried shopping around for other deals. Our history is against us. Also, many insurers are backing away from windsurfing and yacht clubs. We have had three reports of losses in the past five years. Motion passed unanimously.

    Closed agenda item.

    Peter made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned.

    Respectfully submitted, Caryl Woulfe