All Meeting Minutes

2004.01.18 - Excom

Sunday January 18, 2004

Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Allan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodore), Fred Fannon, John Mathias (co- Port Captains), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), and members David Frazer and Jane Morson.

Saul called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) Chris Havel will be here until June, so we don't need a new Rating Chair.

The Waterfront Commission Advisory Board wholeheartedly supports waiving our use permit fee.

The Windsurfer Board Hospital can not be called a hospital. Among ourselves, we can call it that, but a hospital would indicate that "bodies" are involved. It can be called a windsurfer storage shed, or lean-to.

A Santana 27 was donated to the club. It is berthed next to our ensigns. Saul will advertise it for sale in Latitude 38.

Vice Commodore (Sherry) Thanks to Robert for making sure the January 11th Open House ran smoothly. Approximately 15-19 people were given rides and one or two people became new members.

Alex Case, Advertising Chair, doesn't actively advertise during the winter months.

Postcards were mailed to approximately 500 members announcing the February 5th General Membership Meeting. There were 234 current members as of Dec 31, 2003; the remaining postcards were sent to catch people who might recently have let their membership lapse.

1st Vice Commodore (Robert) All of the lidos are operable, except #4, which needs a new boom and fittings.

Robert has prepared an estimated budget for yearly cost of the dinghies.

2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline) Absent. No report.

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) There is some halyard chafing on Dewey. He will look into this.

Will contacted the person who offered to donate the marine diesel motor and declined the offer.

Will has prepared a rough budget for yearly cost of the keelboats.

Co-Rear Commodore (Alan) There is a keelboat winch cleaning and maintenance workshop on Saturday, January 24. Rain cancels. Meet at the clubhouse at 2:00 p.m., or J-dock after 2:00 p.m.

There will be a POB (Person Overboard) roundtable discussion on Saturday, February 6, at 2:00 p.m. at the clubhouse.

Port Captains (Fred and John) The club was open throughout the holidays, except for a handful of days when dayleaders were not available. Students are back from vacation; hopefully this will mean more available dayleaders. Fred suggested giving the dayleaders a raise of 50 cents an hour to bring their pay more in line with other UC Berkeley student jobs, and/or help pay for cost of transportation. Presently dayleaders are paid $10.00 an hour, and receive free CSC memberships.

David suggested looking at other local colleges for potential dayleaders. Until the budget is finalized, decisions about the raise and/or help with cost of transportation will have to wait.

The general liability insurance has been paid.

Treasurer (Peter) What we got about $67,240, down about $12,000 from the $79,560 we had last we met.

Fortnight's haul $1,285 Regular memberships $1085, Donations $125 (thanks Seth, Paul H!), Racing membership $75

Fortnight's splurge $13,666.66 (not a misprint!) including Insurance for 2004, $10,710; Dayleaders Nov 03, $1,432; CSC15 fundraising (slip fee first & last for Santana 27) $329; Windsurf sail repairs $252; Skiff engine and skiff hull repair parts $226; Dinghy repair parts $126; Gen Membership Meeting 2/5/04 (room rent & postage) $359

Budgeting Notes Here's an estimate of $66k for 2004 costs for stuff other than buying and fixing sailboats and windsurf equipment.

    1. CSC 15 is the 900 lb gorilla that is rumored to be looking for a place to sit. $0. Not included in this total.

    2. Clubhouse is its little baby. And its cousins, the two new containers. I'll ignore them. But there'll be a few bucks for garbage service, etc. $1500.

    3. Dayleaders should cost us about $16,380.

    4. Regular Lease payments are now $440 a month, but the lease is up in June. If we go to a larger space, and pay the same as Cal Adventures, we can expect the lease to cost us $7,740.

    5. Lease & Hoist Underpayment 99-03--the City is putting together an invoice (which I will pay instead of the $8,549 we voted to pay) for about $9,000

    6. Insurance--just paid $10,710.

    7. Engines-fuel, parts, repairs--expect to pay about $1,200.

    8. BBQ's and other junkets. Expect about 10 to 20 of these at $100 to $300 a pop. Food cost (the expected donations of $1,000 go into our income) for the year - $3,000.

    9. Advertising $5,000 for Express, Daily Cal.

    10. Copies and other printing--Brochures, booklets, Bottle $4,000.

    11. Gen Membership meetings--each meeting costs $250 for BYC rental, about $300 for food, and $200 for mailers. $3,000.

    12. Miscellaneous. About $1k/yr for various taxes (boat registration, property taxes, non-profit and charitable institution filing fees). CPR training fees. Postage for bill payments and reimbursements. Bookkeeper. Phone voicemail fee for the recorded announcement. Etc., etc. $5,000.

Secretary (Caryl) Check website for up-to-date meeting minutes.

New Agenda items:

    1) Sell a laser. The Modesto Sea Scouts contacted Saul. They offered to pay $350 for a laser for their program. Currently the club has 4 lasers. Saul made a motion to sell laser hull #3, complete with all rigging and parts, for not less than $400. Will seconded the motion. Motion passed; 6 for, 2 against.

    It was noted that the website includes information about laser racing on Sunday afternoons. Saul informed us that the person who organized the races is no longer a member. We already have lido racing on Sunday mornings; someone would have to volunteer to get the laser racing program going again.

    2) More land for the club and how much will it cost. In June we will be signing a new lease. The City agreed that we could have more land. At this point we don't know how much we would be charged for the extra land. There was a consensus among Ex-Com that it would be beneficial to the club to have the extra land. No motion or vote was taken until we find out how much the extra land will cost, and how much our new lease will be.

    3) Neil Larsen to give Jr. Tests. Peter made a motion that Neil Larsen be approved to give Jr. tests. Fred seconded the motion. An amendment was made to the motion to reinstate Neil's Cruising Skipper rating, a rating he held several years ago. He is very experienced sailing keelboats. The motion, with amendment, passed unanimously.

    4) Saul made a motion to grant Mitzu a free membership. Peter made an amendment to add "and one free windsurfing locker for a year". Fred seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Mitzu has salvaged lots of windsurfing rigs, saving the club loads of money in repairs or replacement of equipment. Motion passed unanimously.

    5) Will made a motion to spend $3800 for two new Ensign mainsails and two new Ensign genoas. Caryl seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Until someone looks in all the storage areas to check the sail inventory, and until we have a budget that has been approved, it was decided to table the motion.

    6) Raising membership fees, possible choices and what will be presented at the General Membership meeting. Sherry reported that the last dues increase was in 1999. Since that time there has been an increase in the costs of our overhead expenses, in particular insurance, rent, and dayleader costs. She distributed three scenarios for raising dues. 1) Increase all dues across-the-board. 2) Create a new incentive structure (supersize it). Example- $50 for two months/$100 for five months (buy four get one free), annual dues up to $225 from current $175. 3) Look for alternative sources of income. Example: charge one-time initiation fee that includes handbooks, white card, etc. Charge members $50 for one program of their choice plus $25 additional fee to participate in other program too?

    David suggested that we present sufficient information to the members to help inform them of the needs/reasons to raise dues.

    We will finalize what we will present to the general membership at the next Ex-Com meeting.

    7) Budget. Discussed, but not finalized. Peter expects expenses for insurance and everything else for 2004 to be around $66,000. This includes the $9000 one-time lease underpayment charge. Add another $54,000 for "what ifs" and you get a total of $115,000. We pull in $85,000/yr.

    A few suggestions for raising income that came up during the budget discussion were to ask for end-of-year donations from members, look into grant possibilities, and get more things donated.

    The budget will be discussed again at the next Ex-Com meeting.

    8) Fundraising. Will made a motion to table the Fundraising agenda item. Saul seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.