All Meeting Minutes

2004.02.05 - General

Thursday February 05, 2004
General Membership Meeting
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Alan Arrowsmith (Rear Commodore), Fred Fannon and John Mathias (co-Port Captains), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Caryl Woulfe & Lori Taguma (co-Secretaries)

Ex-Comm Reports

Saul (Commodore) We’re in the process of negotiating a new lease with the City of Berkeley which will include the restructured rent increase. I recently attended the Cal Marina Director’s Association Boating and Waterway meeting, as well as the US Sailing Seminar for Sailing Administrators. We’d like to acknowledge three Senior level windsurfers: Barbara Knox, Isabella La Rocca, and Asma Asyyed, for initially establishing the presence of women in the CSC Windsurfing Program. We’d like to thank them for their teaching and operational contributions to CSC windsurfing.

Sherrie (Vice Commodore) Thanks to Jerry Huff and Jennifer Kirkland for preparing a great dinner! We currently have 194 members in the club. This represents the lowest point of the membership cycle and from past history we can expect our numbers to start increasing again this month. According to the membership database we sold $7,355 in memberships during the past quarter (nov/dec/jan). This number beats every 3rd Quarter since 2000. We had three open houses during the past quarter and we did not have any rain cancellations. We gave a total of 130 rides to the public.

This Sunday (Feb 8th) we have an Open House so please come down and help out. Alex Case, our advertising chair, reports that we will start actively advertising our open houses again beginning in March. In addition to advertising in the East Bay Express and the Daily Cal, he will try a new strategy and advertise down by Hayward, in Contra Costa County and over by SF State. We have two community service events coming up this Spring. We will be hosting the Sailing Land School for the Shorebird Nature Center. We will also be participating in the Berkeley Bay Festival on April 17th. Last year we gave 220 rides during the festival, so we can expect it to be a busy afternoon. I am looking for members to volunteer and help the club with both of these events.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore) All of the lidos are operable, except #4, which needs a new boom and fittings.

Pauline (2nd Vice Commodore) We have several Board Repair Clinics in the planning stages. Special thanks to Kenji for taking inventory on the windsurfing equipment, as well as repairing the windsurf sails, and to Mitsu for repairing all of the boards in the Board Hospital. Thanks to Art Loche for scheduling the windsurfing classes, and to Josh Polston for continuing to teach.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) The new Ensign Genoa is on the way and we plan to get the keelboats back on a regular maintenance schedule. A Senior has devoted his Senior project to getting the Nenya back in the water; if you’d like to help with this project, let us know.

Allan (Rear Commodore) We’ve recently held our Winch Cleaning and Person Overboard Clinics, both well attended. Our Cruising Skipper Study Group is now in progress and we’re planning a Sail Repair Clinic soon. Please feel free to volunteer to teach for these clinics, as well as the sailing and/or windsurfing classes held on Saturdays, Monday and Thursday afternoons.

John and Fred (Port Captains) Thanks to all the Day Leaders and volunteer DL’s who consistently provide essential daily operational services that keep the club open. We’ve recently hired three new Day Leaders and we’ll hold a DL training for new and potential DL’s in March.

Peter (Treasurer) Statement of Financial Condition 2/1/04. Currently we have $61,297 in the bank, and our property is worth about $95,000. In November, December, and January, we took in $8,512 and spent $30,865 as follows: Income last quarter: Memberships $8,410, Donations, etc. $102, Total Income $8,511. Equipment Purchases and Expenses last quarter: Dayleaders $2,517, Insurance $10,835, Lease $9610. Printing, Newspaper Ads, Voicemail, other $455, Dinghies $1,083, Keelboats $372, Windsurfers $1,245, Skiff and engines $974, Clubhouse &Yard $879, Club activities $2,154, Miscellaneous (YRA, USWA dues, DMV registration $742, Total Outlays $30,865.

In February, March and April, assuming approval of the dues increase, we can expect about $22,000 in income, and plan to spend abut $45,000 as follows: CSC 15 $19,200, New clubhouse, containers, fence $3,630, Clubhouse, container, yard, fence maintenance $400, Dayleaders $3,865, Lease $1,320, Windsurfers $3,300, Dinghies $3,000, Keelboats $2,100, Engines $300, BBQ-Open House, Fast Track $450, Misc $1,100, Advertising $5,000, Brochures, booklets, Bottle $700, Gen Membership meeting $750, Total Expenditures $45,115,

Caryl & Lori (Co-secretaries) (Caryl) We’d like to thank all CSC members for their support. (Lori) I’d like to acknowledge Peter Kuhn’s efforts at clarifying CSC’s financial accounting process for Excomm members as well as CSC constituency, and for his willingness to take on whatever else may arise, refined by his special brand of humor.

A special announcement from Seth about racing: We are finally getting a racing team together. Please see me or send an email, if you are interested in joining our team.

New Agenda Items:

First Item: Saul: we're in discussion with the City of Berkeley regarding use permits for the proposed Clubhouse.

Second Item: Allen Arrowsmith proposed a Motion to pass dues increase effective March 1. As of March 1 dues go up to: $60 quarter ($55 students and seniors, $200 annual, $100 YRA associate

Third item: Discussion regarding increasing windsurfing locker dues at a slightly larger percentage than the overall increase. Several long standing members opposed the larger increase for windsurfing lockers, viewing the larger increase as unfair to that segment of the sailing club constituency. Other members overlooked and outnumbered them in opposition. Motion passed in favor of dues increase at proposed rates: vote for (43), opposed (8), abstain (3). Motion passes with two- thirds vote of CSC constituency present at General Membership meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.