All Meeting Minutes

2004.03.14 - Excom

Sunday March 14, 2004

Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler and Alan Arrowsmith (Co-Rear Commodores), John Mathias (Co-Port Captain), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and club member Jane Morson.

Allen made a motion to grant Tony Herrera, age 15, a minor membership allowing him to windsurf with his father Ken Popperwrill. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

Motion made by Will, in the form of a friendly amendment allowing Tony to take his Jr. windsurf rating test without re-appearing before Ex-comm. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

Motion made by Sherrie to approve David Aniston’s Senior Windsurf Proposal: A CSC Calendar for 2005, which will feature sailing and windsurfing club member photographs and include tidal information & club dates. A friendly amendment attached includes possibility of using the calendar as a marketing tool. Sherrie will have creative control and project will conclude by Sept. 2004. Motion passed. Allen Arrowsmith presented David with the Senior Spiel, outlining Senior Member's moral and operational responibilities.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): CSC club members who would like to help letter write to the City of Berkeley regarding the moving of dry storage boats to the parking lot adjacent to our clubhouse, please pick up the letter at the club. The Cal Sailing Club current asking price for the donated Santana is $3500.00; the slip fee is 150.00 per mo.

Sherry (Vice Commodore): February was a great month for memberships. The 2000-03 average for Feb is 56 memberships and $2666 in dues. But in February 2004 we sold 98 memberships, yielding $5805 in dues. The increase may be attributed to good weather, good turnout at Open Houses, and the pending dues increase. Thanks to Sypko our membership chair for this update. At our March 7 Open House we gave 144 rides, which is more than any Open House in FY2003/04, with the exception of July 4th. Special thanks to skippers Jim Pottenger, Alan Arrowsmith, Bill Gavelis and Robert Ofsevits for providing "pre-open house" rides to the Cal Engineering Honor Society. We held two sailing land schools for the Shorebird Nature Center on March 9 & 10. Thanks to members Jim Ulrick and David Cranston for teaching these programs. We have submitted the application to participate in the Berkeley Bay Festival on April 17th. A club member has requested that we donate one quarterly CSC membership to the El Cerrito high school fundraiser taking place on March 20th.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore): We are in the process of compiling a list of things we need including new booms and new Lido blocks which will cost $100.00.

Pauline (2nd Vice Commodore) Art Loche and Josh Polston have been teaching Windsurf Dock Etiquette classes. We need new Jr. level teachers for Saturday morning. Josh is coordinating the Saturday lessons, and Trumpton is organizing a Senior Windsurf Study Group. Thanks to Adam for teaching. New equipment is on the way.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore): I recently attended the Berkeley City Council meeting where I found that the Marina will handle the fee waiver permits. I also attended the Bay Area Disabled Sailor’s meeting.

Leah (Rear Commodore): The Fiberglass Clinic is coming up, as well as the Motoring Clinic and the Senior Study Group.

John (Co- Port Captain): We need more Day Leaders and volunteer DL’s.

Lori (Co-secretary) No report.

New Agenda Items:

  • 1) Budget Discussion: Tabled.

    2) Pauline presented architectural drawings recommending several different versions of new windsurf container placement, which will provide additional windsurf lockers and storage. Placement is pending Cliff’s approval.

    3) Discussion regarding building new clubhouse, questions include: effort to rebuild, vs. effort to repair, vs. buying a mobile structure, vs. relocating club. Sherrie will find a point person within the club who will oversee future Clubhouse plans.

    4) Saul made a motion to allocate 600.00 for replacement of two Lido booms. (5) voted for, (1) abstention, motion passed.

    5) Sherrie will oversee revision of membership cards, which will be redesigned to include new marketing information.

    6) Saul motioned to table the list of members allowed to give Jr. Dinghy tests. (4) for, (1) abstention.

    7) Saul made a motion allowing Allen Champion to give Dinghy Cruises. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    8) List compilation allowing Jr. Windsurfers to give Jr. tests, tabled.

    9) Motion made by Saul to change meeting times to 6:30 starting Ap. 11, in consideration of daylight savings time. Motion passed unanimously.

    10) Motion made by Will to create a CSC Angel Island Alumni Sail on May 22nd. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    Will made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed.