All Meeting Minutes

2004.03.28 - Excom

Sunday March 28, 2004

Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler (Rear Commodore), John Mathias (Co-Port Captain), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary). Members Jane Morson, Shireen, Farzin and Tania Abdollahia, & Edmond Temple.

Motion by Saul to accept both Shireen (14 yr.) and Tania (12 yr.) as minor members, under the condition that both daughters windsurf with their father Farzin. Additional friendly amendment: Shireen will be allowed to attain her Jr. windsurf rating without an additional appearance before Ex-com. Five votes in favor; motion passed.

Meeting began at 5:30pm.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): I was recently at a waterfront commission financial subcommittee meeting where the commissioners had trouble agreeing on the budget #s. They are proposing an increase in berth rates of at least 10% this year with a 5% increase each year until 2010,possibly more. The marina management feels that they are in a financial problem. Waterfront commission; Josh Polston has put his name into the Berkeley City Council for that seat. I am looking to see if US Sailing will run annoucements for us through their newsletter.

Sherry (Vice Commodore): Vice Commodore report On March 17th and 19th we held two sailing land schools for the Shorebird Nature Center. Thanks to members David Cranston and Beth Burstein for teaching these programs. We have two Shorebird dates remaining - April 29th and 30th. We have been contacted by the Berkeley and Albany YMCA summer camps to give sailboat rides again this summer. Motion to reserve keelboats will follow on the regular agenda. Eight skippers have already volunteered for the Berkeley Bay Festival on April 17th. I will begin recruiting other club members to help out with this important community service day.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore): Lido #3’s mainsail has tears and Lido #4 is almost finished. We’ve purchased all of the material for the fiberglass clinic and Peter has ordered new booms.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore): I recently attended the Disabled Bay Area Sailing Association’s Board meeting and will continue to develop a supportive network within the non-profit sailing community. John and I started bottom painting Nena, which will be ready to launch soon.

Leah (Rear Commodore): Congratulations to Asmaa and Sofien on the birth of their daughter Nadia! Sypko taught the well attended Motoring Clinic on Saturday and we are planning a Fiberglass clinic for Saturday April 3rd. Jamuel will teach a Sailing Fast Track May 17th through the 21st.

John (Co- Port Captain): We need more Day Leaders and are not getting much response from UC Berkeley’s work study program. Club members please volunteer to cover Mondays and Thursdays; it’s a great way to get a membership in exchange for ten hours work. DL training will be held soon.

Peter (Treasurer): A little late, but what we had was $72,645 up $3802 from $68,843 as of the 3/14/04 meeting.

(I'm putting in this report separately since then you can see what those 2 weeks were like--pretty great weather!)

What we took in: $4,299 including $3,075 in regular memberships $900 in windsurf locker rentals ($300 pays up till 5/1/05--half the locker folks have paid early) $200 in YRA $111 in clothing hut orders

What we spent: $497 including $170 in clubhouse bulletin board supplies $146 on keelboat stuff (more of Kent's electrical, Bob Hood's spinny pole) $121 on tools, etc. to stock up $53 for clothing hut orders

Lori (Secretary): As the City of Berkeley’s most recently appointed Art Commissioner, I would like to invite all CSC members to a Berkeley Arts Commission Planning meeting that will be held on April 24th, from 4-6pm, at the Berkeley Art Center in Live Oak Park. If you would like to present input for the Berkeley Arts Cultural Plan, which will be submitted to the City Council for approval, please feel free to attend.

Old Agenda Items:

1) Edmund Temple, a J+ windsurfer, presented his Senior Windsurf Project to Ex-comm. Leah made a motion to allow Edmund the ability to create a visual magazine for CSC instruction, complemented by two Waterstart Clinics which will be held in May and June, and with permission to take the clinics to Ashby Beach. Vote passed by (7) in favor. Saul presented the Senior Spiel to Edmund, which outlines the moral and educational responsibilities of Senior Club key holding members.

2) Michael Faw presented his Senior Sailing Project proposal consisting of location preparation for the new windsurf containers.

3) There will be an Ex-comm meeting on Easter Day, beginning at 6:30.

4) Clothing Hut Discussion: Jane Morson’s Clothing Hut project serves several purposes for CSC members, including offering discounted sailing, windsurfing clothing and wetsuit prices, providing marketing and membership outreach. With increased popularity, it presents overflow of bookkeeping time beyond the Treasurer’s time limits. Jane will continue to manage the project and take on bookkeeping responsibility from this point forward. She has agreed because of dedication to commodore. Discussion tabled. CSC will discontinue selling O’neil wetsuits in order to satisfy previously established vendors contracts.

New Agenda Items:

1) Leah made a motion to hold the Ashby Shoal Breakfast on May 9th at 8am. Jr. , Jr+, and Senior Windsurfer and Sailors may sail to the Shoal. Motion passed, unanimously by (7).

2) John made a motion to allocate $150.00 for one new DL foulie outfit, size S, for women DL’s. Motion passed (7) in agreement.

3) General Membership Meeting Agenda for May 13th will include: a) Budget Discussion b) Update of Projects including Antrim, Windsurf lockers, Clubhouse, Lease c) Elections d) Food & Dessert e) Will include a reminder announcement about the August meeting presentation of the Bob Collins Memorial Teaching award. f) Saul made a motion to pass the agenda. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

4) Sherrie motioned to donate a one-year membership to the Sierra Nevada Fundraiser, through representative Ed Corbett. Motion passed, with unanimous vote (7) in favor.

5) Motion made by Sherrie to give keelboat rides for the Berkeley and Albany YMCA on June 16, July 2, August 3, 4, 17. Motion passed (7) in favor.

6) Motion made by Will to allocate $5200.00 to Saul in order to buy and install 40 and 20 ft windsurf locker/storage containers, recinding the originally allocated $4000.00 by April 14th. The friendly amendment attached will depend on Waterfront Commission’s Decision regarding parking lot rental increase. (20 footers 1200 plus tax 8.25% and delivery about $200, 40 footers 1400 plus tax 8.25% delivery about $200, second set of doors $800 each container. 24-48 hours delivery time unless we want to add doors then add a week. Motion passed, with (6) in favor.

Will made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.