All Meeting Minutes

2004.04.11 - Excom

Sunday April 11, 2004

Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Robert (1st Vice Commodore), John Mathias (Co-Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and club members Jane Morson & David Fraser. Waterfront Commissioner Paul Shane was also present.

Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

Paul Shane, who is one of the Waterfront Commissioners as well a subcommittee member for Marina security, discussed present Marina security problems such as parking lot break-ins and general safety measures that should be exercised when in the Marina area, which are especially pertinent to women. Ex-comm members related similar concerns, including clubhouse break-ins. Possible solution discussed includes creating a survey of Marina stakeholders who could share rental security in order to create cohesive group communication. Paul Shane additionally suggested scheduling a police advice visit in order to outline safety measures for CSC members.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): Please attend the Waterfront Commission meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, if you don’t want the Marina dry storage to end up in CSC’s parking lot. The City has received several complaints regarding the move from Marina residents. A Housecaptain for the Berkeley non-profit Christmas in April, requested a project proposal for the CSC clubhouse, due by July. If accepted Christmas in April would do fundraising and then build the clubhouse next April. E. Fogh of Gull, Inc. expressed his positive impressions of CSC potential after his visit.

Sherrie (Vice Commodore) We gave 71 rides at the April 4th open house. Thanks to all the members who contributed. During the month of March we sold 120 memberships ($7,055 in dues). This membership level is consistent with our 2000-2003 average for March.

We had a fantastic spring cleaning Work Party on April 10th from 9am-1pm. Approximately 35 members participated and we accomplished many projects including cleaning out and repainting the floor of the clubhouse, cleaning out the PFD lo cker, installing the weather station, repainting the boatyard, fiberglassing the skiff and cleaning out the keelboats and dock boxes on J dock.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore): Lido #7’s gel coat is off and it’s ready for new fiberglass. Lido #4 is ready for new epoxy and the seat on the Rhodes is waiting to be fiber glassed. The two Precisions are being nursed back to health and Jim Pottinger has offered to fix the rub rails on all of the boats. John (Co- Port Captain): It’s been a rough week for the Day Leaders. New DL’s are being trained by David Fraser and Fred Fannon; the next training is scheduled fro April 24th from 10-12. Fred has recently hired one new DL.

Peter (Treasurer): Nice work party yestiddy, but boy am I beat. It wasn't the work party, it wasn't fiberglassing the skiff for sale, it wasn't getting ragged on by the old farts, it wasn't seeing my new paint job on Spongebob go boom boom on the rocks when I shoulda trained the dayleaders about anchoring in those situations, it was the Jr. test still left to do at 4:30 pm. Let's get more Jr's signed off to do tests, OK? Everyone who could do Jr tests was either out windsurfing or just not available.

>p> OK, back to moneybags. As of today--and I haven't robbed the safe since Wed--we got $73,857 up about $1200 from $72,645 we had as of the 3/28/04 meeting.

We took in $4,022 including $3,015 in regular memberships $900 in windsurf locker memberships (renewals thru 5/05) $100 in YRA membership

We spent $2,810 including $800 on dinghy stuff (Lido booms, boom vang blocks and line, P15 rudderhead welding, P15 paddles, etc.) $648 on Feb dayleader UC work study $440 on lease $192 on work supplies (work party food, sandpaper, particle masks, disposable knives, latex gloves, etc.) $165 on Santana 27 berth $124 on skiff paint and supplies $124 on 4/10/04 work party food $99 on building repairs (fire extinguisher, ply for wheelchair ramp) $72 on keelboat stuff (electrical, winch handle, bucket) $5 on windsurf stuff (duct tape!)

Lori (Co-secretary): My concern regarding a particular club member who has intentionally and repeatedly violated club etiquette, will include a discussion of possible disciplinary measures.

New Agenda Items:

  • 1) Discussion regarding raising Day Leader pay in order to attract consistent DL coverage. Motion to raise DL pay to 12.00 per hour by Saul. 5 in favor, passed unanimously. Motion is effective beginning June 1st.

    2) John motioned to accept CR Saikley’s Senior Sailing Project, Real Time Wind Conditions, on the web. Motion passed unanimously, 5 in favor. The project reveals a variety of different weather/tide conditions and will appear online soon. Saul presented the Senior Spiel to CR, outlining moral and operational responsibilities of key holding club members.

    3) Saul motioned to accept the donation of a Coronado 15, which is in dry storage, under the condition that Cal Adventures accepts the boat, allowing us to accept the trailer. Motion passed, 5 in favor.

    4) Motion by Saul to accept Senior Sailing Candidate Michael Faw’s project, which consists of preparing the space for 20ft windsurfing storage trailer, and managing work crews over three weekends. He will create doors with locks, ventilation, shelving, averaging 90 hrs. total. Motion passed, 5 in favor. Saul presented Michael with the Senior Spiel.

    5) David Fraser will assist Sherrie in creating new marking design for CSC cards.

    6) Motion by Peter, to designate ten new Jr. Sailors to give Jr. Sailing tests. List includes: John Mathias, Robert Towler, Fred Fannon, Joe Hudson, Matt Jones, Jeff Lewis, Peter Mui, Ken Osborne, Dan Pang, James Ulrick. Motion passed, 5 in favor. More women who are Jr./Senior sailors are needed to give Jr. tests!!

    7) Senior Sailing Study group will begin on Wednesday evening, at several possible sites outlined on the list.

    8) Discussion of locker purchase and placement along the backside of the windsurfing area, will be continued.

    Robert made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously.