All Meeting Minutes

2004.05.09 - Excom

Sunday May 09, 2004
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherrie Daniels (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler (Rear Commodore), Fred Fannon (Co-Port Captain), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and club members David Fraser and John Glass.

Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) We had a great Ashby Shoal Breakfast today with between 32-36 people and boats meeting at the Shoal, where we devoured delightful breakfast treats; the low point was not having real Maple syrup. I recently attended the Bay Trail Planning meeting; water use access highlighted the discussion. The Marina is no longer considering moving the dry storage to the parking lot, thanks CSC’s presence at the Waterfront Commission meeting. Regarding online motions, I feel that motions made online should be reserved for emergency situations. David Cary will be negotiating contract negotiations for CSC 15. The proposal for the new CSC clubhouse will be submitted to Christmas in April, by July

Sherrie (Vice Commodore) The medical release booklet for minors was lost so a new binder has been created. We’ve finished teaching the Shorebird Sailing Land School for children. During our last Open House, we gave 239 rides, with 30 club members assisting. Our newly designed membership cards are in use and we hope to get practical marketing information. Thanks to Mike Hummell for taking over the Editorial position for the Floating Bottle.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore) The Rhodes is almost finished. Felix has completed his Senior Project, refinishing and painting the Nena. Peter K., John M., Bill have also practically completed Pam’s refinishing project on the Lido.

Will (2nd Vice Commodore) I'm in Sea Island, Georgia this week for a conference so I can't make it tonight. There are frosty drinks for sale and Hobie Cats for rent on the beach so I'll keep it short: Allan Champion has volunteered to do misc repairs on Donald, including replacing the wooden cockpit combing that is becoming hazardous. Please approve $450 for the repairs at tonight's meeting and shoot me/Allan an email so he knows he can get started.

Leah (Rear Commodore) May 17th we are holding the Test for Cruising Skippers, along with the Senior Test. Bob Hood will publish the Rating Committee List soon. Edmond is holding his Windsurf Waterstart Clinic, with two Sundays left.

Fred (Co-Port Captain) The new U.C. B. Day Leaders contract has been finalized with our insurance company. DL’s will be covered as work study students, with University reimbursement at 50%. We are still low on DL’s; hopefully we’ll have more soon.

Peter (Treasurer) What we got is $81,818 up about $4,700 from $77,123 we had as of the 4/25/04 meeting.

We took in about $8,750 including: $2,700 to the dinghy fund from sale of the Santana 27 (yea Saul!, $4,670 in regular memberships, $1,180 in windsurf locker rental associate memberships, $175 YRA current and back membership,

We spent about $4,050 including: $1,636 for supplies for the new rental windsurf locker, $560 for skiffs, fuel, oil, $654 for dinghies (P15 rubrails, JY dolly tire, R19 seat repair), $440 for lease May, $226 Santant 27 slip fee May (prepaid by new owner), cleaning supplies, $201 member clothing bills (yea Saul again-now member clothing has its own bank account), $189 day leader work study (1day leader only) March, ta!

Lori (Co-secretary) Co-secretary Caryl Woulfe and I will be teaching the Women’s Sailing Course as our Senior Sailing Project. Class dates are May 30th, June 13, June 27, July 11, July 25, and August 22nd , from 1 to 4pm.

Thanks to Leah Teitler, Sherry Daniels, and other Ex-comm members who are moving on to other positions within the Club, as well as spending more time sailing, windsurfing, and/or working, for their excellent input and time spent volunteering for the Club.

Riley (Motor Chairperson) 3 skiffs working, 25 hp skiff motor repaired Sat am, thanks to Riley.

New Agenda Items:

1) Motion made by Leah to allocate $450 for keelboat expenses. Motion passed unanimously.

2) Windsurf trip to the Delta is planned for Memorial Day weekend.

3) Discussion regarding length of time to fix boats vs letting them continue to be sailed while damaged will continue as discussion regarding new solutions, timeframe for repairs, and member responsibility led to general agreement that repairs need to be finished before members can continue to sail or windsurf.

4) Michael Faw’s Senior Project: Building the New Windsurfing Lockers, is complete. They are available to rent. Please see Isabella for rental information.

Sherrie made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously.