All Meeting Minutes

2004.05.13 - General

Thursday May 13, 2004
General Membership Meeting
Ex-Comm meeting prior to General Membership meeting: Pauline would like Ex-Comm to approve $470 for windsurfing equipment (amend a previous motion to add $470 more).There was a second. Motion passed unanimously.

Pauline made a motion to allow CSC equipment to be taken to Rio Vista on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Robert seconded the motion. Discussion. Saul is worried about safety. The first such trip was well organized, but the second was not. There were complaints. A rescue had to be made by an innocent bystander. We don't have any way of rescuing people. Saul would like the club to have a cruising windsurfer rating and have a rated cruising windsurfer go along. Pauline explained that every precaution will be made for a safe trip, and there would be rules and regulations to follow, based on the previous successful trip. Motion passed: 5 yes, 2 no, 1 abstention.

Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Sherry Daniel (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Leah Teitler and Alan Arrowsmith (co-Rear Commodores), John Mathias (co-Port Captain), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer).

Agenda items:

1) Dinner

2) Officer Reports Commodore (Saul)

Dry storage issue still not resolved. Waterfront Commission agrees that CSC could use more land. We still have a discount at Sven's in Alameda. Contact there is Barbara. Prices are wholesale or close to wholesale. We do not get discounts at the rigging shop. The CSC Alumni Picnic is May 22. Meet at 10:00 or 10:30 at guest dock to catch a ride to Angel Island. It would help Louis, Alumni Chair, to know how many people plan to attend the picnic, so he can plan food accordingly. Just go to the website and log on if you plan to attend. PFD prices. We need to buy a quantity of 12 PFDs to get a good price. CSC members visited the Channel Islands. A slideshow will take place at the end of the meeting. Applause for Ex-Comm members who are rolling off, and for Sypko, who is finishing up as Membership Chair.

Vice Commodore (Sherry)

The Berkeley Bay Festival was a big success. Thirty CSC members volunteered their time and talents and we gave rides to a wide variety of folks over a period of several hours. Last year we gave 1,836 Open House rides. We had 1,535 memberships, amounting to $80,000 in dues. Thanks to the cooks and bakers of tonight's meal and everyone who has volunteered to make CSC the great club that it is. It's been a fun adventure being on Ex-Comm. 1st Vice Commodore (Robert)

Thanks to the volunteers who have been working on the Rhodes, and thanks to Bill, Peter, John and everyone who has helped to get the precisions working again. Thanks to Ed and Greg, Lido masters. Right now there are 4 lidos down. Come down on Saturday mornings to help get them ready for the busy summer sailing season.

2nd Vice Commodore (Pauline)

Thanks to all of the windsurfing enthusiasts, teachers, and those who help maintain the fleet of windsurfers.

Third Vice Commodore (Will)

Thanks to Allan Champion for fixing the cockpit combings on Donald and John Mathias and OCSC folks for their help maintaining the keelboats. Contact Will if you would like to work on the keelboat fleet.

Co-Rear Commodores (Leah and Alan)

Thanks to Allan C., Chris and Saul for their help with the Cruising Study Group. Thanks to Jan Crosby Taylor for her help with the Senior Study Group. The senior skipper written test and senior cruising skipper written test will be given Monday, May 17, for those who are ready to take it. Bob Hood, Rating Chair, will make known other dates available for taking the tests in the future. Seniors and Cruising Skippers: Adopt a senior wannabe! Be a mentor to a senior wannabe and help them gain their senior skipper rating this summer. Jamuel is running the first Fast Track of the year, May 17-21. Students, teachers and testers needed. There also are Fast Tracks scheduled for June and July. There also will be women's sailing lessons. Special thanks to Neil Larson, who has been teaching regularly on Monday and Thursdays; to Jose, our windsurfing chair; and Jim Pottinger, for teaching on Wednesday nights. Thanks to Leah and Alan from each other for sharing the job of Rear Commodore.

John Mathias (co-Port Captain)

He and Fred are finishing up their term as co-Port Captains, so the position is available. The Port Captain helps train and schedule dayleaders.

Caryl (Secretary)

Lori and I enjoyed being co-Secretaries and would like to run again. We are organizing women's sailing lessons this summer, beginning May 30. These will be lessons for women, by women. Thanks to Ex-Com members who are finishing up their terms.

Peter Kuhn (Treasurer)

A copy of the budget is on each table. If there are questions, see Peter.

3) FY2004/05 Budget Included in Peter's report.

4) Updates on the CSC 15, clubhouse, lease, windsurfing container a) CSC 15. Saul has asked Dave Carey to help negotiate the CSC-15 deal with the builder.

b) Clubhouse. We are going to put in a grant application to Christmas in April (old name, now called something else) for renovation of clubhouse.

c) Lease. Not known how much of an increase, but it is expected to be large.

d) Windsurfing container. One more Saturday and the windsurf lockers will be ready. Come help on Saturday. We also need volunteers for this weekend's Open House.

5) Officer elections:

Commodore - Sherry nominated Saul. There was a second. Saul accepted the nomination. Bill nominated Kent. Kent respectfully declined the nomination. Unanimous vote for Saul.

Vice Commodore - Peter K. nominated Jamuel. Will seconded the nomination. Jamuel accepted the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Jamuel.

1st Vice Commodore: Sherry nominated Robert. There was a second. Robert accepted the nomination. Unanimous vote for Robert.

2nd Vice Commodore - There was a nomination for Isabel and Pauline to share the position. They accepted the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Isabel and Pauline.

3rd Vice Commodore - Peter Kuhn nominated Will. for 3rd Vice Commodore. Seth seconded the motion. Will accepted the nomination. Kent also was nominated, and respectfully declined the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Will.

Rear Commodore - Leah nominated Sheldon. There was a second. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Sheldon.

Port Captain - There were no accepted nominations for Port Captain. Fred and John are stepping down, so there will be a void until someone is found to replace them. See Saul if you are interested.

Secretary - Saul nominated Caryl and Lori. Sherry seconded the nomination. They accepted the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Caryl and Lori.

Treasurer - Peter nominated himself. Jim Pottinger seconded the nomination. There were no further nominations. Unanimous vote for Peter.

Meeting adjourned.

Following the meeting, Neil Larson and his fellow crew put on a slide show about their recent cruising trip to the Channel Islands.