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2004.07.18 - Excom

Sunday July 18, 2004
Present: Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Caryl Woulfe (co-Secretary), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and members Jane Morson, Peter Connolly, Matt Jones, Mathias and Gunther.

Absent: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Pauline Kuykendall and Isabel Fortier (co-2nd Vice Commodores), and Jared Goldberg, Port Captain.

Guests: Kathleen and Joseph Degroot.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports Commodore (Saul) Jamuel reported in Saul's absence. A JY-15 in good condition, with trailer, has been offered to the club. Acceptance of the offer is an agenda item. Sven's is having a laser regatta. Two lasers will be available for sale after the regatta, at a great discount. The purchase one or both is an agenda item.

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) There was an Open House today. There was a good turnout, and enough skippers to give rides. The Events section of the website has been updated. Any additions or corrections should be directed to Jamuel. Postcards announcing the August 5th General Membership Meeting and Dinner went out yesterday, July 17th.

1st Vice Commodore (Robert) Five lidos are working at the moment. One lido needs to be re- rigged. At least four lido jibs are shot and need to be replaced. Both bytes are sailable. Three out of four lasers are sailable; one of the three is in need of work. The fourth laser has had a DNS sign on it for years.

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) Will and Matt Jones hope to get Nenya in the water by the end of August. An anonymous volunteer fixed the combings on Uncle Donald, temporarily. Allan Champion thinks he's located a source for the wood so the combings can be fixed on a more permanent basis.

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Dan Pang's Fast Track is next week, and there is another one scheduled in August. Sheldon pointed out that the blue Lido dinghy book and the website version are different. Caryl volunteered to help Sheldon edit and consolidate the documents.

Port Captain (Jared) Report sent by e-mail. Dayleaders: Things are running smoothly on the dayleader front. Fred is back in action one shift a week. Micah has been doing his shift a week. I hired two new dayleaders, Marisa and Ryan, both of which are almost fully trained and will be great additions to the CSC team. Ryan also works at Cal Adventures and has previously taken a 22 hour Boston Whaler course (4 hours alone on docking). Most of you probably already know Marisa since she's been working two or three shifts a week for the last month. As for myself, I've been working five days a week and will be cutting it down to four as soon as I feel truely comfortable leaving Ryan alone on Fridays.

Current Events: The lock on the club house door gave us problems a couple of weeks ago, but Bill Prinzmetal got some poxy in there to keep the door in working order. I think the door is seeing its final days and a replacement is worth considering at ExComm. Forget about the extra door in the yard, it's a foot too long and a foot two wide (unless we can cut it down to size). Lessons have been well manned; thank you Sheldon. We are getting low on jibs for lidos, something should happen on that soon (possibly some more trips to pineapple). Everything else has been nice and easy. Sorry for my absence and I hope this email fills in any gaps during the meeting.

Secretary (Caryl) Women's lessons continue, with between three and seven women showing up per lesson. Two harnesses will be ordered through Jane for use on the 470. Winch and boom labels will be purchased for the keelboats in order to make it easier for members new to the boats to differentiate the different lines. Thanks to Dave Carey for an excellent cruise to Mile Rock on July 17th.

Treasurer (Peter) We got $86,651, up $1,813 from $84,838 we had as of the last report for our 6/20/04 meeting. In the last 4 weeks, we took in $10,460 including: $8,380 in regular memberships, $1,918 in windsurf locker rental associate memberships, $86.32 donation (Thanks Alex B!), $73 BBQ donations, In the same 4 weeks, we spent $8,647 including, $1,842 to copy booklets, signup books, brochure, club video, $1,450 for new yard gate and windsurf rack supplies, $1,081 for workstudy dayleaders in May, $958 for dinghy maintenance--orange paddles, hiking sticks, 1/4 line, dolly welding, Laser rudderhead, fiberglass supplies, etc, etc, $635 for new JY rudder and mainsail, $524 for 4 Express ads May & June, $560 skiff engine repairs and parts, $462 lease payment for July, $441 to City for back assessment of special district taxes 2001 thru, 2003 $290 for keelboat maintenance--hull cleaning, shackles, spinny pole repair parts, $250 to rent BYC for 8/5/04 general membership meeting$245 for 6/20, and 7/4 BBQ's, $164 for snax, BBQ for 6/14-18 Fastrak, $137 for tools--shovel, hoe, drill, hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., Notes on completed purchases: We authorized (6/8 meeting) $1200 for JY sail and rudder, got em for $635, $3,000 for novice ws sails, got 'em for $2021, (6/20 meeting) $2,000 for gate and windsurf area--done for $1500, $1500 for 25 hp (Patrick the turtled) skiff repairs, motor fixed for $600,

Budget vs expenditures: The figures below under budget are from the spreadsheet used to create the official budget, which is for the fiscal year, so the first quarter (Q1--May, June, and July) budget isn't really official, but the figures nonetheless give us an idea of our income compared to our expenses. Notes:

  • 1. This is really only about 2-1/2 months of actual income, and income can fluctuate month to month based on weather, timing of when I make it to the safe & bank, etc. 2. Member clothing income is in a separate account now, but I paid off some clothing bills for which the main account had already received the income. 3. Skiff sale refers to the 3rd skiff, currently being prettied. 4. Dayleader expenditures are subject to the vagaries of UC's accounting, and don't necessarily reflect actual dayleader time for the period. 5. Lease cost is below budget since we'd budgeted for a new lease in July, but don't have it, so we paid $462 under the old lease's extension provision. 6. Ads are way below the budget since we'd planned to prepay a years' worth of Express ads, but have been paying as we go Q1 FY 04-05 budget Q1 FY 04-05 actual

    Income Regular and YRA memberships $37,284 $27,420, Windsurf lockers $8,700 $4,218, Clothing Income $3,700 $0, less clothing costs ($3,515) ($539), BBQ donations $345 $254, Dinghy fund donations, Santana 27 sale $3,100 $2,786, Other donations, skiff sale $1,800 $86, Interest, etc. $175 $77, Total Income $51,589 $34,303

    Expenditures CSC 15 $26,000 $62, New clubhouse, containers, fence $3,350 $4,173, Clubhouse, containers, yard, fence maintenance $500 $226, Dayleaders $5,493 $4,315, Lease $1,840 $1,342, Insurance $0 $0, Windsurfers $7,400 $9,387, Dinghies $4,700 $2,358, Keelboats $4,700 $521, Skiff, Engines $850 $1,371, BBQ--Open House, Fast Track $1,150 $1,020, Misc $2,100 $191, Advertising $3,700 $524, Brochures, booklets, Bottle $1,200 $1,879, Gen Membership meeting $750 $859, Total Expenditures $63,733 $28,228.

    Motor Report (Riley/Peter) All three skiffs are running. Squidward will be for sale after the paint job is finished.

    Old Business items:

    Jamuel reported that according to Saul, Jane's clothing hut report is incomplete. A report with a complete balance sheet, including all of our assets and liabilities with items like: cash, inventory, a/c payable, a/c receivable, etc. is needed. Jane will provide the report at the next Ex-Com meeting per Jamuels's request.

    New Agenda items:

    1) Approval of Minor Member. Will made a motion that Joseph Degroot, fourteen-years-old, be allowed to join the club as a minor member with the usual obligations, and go for his novice windsurfing rating and junior sailing rating without having to come back to Ex-Com for approval. Robert seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    2) Approval of Matt Jones' Senior Project. Matt Jones presented his Senior Project, which is to finish the bottom work on Nenya, hopefully by the end of August. Will made a motion to accept Matt's proposal. Peter seconded the motion. Budget to complete the project is $500.00. The motion passed unanimously. Will gave Matt the "senior spiel."

    3) Approval of Peter Connolly's Senior Project. Peter Connolly presented his Senior Project, which is to organize, coordinate and run a three-part advanced dinghy clinic. Will made a motion to accept Peter's project proposal, to have Sheldon reserve boats as needed, and to approve Peter to give ratings on the advanced dinghies. Caryl seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Dates are July 25, August 14 and August 28. Peter was given the "senior spiel."

    Action item: Peter Kuhn to get Peter the dinghy handouts, electronically.

    4) Windsurfing lecture series. Jane reported that noted windsurfer Roger Jackson has offered to give a talk to members, with racing tips and a question and answer period, Tuesday, July 20, at CSC. The next day he will give on-the-water tips. The lecture series is free. An announcement will be made on the Yahoo e-mail list. No motion necessary.

    5) Racing Poster. Jane asked whether Ex-Com would like "Supported by CSC" to appear on the Windsurfing Racing Poster publicizing the Wednesday evening windsurfing races she and Ben are organizing. The idea was discussed. The usage of club equipment (such as one of our skiffs) to set up the start and finish marks for the races is covered by club operating rules, just so long as said usage is performed exclusively by a trained and properly rated CSC member. No motion was made to support including "Supported by CSC" on the poster. Although several CSC members take part, the races are not CSC-sponsored. Peter claimed that we do have regatta insurance, in case there is an accident involving the skiff. Jamuel suggested to Jane that she and Ben should consider including CSC as an event organizer so that the event is adequately insured (i.e. regatta insurance) should an accident of fault occur during the Ben and Jane organized racing event.

    6) New lido jibs. Robert made a motion to spend up to $2200 on new lido jibs. Will seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. The three jibs currently at Pineapple are no good. One lido jib was patched yesterday with sticky cloth. The motion passed unanimously.

    7) Acceptance of JY-15 donation. Will made a motion for Saul to accept the donation of a JY-15. Peter seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    8) Lasers for sale. After completion of an upcoming laser regatta, Sven's will have two lasers for sale, with hulls that are 9 days old, used in 3-5 races per day, costing less than $2500 each. Included with the hulls are new radial sails, new lines, and new foils. Peter made a motion to direct Saul to spend up to $3,000 for one of the lasers, and to authorize disposal of the laser that has been tagged "Do no sail" for years. Caryl seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Jane suggested trying to get someone to donate the laser to the club, and will look into this possibility. Peter noted that the purchased laser might be sold for profit. Will noted that the decision on selling it can be deferred.

    Peter made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Note: Two motions were made and passed via e-mail. The first was to accept Asma's younger sister as a minor member; the second was to approve the date of July 30 for Moonlight Madness.