All Meeting Minutes

2004.08.05 - General

Thursday August 05, 2004
General Membership Meeting
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore), Isabella Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Vice Commodore), Jared Goldberg (Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary), and CSC constituency.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) Thanks to all who volunteer to teach, participate in meetings and other club activities.

Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore) Thanks to all who all CSC members who participate in the BYC Races. The Sunday morning dinghy races are a great training ground for the BYC Races.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore) Thanks to Gregg and Ed for continuing to repair the lido fleet, and to Felix for his tireless work on the Rhodes. I am stepping down as 1st V.C., because I would like to live closer to my wife again, and will be relocating to Chicago. Dan Pang and Michael Faw will be taking charge shortly as my replacement.

Isabella (2nd Vice Commodore) Co-chair Pauline Kuykendahl is moving on to become the new CSC “home decorator.” Windsurf projects are moving forward, including finishing the new sail hanging space, acquiring new novice booms and training new teachers. Art Loche, Josh Polston, Isabel La Rocha, Barbara Knox, Ben Pink, Tico, Jameel Alaidroos are teaching most of the classes. Art and Sofien are teaching most of the waterstarting classes. The third Moonlight Madness is approaching, as well as a work party on Saturday. Art is stepping up as Co-chair.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) The keelboats need to be overhauled. Thanks to all who participate in ongoing keelboat maintenance.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) We have given 537 dinghy sailing lessons in the past year. The majority of the lessons are given during the June, July, and August Fast Track, the Women’s Summer Sailing lessons, plus the Wednesday night Keelboat lessons, as well as the Saturday morning, and Monday and Thursday afternoon lessons. Thanks to Neil Larson and Jim Pottinger for continuing to teach sailing on a consistent basis. We have given 95 windsurf lessons for a grand total of 942 sailing and windsurfing lessons. We continue to need teachers for the Saturday morning lessons.

Jared (Port Captain) We presently have five Day Leaders: Brian, Marissa, myself, and two others ; we intend to keep the club open during scheduled daylight hours. Club house repair is ongoing; new paint and new windows are being added. Peter B. has kept the skiffs repaired. If you would like to help at all with any clubhouse repairs, please ask for volunteer hours.

Peter (Treasurer): Annual Report for the Cal Sailing Club - 5/01/03 through 4/30/04 I certify the fiscal statement below was prepared without audit from the books and records of the corporation. Peter Kuhn – Treasurer

Assets: As of 4/30/04, we had $80,476 in our bank accounts, our property was worth about $90,000. and we had no liabilities.

In the last fiscal year, income was $110,760 and our total outlays were $132,836.

Notes: Income includes: $79,835 in regular membership dues, $11,593 in member clothing sales, $10,045 in windsurf locker associate member dues, $3,364 in dinghy fund donations, $3,171 in other donations, including BBQs, $1,599 in surplus equipment sales, $466 in interest income.

Expenditures include: $15,125 in dayleader work-study program costs, $11,690 lease cost, $10,935 insurance cost, $8,882 in member clothing costs, $11,046 for new windsurfing boards and sails (capital expenditures), $7,728 for maintenance supplies and sail repairs for keelboats, $4,973 fornew Laser, new P15 sails, new JY jibs (capital expenditures), $6,110 for maintenance supplies and sail repairs for dinghies, $6,110 for maintenance supplies and repairs for keelboat and skiff motors, $2,453 for new rescue skiff (capital expenditures), $889 for maintenance supplies for skiff, $3,030 for general boat/windsurf maintenance supplies, $436 for tools (capital expenditures), $9,544 for clubhouse project, locker container, etc., (capital expenditures), $2,176 for maintenance supplies for buildings and grounds, $3,318 for food for BBQ’s, Fast Tracks, Moonlight Sails, $2,970 for general membership meeting room rental and food, notices, stamps, $3,166 for copying handbooks, brochures, et., $3,482 for newspaper ads (Express, Daily Cal, Laney, DVD, Chabot College), $827 in fundraising expenses, including slip fees on Santana 27, $1,516 property taxes and boat registration fees, (note: operating expenses total $95,541, )

Lori (Co-secretary) There seems to be quite a few new births among CSC windsurfers in particular; there may be something in the East Bay water, so beware.

New Agenda Items:

1) Discussion regarding rebuilding of the new clubhouse included: responsibilities of City and Marina Staff, additional increase in the yearly fee for hoist maintenance, doubling of the present lease fees, and ongoing lease negotiations. We would like volunteers to help email our members for our letter writing campaign.

2) The Bob Collins Award recipient is a person who is dedicated to teaching above and beyond the call of duty. Bob Collins continuously made rudders and tillers, and taught keelboat lessons for years. He was generally the type of person who stepped up to volunteer as well as pay for his membership.

The Bob Collins Teaching Award for 2004 is given to one person who has repeatedly taught dinghy and keelboat lessons, year after year. Neil Larson is the CSC Bob Collins recipient for 2004.

Peter made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed and cake was served.