All Meeting Minutes

2004.09.28 - Excom

Tuesday September 28, 2004
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Dan Pang (1st Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Commodore), Jared Goldberg (Port Captain ), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer, taking minutes),and members Jane Morson, Peter Baczek, Ed Shirk, Ron Hong, et al.

Absent: Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma (co-Secretaries), and Isabel Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore).

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Ex-Committee Reports

Commodore (Saul) No report

Vice Commodore (Jamuel) Open House today about 150 riders, went well, but needed more Senior and Cruising Skippers. Moonlight sail last night was a big success. Thanks to Leah Teitler and Jim Pottinger for organizing BBQ. Big thanks to all the volunteers for the YMCA rides, and especially to Sherry Daniel for organizing.

1st Vice Commodore (Dan) Got 4 repaired Lido jibs, will call Pineapple regarding new jibs the week after the Big Boat series ends. P15 mains were fixed-thanks Jon Frazier! JY1 was repaired (boom vang bail came out), broke again (spreader). One dead Laser is gone to Ken Henderson, Russell thought twice about taking the other dead Laser, says pitch it (P Kuhn will saw it up). Saul noted Svens will donate 3 complete Laser masts-Peter Baczek will pick them up. Dan picked up 500' each of ¼ and 5/16 line, which are now in the toolshed. 470 centerboard busted top, has been jury-rigged to allow sailing. New dinghy harnesses for 470 crew are in board hospital for now. Allan Champion has been given go-ahead to rig a trapeze on a JY15.

2nd Vice Commodore (Isabel) Absent

3rd Vice Commodore (Will) Thanks to Allan Arrowsmith for climbing Daisy's mast and to Saul for measuring the rig and to Paul Herzmark for volunteering to help organize haulouts next month (September).

Rear Commodore (Sheldon) Michael's fast track in August was plagued by light wind, so far has produced 1 Novice and 1 Junior, more should pass as the wind returns. Mike posted a report to the email discussion list with several recommendations, Sheldon recommends that Fasttrack be for members who've passed their written and rigging tests beforehand, done their work hours. Jamuel agrees. Jane noted that skippers wanted food. Peter Connelly's Advanced Dinghy clinic finished up yesterday, concluding 3 sessions on 3 types of boats, and more may happen as a follow-up.

Port Captain (Jared) New dayleaders hired and being trained: Jeannie Bailey and Brian Sheehan

Dayleader schedule so far: Mon--Jeannie, Tues--vacant, Wed-Marisa, Thurs-Brian, Fri-Erin, Sat am-Jared, Sat pm-Fred, Sun am-Marisa, Sun pm-Micah.

Secretary (Absent) No report

Treasurer (Peter) We got $90,116 in the main CSC holds, pretty much same as $90,414 we had as of the last report for 8/15/04 meeting

In the last 4 weeks, we took in $5,672 including: $3,300 in regular memberships, $1,900 skiff sale, $280 windsurf locker , $105 BBQ donations, In the same 4 weeks, we spent $5,970 including: $2,578 work-study dayleaders June-July (note: budget for these two months was $3,600--we're running way under budget), $924 lease Aug and Sept, $841 dinghy maintenance (sail repairs) & fixup new JY15 (reef points, masthead float, etc.) and new JY15 mainsail (reef points), $482 BBQ food Open House 8/15, fastrack snax 8/10-19, workparty pizza soda 8/7/04, $263 windsurf maintenance (sail repairs, insignia cloth for repairs), $245 notices and stamps general membership meeting 8/5, $152 keelboat maintenance (sail repairs), $120 honorarium Wyatt Miller windsurfing freestyle lecture,

Special Projects Committee:

Jane noted that Wyatt Miller's lecture on windsurfing was a big success. Will noted that Bill P finally managed two duck jibes in a row. No report on member clothing other than "it's fine". Saul reminded Jane to report every month on the member clothing finances and inventory. Peter asked Jane to find someone to handle the numerical duties. Saul also instructed Jane to provide a complete financial statement at the next ExCommie meeting.

Handi-Kup Report Ed Shirk says we now have 1,340, they seem to breed when left in the dark.


Old Business items:

Mixing personal and club windsurfing equipment-no discussion till 2nd vice at meeting.

New Agenda items:

1.. Will Lowe moved to spend $4,000 on replacing the rig on Daisy and other keelboat rig repairs and haulout expenses. Already have some rigging, spars in yard, and will switch to all spectra halyards. Peter Kuhn seconded. Discussion: Peter Baczek recommended matching lines to blocks carefully. Sheldon asked if all sheaves would be changed, Saul said yes where wire halyards would be replaced with fabric. Jamuel asked where rig would be replaced, Will said work would be done mostly in yard. Motion passed-- Unanimous in favor.

2.. Jared resigned and introduced Ron Hung as a potential new replacement whom he and Fred Fannon would train and assist as Port Captain. Saul moved to appoint Ron, Will seconded. Peter Kuhn asked if there was any chance Ron might be distracted from the PC's duties, Ron said we'd have to take it on blind faith. Jamuel asked if Ron knew what he was getting into, Ron said he'd been around and had started volunteer dayleader training with David Fraser last year. Motion passed-- Unanimous in favor.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07 p.m.