All Meeting Minutes

2004.11.05 - General

Friday November 05, 2004
General Membership Meeting
Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore), Dan Pang and Michael Faw (1st Vice Commodores), Isabella Fortier (2nd Vice Commodore), Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore), Sheldon Coad (Rear Vice Commodore), Ron Huang (Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Lori Taguma & Caryl Woulfe (Co-Secretaries), and CSC constituency.

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore) The next Ex-comm meeting will take place two weeks from Sunday instead of this Sunday. We need more Senior volunteers to give keelboat rides on Open House days. We are considering not handing outprinted matter and charging for all books and printed matter from the club to save money since it all resides on the website and is easily down loadable. A suggestion was made to make a one page hand out with pertinent info so people don't go away empty handed.

Jamuel Starkey (Vice Commodore) Membership revenue is up for fiscal year to date due to the increase in dues, but membership numbers are down compared to last year. Please help CSC’s clubhouse fundraising efforts by purchasing the CSC calendar for $20, or the CSC burgee and calendar for $100. Special thanks to Alex Case, our advertising chair and to Bill Mosley, the webmaster for their ongoing assistance. And an extra special thanks to Sherry Daniels, our membership chair, for her tireless efforts.

Dan and Michael (1st Vice Commodores) The Precisions are in the process of being dismantled and are receiving new masts. The 470’s are being repaired on an ongoing basis.

Isabella (2nd Vice Commodore) We are buying boards for X-mas and filling the wish list for next year. The wind has died but we’ll look forward to more storms over the winter months. I am stepping down since my teaching and family schedule has become busy, but I will return next summer. I would like to nominate Asmaa and Art for Co-chair positions in the interim. Please remember to purchase discounted equipment and clothing from Boardsports and harness deals from Jane Morson.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore) Daisy was finally re-rigged; thanks to Saul for his excellent assistance. We need to replace the anchors on the Ensign, replace wenches, re-rig Louie soon, and attempt to get rid of Huey, who has been derelict for some time. Matt has worked on the Nena, and the disabled sailing organization has moved on.

Sheldon (Rear Commodore) Over the past twelve months, CSC volunteers have taught 2391 "Individual lessons", including 1530 "Dinghy lessons", with 314 class days of instruction. In addition there were 833 "Instructor Classes". The teaching program has included ongoing Fast Tracks taught by many new and seasoned volunteers, and the Women’s Sailing Program, taught by Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma over the summer. The student to instructor ratio is 3 to 1, creating a high rate of successful sailors. We will hold the Reefing Clinic on Saturday and continue with the Cruising Skipper study groups.

Ron Huang (Port Captain) I have enjoyed my time as CSC Port Captain, but I must say that I have been the most incompetent PC ever. Fred Fannon, most beloved Day Leader, is managing the CSC /Cal Work Study program. Meredith was hired back as DL, and is running for Port Captain, since I am stepping down.

Peter (Treasurer): CSC Statement of Financial Condition Nov 1, 2004

As of November 1st we have $87,438 in the bank, and our property is worth about $90,000. In the last three months we took in $24,709 and spent $27,338: Actual Income August through October ‘04: Memberships- $21,605 Donations, windsurf rental lockers, etc.- $3,104 Total Income- $24,709

Actual Outlays August through October ‘04: Dayleaders (amount is for 4-1/2 months--our share of June-August plus all of September, about $1,500 will be paid back by UC), $8,189 Insurance (workers compensation insurance for dayleaders), $2,288 Lease (3 months at $462/mo – no new lease yet), $1,386 Printing, Newspaper Ads, other communications, $1,017 Dinghies (new Lido jibs, lotsa fiberglass supplies and parts and sail repairs) $5,477 Keelboats (Daisy rerig, Nenya fiberglass supplies, parts and sail repairs) $2,438 Windsurfers (sail repairs and parts) $615 Skiff and engines (gas, parts for turtled skiff repair, tuneup parts, paint) $1,097 Clubhouse & Yard (paint, parts repair old windsurf rack, garbage service) $1,268 Club activities (BBQ’s, General Membership Meeting, workparty, Fastrack, Slim’s bday) $2,738 Miscellaneous work supplies, office supplies, etc. $825 Total Outlays $27,338

In the next 3 months (Nov – Jan) expected income is about $8,000, and budgeted spending tops $25,000: Expected Income Nov ’04 through Jan ‘05, Memberships, $7,236 Donations, etc. $520 Total Income $7,756

Planned Outlays Nov ’04 through Jan ‘05: Insurance (liability insurance due in January) $11,000, Dayleaders, $3,206, CSC15, $3,000, Lease, $2,880, Windsurfers, $1,400, Dinghies, $700, Keelboats, $700, General Membership Meeting, $750, Booklets, brochures, $600, BBQ's, $450, Taxes, DMV $400, Skiff, engines $300, Misc, $130, Total Outlays, $25,516 P.S. I really like the cobbler.

Caryl & Lori (Co-secretaries) Caryl: Thanks to all volunteers who give their time generously. Lori: I would like to extend our gratitude to all members and non-members who support the CSC sailing and windsurfing programs.

Sherrie Daniels: David Anstice has created a CSC fundraising calendar for the new clubhouse. Donations are $20 per calendar, and $100 for a burgee with a calendar.

Agenda Items:

1) Lease negotiations arise in June and because the city is low on funds, it will attempt to raise non-profit fees, as well as double the $5300 spent on hoist maintenance, a % of costs. CSC has considered licensing vs. leasing from the city as an alternative. We need more members present in Waterfront Commission and City meetings. CSC members are also encouraged to write letters to the city.

2) Officer Elections: Jerry Huff nominated Saul Schumsky for Commodore. Vote passed with unanimous approval. Saul nominated Jamuel Starkey for Vice Commodore; vote passed with unanimous approval. Michael Faw and Dan Pang were nominated by Jamuel for 1st Vice Commodore co-chairs; vote passed unanimously. Asmaa Asyed and Art Locht were nominated by Asmaa, for 2nd Vice Commodore co-chairs; vote passed with unanimous approval. Sheldon Coad nominated Will Lowe for 3rd Vice Commodore; vote passed with unanimous approval and confetti. Will Lowe nominated Sheldon Coad for Rear Commodore; vote passed with more confetti. Saul nominated Meredith Robert for Port Captain; vote passed with unanimous approval. Peter Kuhn nominated himself for treasurer; vote passed with delicious screams. Caryl Woulfe and Lori Taguma were nominated for co-secretarial positions by Peter K.; vote passed unanimously.

David Anstice moved to adjourn. Motion passed and cake was served.