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2003.01.12 - Excom

Sunday January 12, 2003
Cal Sailing Club

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Ben Pink, (Vice Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Barbara Knox, (2nd Vice Commodore); Don McPherson, (3rd Vice Commodore); Tom Wu, (Port Captain); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Peter Kuhn, AKA Krusty (Treasurer); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore):

Thanks to all people on ex-comm, and to all people who are not on ex-comm, for the work that they are doing. I attended an informative Water Commission meeting on Wednesday that centered on the silting problem in South Basin, and the boating area planned for North Basin. The Sierra Club is pushing hard to close boating access to the North Basin, except during late April to late September. They and the State Parks Agency are concerned with the migratory bird issue; the City Planning Commission tabled the discussion. We need to get timely work projects to the CSC day leaders, so that they can plan accordingly. The Board Hospital needs to be painted soon to alleviate rain damage.

Ben (Vice Commodore):

Thanks to the people who gave rides at the last Open House, where there was a decent sized turn out. The 2003 Open House schedule is printed on the new brochures, one page leaflets, and on the website. The website has been updated with the new dates. We can always use volunteer help on Open House days. Please contact the vice commodore to volunteer with open house. mailto:

Jim (1st Vice Commodore):

Ed and Greg are still doing a heroic job keeping the Lidos going. The Rhodes needs a Senior for an open project. Congratulations to Saul and Ben for picking up the Snipe, which we intend to sell.

Barbara (2nd Vice Commodore):

I would like to thank the people who contributed to the discussion on the windsurfing list regarding a possible rule change in the PFD/wetsuit requirement. It was very informative. Some interesting comments regarding the PFD discussion:

Barbara: If windsurfers who do not wear a PFD, or are not in full wetsuit/harness drown, I don’t think we’re liable. Although it has been suggested that we change the wording on the PFD requirement for the following reasons: The rule stating that Junior and higher rated windsurfers in Full Wet suit and harness, do not have to wear a PFD, was written at a time when wearing a PFD inhibited using the harness. Now, people wear a harness and PFD for many reasons including: 1) Safety, it protects rib cage during falls 2) helps maintain warmth, flotation 3)makes it easier to water start.

Matthias’ suggestion included a proposed wording change; that members wear PFDs even if they are rated Junior and above, because of the above reasons.

Dave McFarlane: Investigate buying some tight Windsurfing Lifejackets. Request that people wear PFDs, not rule that they have to. Put a laminated sign at the end of the pier and on the posts on the pier. If you do sail without a harness/pfd or full wetsuit, you are instantly suspended.

John Frazier: Wearing a lifejacket WITH a helmet. Getting knocked in the head by the boom is a danger because the lifejacket causes the person to become a target, instead of allowing him to go underwater.

Don (3rd Vice Commodore):

No Report.

Beth (Rear Commodore):

Peter’s Motor Maintenance seminar was well attended. There’s another coming up about Bare Boat Cruising, and a Racing Tech Seminar. We plan to schedule at least two seminars a month. Saul has suggested getting Seniors to teach dinghy lessons at low tide.

Tom (Port Captain):

Thanks to the people who helped out over the break…Pauline, John, Emilian. The Spring Day Leaders Schedule is pretty much complete. We need to hire one new DL for Wednesday and part of Friday....and clarification on Open House dates.

Peter (Treasurer):

No one needs to pay out in advance for anything; there are plenty of charge accounts for all expenses. The fiscal year ends in April.

Lori (Secretary):

Thanks to Krusty, for filling me in on craft licensing. According to your notes, there should be eight Lidos, one 470, one Rhodes, six Pearsons, four Lasers, two Bytes, two Precisions, two rescue skiffs, three JY15’s. Registration is ongoing for the twenty-seven crafts, and none are due.

Old Agenda Items:

  • Discussion surrounding history of ex-comm windsurfers: Barbara mentioned the fact that Matthais’ intention was to add a suggestion to the operating rules regarding PFDs and windsurfers.

    Pauline suggested that if the PFD’s don’t fit with the windsurf harness, then it’s time to re-equip.

    John thinks that J+ windsurfers shouldn’t be required to wear a lifejacket.

    Jim and Art mentioned the fact that it is difficult for the Day Leaders to recognize Junior class windsurfers, to tell if they need to be wearing PFDs or not.

    Motion made by Peter, to propose that we no longer discuss changing the PFD rules. Motion passed unanimously in favor.

  • Antrim Discussion: Ed Shirk has volunteered to make a sailable prototype mold for about $10,000.00. He would like to use the corner of the yard where the keel boat is now located and would like to purchase a container, about $2000.00, to house more racks.

    New Agenda Items:

    • Motion made by Peter, to pay CSC’s insurance bill of $10,132.00 for the year, and to pay $100.00 for CSC membership in the San Francisco Boardsailing Association. Both motions passed unanimously.
    • Motion made by Saul, at the request of Al Champion; $200.00 for boat repairs. Motion passed, all in favor.
    • Saul made a motion to give Chris Hsu $80.00, to make hiking sticks for Lasers. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Next motion made by Saul: Jamuel, the new YRA Chairperson, requested $400.00 to pay for the 2000-2001 membership claim and racing season backlog. For 16 members /$25.00. Motion passed, all in favor.
    • Question posed by Cal Hangliding Club: Would CSC issue use of rental space and what would we charge? CSC would like CHC to produce a letter from the City of Berkeley, establishing that we do rent more space than we currently occupy. Once proved, we would rent space at $3000.00 a year.

    Peter moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.