All Meeting Minutes

2003.02.23 - Excom

Sunday February 23, 2003
Cal Sailing Club

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Ben Pink, (Vice Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Barbara Knox, Dave Macfarlane, (2nd Vice Commodores); Don McPherson, (3rd Vice Commodore); Beth Burnstein (Rear Commodore); Tom Wu, (Port Captain); Peter Kuhn, AKA Krusty (Treasurer); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): Thanks to Jane Morson who worked on the Svensen’s agreement. She also arranged an agreement with the Harbourmaster at Marina Village Yacht Harbour, to give CSC members permission to dock two to three keel boats over night, with April 11 &12, and June 14, Sept., 19 &20th not available.

Ben (Vice Commodore): Thanks to Mike Hubbell we will have the Shorebird Nature Center children’s sailing classes, to teach simulated sailing on land for elementary school kids. He will teach most of the classes, but if you would like to participate in this program, please call Denise Brown at 510-644-8632. <.p<

Thanks to Pauline Kuykendall for organizing great barbeques for the Open House Days. We need volunteers for the Berkeley Bay Festival April 26th. There is a possibility of getting a booth at the Pacific Sail Expo April 23-27.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore): I’m looking at the East Bay Regional Parks District plans for Shoreline Development and the City of Berkeley monetary issue for dredging the South Sailing Basin. Also, I’m looking for a new Laser Chair, as the last person shellfishly, but respectfully declines because of time constraints. Many thanks again to Ed and Greg and the other volunteers for all their work in the yard.

Dave Macfarlane & Barbara Knox (2nd Vice Commodores): The board hospital roof is on and much painting was done thanks to the hard work of many people: a big thanks to Reese Jones who worked all day on the roof, Peter Kuhn for his humor and hard work in getting supplies together and directing this project, Vincent Fallourd even though he didn’t do his naked wind dance, Lori Taguma for her interior decorating skills and for obtaining paint donation, John Humphrey, Karl Sulanke, and Marek Musical for painting, Jeff and Greg (the Lido guru) for helping to finish the roof, and Matthias Roschke for putting the finishing touches on the painting and working on the roof. Saul Schumsky for moral support and caulking training and Trumpton (Dave MacFarlane) for organizing a work party Monday which included Bob Hood and Lori Taguma. Trumpton also motiviated us to come out again today. There’s still more painting and caulking to do on the board hospital.

We’re still looking for someone to update the board and sail inventory and get rid of those boards and sails that are not needed or never used. Please contact us at if you’re interested.,/p>

Dave is working on getting a quote from the container company for two containers. One for the new container needed for the Dingy building project and the second on for the possible replacement of the windsurfing container since it is rusting badly. Possible cost $1200 for each.

Second a possible test drive/rental of a skiff jet Ski Boat to see how feasible it would be to use one instead of purchasing a newer skiff. No confimation yet from the Alameda chandler shop on when that can be arranged.

Don (3rd Vice Commodore): We got two new sail covers and I’m still dealing with the DMV about the JY.

Beth (Rear Commodore): Susan Margulies has agreed to run the Women’s Sailing program every other Sunday for the next few months. She doesn’t want to do this as her Senior Project. I propose we offer her a free quarterly membership for all of her time organizing and teaching in the program then, if that is acceptable.

Also, Susan has also volunteered to call about 10 Juniors (once I get the list from Sypko) to try to get teachers for the Shorebird Nature thing. She won’t have much time for more calling. She’s also volunteered to teach one of the days. That’s all I have for now.

Tom (Port Captain): Nothing to report this week.

Peter (Treasurer): The good news is that we did get the Starbucks grant, the bank loan for capital improvements (new fleet, clubhouse, and computerized membership and equipment check-out system) came through, we’ve hired 300 new day leaders for the summer, and we can look forward to an excellent working relationship with our new management firm, Krustycorp, who arranged this all for us.

The bad news is that unless we raise $500,000 in new working capital within the next week, we will be in default on our contract with Krustycorp, who has already secured ownership of the club’s assets and filed liens against all the members in anticipation of our not raising the capital.

So, as treasurer, I’d like to suggest that we hold a few bake sales, like starting right now, and maybe think about looking around for Berkeley for a suitcase neutron bomb we might acquire and resell on Ebay to Raise the nut—can anyone type an ad in Arabic?

Other than that, we’re in fine shape, financially speaking.

Lori (Secretary): Many thanks to Barbara Knox for not only picking up the paint which was donated by Olympic Stain and Paint to finish the Windsurf Board Hospital, but for bringing homemade potato salad to feed us all after we finished painting. (It was excellent) We almost completed the Board Hospital through a final group effort by roofers and painters, including Peter K., Reese, Cheetam, Barbara, Trumpton, Mattiasse, Karl, Mitsu, and several others.

New Agenda Items:

    1) Don made a motion to approve the next printing of membership cards, to say that CSC membership entitles you to wholesale prices at Svensen’s. Motion passed unanimously. Discussion continued regarding the $25,000. minimum quota per year for boating items spent for CSC members, as well as Svensen’s coming over to teach 4 to 5 CSC classes per year.

    2) Discussion on CSC representation at San Francisco Boat Show where we could pitch the club and get more plans for boat building. Other club needs are upgrading windsurfing equipment and plans for a jet-skiff.

    3) Ben made a motion to allocate $65,000.00 to build a boat and 4 molds for Antrim CSC 15 design. Motion includes the friendly amendment regarding the initial $10,000. for the previous boat. Motion also includes the friendly amendment to never talk about the subject again. Motion passed with four in favor, three opposed, two abstentions.

Peter made the motion to adjourn. All voted in favor.