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2003.04.06 - Excom

Sunday April 06, 2003
Disciplinary Action Closed to Web

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Ben Pink, (Vice Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Trumpton McFarlane, (2nd Vice Commodore); Don McPherson, (3rd Vice Commodore); Beth Burstein (Rear Commodore); Tom Wu, (Port Captain); Peter Kuhn (Treasurer); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): Thanks to Jane Morson for collecting raffle merchandise, as well as finding a skiff for $8,900.00. Congratulations to Matthais Rothski, our newest Senior Skipper. Beth and I attended the Community Sailing Meeting where our discussion centered on the possibility of passing the lido’s on to the kid’s program, if we get rid of them. Joaquim has agreed to build the Antrims in the CSC yard.

Ben (Vice Commodore): The last open house was successful. Thanks to Tom and Fred for sticking around all day. The next open house is April 26th, the Berkeley Bay Festival. The club will be offering open house rides from K-dock. We will have a table set up at which we will be handing out club information as well as selling Sweepstakes tickets. The club is holding a fundraising sweepstakes for many great prizes donated by members of the sailing community including Svendsen's,Pineapple Sails, Extrasport, and others. The sweepstakes drawing will be held April 27th at the club booth at the Pacific Sail Expo. Tickets can be obtained for a suggested donation of $1/ticket or $5/6 tickets, and are available at the both the sail expo and the bay festival. Cal-sailing will also be offering club T-shirts, in three different designs, available at the club booth at the sail expo. The shirts will also be available following the show.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore): Our second trailer is about to die, but our fleet is running well thanks to Ed and Greg. We may have new issues with laser use regarding the new seniors.

Trumpton McFarlane (2nd Vice Commodore): Barbara is stepping down, and there may be someone else filling in for her. Several people will be teaching windsurf clinics soon; one will be on board repair.

Don (3rd Vice Commodore): There is a senior wannabe who is willing to do work on the Ensign in the yard, as his senior project.

Beth (Rear Commodore): We have a busy calendar for April and May. On April 12th, we have Intro to Dinghy Sailing; the 13th and the 27th, the Women’s Sailing Program; May 3rd is the Capsize Clinic; May 5th through 9th is Leah’s Fast Track Sailing Clinic.

Tom (Port Captain): Everything is running fine; one Day Leader may be leaving.

Peter (Treasurer): I move that we pay the following bills: $438 to DMV to register the 3rd JY (Nica Juga), it’s trainer, and the second P15 $250 to BYC for the room (naw, not that kinda room, for the general membership meeting, $754.60 to Pinapple Sails for dinghy and keelboat sail repairs, $367.72 to Port Supply (yes, dear, I will buy everything from Svens from now on) for sail covers for the keelboats (this actually was already approved, but hell, its just one motion) battery charger for one of the keelboats, and some epoxy for repairing the Rhodes (that too was approved), $343.75 to Leif Wadleigh for bookie services

Lori (Secretary): There's a need to become more aware of regulating windsurf sail repair now that the wind is picking up; damaged sails are being put back in the racks without being repaired or tagged.

New Agenda Items:

    1) Beth made a motion to approve Leah Teitler’s Fast Track Project. Motion passed unanimously. Saul presented the “Senior Spiel”, outlining the leadership responsibilities and skill level expectations required of a CSC senior skipper.

    2) Saul motioned to approve $200.00 Boat Show raffle tickets. Approved with a friendly amendment to allow more to be printed if necessary. 1 ticket/ $1.00- 6 tickets/$5.00.

    3) Beth made a motion to approve John Mathais to teach a clinic, How to Teach Windsurfing Right, on May 17th.

    4) Saul motioned to approve spending for 500 t-shirts @ 8.50 each. They will come in different colors, sizes, with CSC logos. Motion passed, 5 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention.

    5) Don made a motion to purchase $750.00 work of CSC Burgees. Motion passed, 6 in favor, 2 abstentions.

    6) Saul motioned to accept all donations Jane Morson has collected. Motion passed.

    7) Saul made a motion to allocate permission for himself, Ben, Don, Bob Hood to administer Senior Wannabe Sailing Tests on May 4. Motion passed, all in favor.

    8) Ben motioned to allocate a free membership to Mark Richards, in return for his very generous windsurfing equipment donation. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    9) Ben made a motion to allocate a free membership to Henry, for donating camera and production time in CSC video production. Motion passed, all in favor.

    10) Saul made a motion to allocate free 3 month membership to Ed Corbett, for his Reno Sailing Club in Sparks, Nevada. Motion passed.

    11) Saul made a motion to allow Don to take a Commander to Jack London Square for America’s True, which is a kid's educational sailing event. Cruise to be considered his first toward his Cruising Skipper rating. Motion passed.

    12) Saul motioned to accept Al Champion’s JY dinghy cruise proporsal, April 19th. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

Ben made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed with unanimous approval.