All Meeting Minutes

2003.06.01 - Excom

Sunday June 01, 2003
Cal Sailing Club

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Sherry Daniels, (Vice Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Asmaa Asyyd (2nd Vice Commodore); Matthais Roschke (3rd Vice Commodore); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Pamela Crawford, (Port Captain); Peter Kuhn (Treasurer); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): Fourteen year old Santiago, (appearing with his father) would like to learn to sail and windsurf, and eventually return to Argentina to teach. There are several issues which we need to consider regarding minors and English as a second language, for safety reasons.

Sherry (Vice Commodore): Antrim construction is scheduled to begin July 1st. The last Open House was very successful; we gave eighty-six rides and signed on twelve new members. Fourteen new skippers gave rides today.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore): No report.

Asmaa (2nd Vice Commodore): Sofien would like to present his Senior Project Proposal, Learning to Waterstart, which he will teach over the next four weekends. He will cover the basics, such as uphauling and the benefits of waterstarting for juniors and advanced novice windsurfers. The class will practice in shallow water at the Ashby Shoal beach. The project will take 16 to 24 hours to complete. There will be four or five students per class. Check for scheduled times.

Matthais (3rd Vice Commodore): Work on the Nena is progressing steadily, especially once we have the rudder back from Ken. Vivian’s senior project will include continuing to slowly patch Nena.

Beth (Rear Commodore): June 1, 10:30- 12:30. Allan Champion held his Docking Seminar. June 8, 2-5 there will be a special Byte Clinic with Ed Shirk for the Women’s Program this time around. June 21, 2-4, Chris Hsu will hold Part I of this 3-part series in Laser Sailing. He will cover Laser Rigging and Basic Laser Sailing in this clinic. June 22, 1-4, Women’s Program. June 23-37, Fast Track organized by Jeff Lewis. Tentatively planned: How to Teach Windsurfing Right, Part II with John Mathias, most likely on June 29, time to be determined. And finally, teachers are still desperately needed for M, Th, and Saturday Dinghy lessons. I’m trying to set up volunteers to call around and e-mail teachers to sign them up for lesson days.

Pamela (Port Captain): We have reduced our payments for Cal Day Leaders to 45%. Meredith and Fred are covering the schedule, but we also have two other candidates. We should continue to open early on weekends, at 9am. Sypko has the list of seniors who have, and/ or will be receiving keys.

Peter (Treasurer): We currently have $92,561 in our various holds, after paying off almost all of our bills: --for the new skiff hull and motor. --for dayleaders (work study) up through March (they're slow to bill) --for the new windsurf stuff

New memberships are pouring in. Money is not pouring out.

Please note, Sherry et al, that the proto-Antrim that Saul and Joakim continue to plan on conferring about, will cost about $65,000. Lasers cost less than $5,000 new. New windsurf boards are about $700 apiece. That leaves a chunka change for other things. (Look at the hole my finger made in the clubhouse wall. Hint. Hint.)

As our previous Treas has gleefully noted from Portugal, where the lucky dog lazes, the fiscal year has ended and the government center will want our paperwork soon. It's under control.

1. I move we spend up to $1,000 for paid dayleaders' labor during the year end May 24-June 1 period when work study goes away. (delete this motion if the Port Captains already have it covered)


2. Moonlight sail June 13th, with the following provisions: a) Junior, Senior, and Cruising Skippers will be allowed to sail dinghies in Jr. area in groups of two or more staying within 100 yards of each other, b) all skippers shall carry at least one working waterproof flashlight, c) a dayleader to be paid to stay as late as they can, d) skiff to be in the water but not used except for rescues and slow patrols of the Jr. Area, e) BBQ, hot cocoa, cookies. (note Operating rules say no sailboards or kayaks after dark--do we want to make an exception? We could allow them out in groups of two or more if they wear a lightstick, tie another to their mast--rave time!--and carry a working waterproof flashlight)

3. Sell as surplus the 15 hp skiff motor, the hull presently under the 25 hp motor, and a JY trailer as a package for approximately $1,500. (note the yard will be packed and this equipment will be surplus once we have the new skiff operational, which should be end of June. The prototype dolly seems to work for the JY, and the hull under the 25 hp skiff needs more work than the hull under the 15 hp motor. The 15 hp motor is too heavy for keelboat use, and I hate the lfkr.)

Lori (Secretary): Thanks to the Excomm members who submit reports to the secretary, either before or after the meetings, especially Beth & Peter who consistently submit. And to Sherry, for reminding everyone once again.


New Agenda Items:

    1) Peter made a motion to pass the three items mentioned in his report. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

    2) Saul made a motion to allow fourteen-year old Santiago to sail and get his Novice rating. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    3) Beth discussed the online tide chart change, from 1.0 foot to 1.7 feet, to clarify skiff accessibility.

    4) Saul made a motion to accept proposal from U.C.B. architecture students, with a friendly amendment of July 1st deadline. Motion passed, unanimous approval. Tom Wu is the UCB / Cal Sailing Architecture Liaison.

    5) Bob Collins memorial project. Tabled.

    6) Peter made a motion to add 60 amps of power in yard, in order to build the Antrims. Motion passed, unanimous approval. (With the possible use of Berkeley tool library tools)

    7) Saul motioned to allocate $260.00 for deck repair. Approved, unanimous vote.

    8) Peter made a motion to approve Sofien Sehiri’s Senior Waterstart Proposal. The Waterstart Clinic will be held during the following four weekends. Friendly amendment: Sofien will have the power to give Novices their Junior rating tests, to allow more windsurfers access to Ashby Shoal. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

Peter Kuhn made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed with unanimous approval.