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2003.06.29 - Excom

Sunday June 29, 2003
Disciplinary action closed to web.

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Asmaa Asyyd (2nd Vice Commodore); Matthais Roschke (3rd Vice Commodore); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Pamela Crawford & Bruce McKenzie (Port Captains); Peter Kuhn (Treasurer); Lori Taguma & Chloe Arnold (Secretaries).

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): We are obviously not going to make the July 1st start date for Antrim construction.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore): It’s been a good year so far regarding major repairs; my job has been easy.

Asmaa (2nd Vice Commodore): The second windsurf clinic with Jason Voss is scheduled for July 13th. The first windsurf clinic with Peter DeKay from ABK windsurf camp was great.

Matthais (3rd Vice Commodore): Work on the Nena is still in progressing slowly.

Beth (Rear Commodore): Our last Fast Track included 15-20 students; seven novices and two junior test takers passed their tests.

Attila Remenyi’s Proposal for Senior Project: I would like to organize a "Fast Track" this July. It will run five days, Monday July 14-Friday July 18, 17:00-20:30. Students will arrive at 17:00 to rig and drop boats. Instructors can arrive at 17:30, with boats ready in the water. Boats will return to dock at 20:00. Sunset is around 20:30 in July, leaving us half an hour of daylight to de-rig and store the boats. This schedule works with the tides.

One of the most frustrating things for new members working towards their Junior Skipper rating is trying to get tiller time on the club's dinghies. The Fast Track, by giving back-to-back days of instruction, will provide a quick route to Junior Skippership for motivated Novices.

I hope that this Fast Track will serve the club in a couple of ways. First, it will provide Novices with the experience needed to pass their Junior Test. Second, by creating new Junior Skippers, we will create more teachers for the next generation of novices.

Requirements for novices interested in participating are: *passed both rigging and written tests *completed an additional two work hours *able to commit to all five evenings of Fast Track.

There will be space for at least 10 students per night. There will be at least six instructors per night. The curriculum will be composed of the following: *Tacking *Heaving to *Jibing *Circles around a buoy *MOB (slow sailing) *Backward sailing *Docking (slow sailing, backwind the main, aborting) *Capsize Recovery *Anchoring *Extras: reefing underway, single handing, knots, etc.

There will need to be a handful of Senior or Cruising Skippers available on the final day to give out Junior tests to those who are ready. We'll wrap up the Fast Track with a celebratory BBQ (for fun, but also to lure rated skippers to come teach!) after we put the boats away on the final day. Thank you for considering my proposal.

Bruce (Port Captain): We will have a late opening at 1:00 July 3rd. Work study funds for the day leaders have been reduced for Fred, Meredith, and Neil. We need to find more day leaders.

Peter (Treasurer): Currently we got $93,876.90 in the bank.

Since last we met two weeks ago, we spent $2500 on a new Laser sailboat, $750 on burgees (them little flags), $300 more on electrical service to the yard, not to mention the regular $240 lease payment, a $120 honorarium to Jason Voss for windsurfing expertise, and miscellaneous reimbursements.

And we deposited about $4,500 in membership dues and $750 from the sale (Thanks Saul and Ben!) of the Snipe.

Lori (Secretary): Thanks again to everyone who send their reports to the secretaries.

New Agenda Items:

    1) Saul made a motion to re-instate Martin Cooper’s J+ windsurfing rating. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

    2) Agenda item closed to web.

    3) Beth made a motion to approve Jeff S.’s Fast Track Senior project. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    4) Beth made a motion to approve Attilla R.’s Fast Track Senior project for the end of July. Motion passed, with unanimous approval. Peter K. gave Attilla the Senior Speil, outlining Senior member's responsibilities as role models and mentors.

    5) Asmaa made a motion to approve Sofien S.’s Senior Windsurf Waterstart Clinic that took place over three weekends and included beach starts at Ashby Beach. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    6) Peter made a motion to approve the agenda for the August 7th General Membership Meeting, to include some type of delicious cake. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    7) Peter and Asmaa made a motion to allocate $9000.00 to purchase windsurfing equipment. Eight votes in approval, one vote against.

    8) Peter made a motion to authorize DL Fred to sign off Day Leader trainees. Unanimous vote in favor.

    9) Discussion of project proposal by Cal Architecture students. Concerns included engineering, scheduling, demolition. Tabled for more information.

Peter Kuhn made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed with unanimous approval.