All Meeting Minutes

2003.07.27 - Excom

Sunday July 27, 2003

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Asmaa Asyyd (2nd Vice Commodore); Matthais Roschke (3rd Vice Commodore); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Pamela Crawford & Bruce McKenzie (Port Captains); Peter Kuhn (Treasurer); Lori Taguma (Secretary).

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): Marie Collins and her grandson Sterling have petitioned to make Sterling a minor member. He would like to windsurf but he is under the fourteen-year old age limit.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore): Attila Remenyi would like to get signed off on his Senior Project (Fast Track last week). He still needs to repair a boom vang that was busted during his fast track.

Attilla’s Senior Fast Track Report: Six people passed their Junior sailing tests, two Novices passed, and ten people were allowed in who were on the wait list.

Asmaa (2nd Vice Commodore): With regards to the agenda item that I added not too long ago about Andreas being authorized to pass novices: He will not be able to make it to the meeting, but here is his speech:

Asma, I won't be able to attend the ex-comm meeting, but here is a statement you can read for them...

I've been teaching windsurfing on Saturdays, and throughout the week people ask me to tell them who can give them their Junior windsurfing test. Often there are no seniors around I can refer them to, so Art suggested I get dispensation to give Junior windsurfing tests. I am a senior skipper and j+ windsurfer, teach regularly (alternating between dinghy, keelboat, and windsurfing), and know the club standards for Junior tests. I would like to pass everyone that gets tested by me, but I will not compromise on safety. Test takers would need to demonstrate that they can get tack upwind in the swell beyond HSS Lordships, do a few turns, and come back on a 10kts+ day with an oversized sail without needing a rescue. I would also check their work hours before giving a test. Thanks. -Andreas

Matthais (3rd Vice Commodore): Work on the Nena is progressing slowly, and everything else is running smoothly.

Beth (Rear Commodore): Nine junior sailors passed their tests during the July Fast Track. There will be another held in August. We need teachers for the Wednesday night keelboat lessons.

Tom Wu (our liaison for the clubhouse reconstruction) has arranged for two UCB architecture grad students, Jeff and Chris, to attend our meeting and express their intentions at this point regarding rebuilding the planned clubhouse. Few express our concerns/excitement/confusion, etc about having their students reconstruct the clubhouse. BTW, they have not been given the "go ahead" from us yet, so let's be nice to them, but really use this meeting as a chance to hear them one more time and decide if we want to follow this route. If so, we need to let them know, via Tom Wu, if we want to proceed ASAP.

Pam & Bruce (Port Captains): We still need volunteer Day Leaders. Thanks to Ed Shirk for opening the club in the mornings; his undying support is appreciated. The Day Leader hires look promising.

Peter (Treasurer): Currently we got just under $90k -- $89,948.54 to be exact -- in the bank.

Since last we met two weeks ago, we spent almost $11k -- 10,765.39 to be exact – on a variety of crap, including lots of windsurf gear, Day Leader work study costs, some property taxes, renting the BYC for our coming general membership meeting, our regular monthly lease payment to the City, BBQ supplies, etc., as follows:

Who to, What for, How Much,

Pauline Kuykendall food etc for 7/13/03 BBQ 143.25, Delta Windsurf Company 4 used windsurf booms 366.35, Delta Windsurf Company patch 3 windsurf sails 180.00, Bill Prinzmetal P15 hatch gasket, dolly repair parts 226.43, Bill Prinzmetal rope cutter blades 8.64, Bill Prinzmetal wheels for windsurfing simulator 8.65, Kevin Williams Gas for skiff, keelboat motors 47.98, Steve Oliphant Sandpaper 11.88, Greg Sweriduk Lido ID numbers 36.64, Pauline Kuykendall Berk Groc soda ice for 7/4/03 BBQ 10.72, Ray Landstrom lamp for light outside clubhouse 21.62, Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company Lido boom ends 46.18, Donald Drummond hinges for windsurf locker door 4.97, Berkeley BoardSports 3 Motion windsurf boards, fins, bases, bolts 2,320.61, Berkeley BoardSports 3 Ezzy small windsurf sails 1 520 mast etc 1,313.18, Deb Jacobs P15 spinnaker parts (Sr. project) 384.02, City of Berkeley 8/1/03 lease rent 240.00, Alameda County; Tax Collector Property tax on possessory interest in land and improvements 192.17, Alameda County; Tax Collector Property tax on CF2808CW Pearson Commander Hull 118 (Donald?) 53.64, Alameda County; Tax Collector Property tax on CF0302SB Precision 15 P2 2001 46.15, Alameda County; Tax Collector Property tax on CF7572KU Precision 15 P1 2002 47.40, Alameda County; Tax Collector Property tax on CF6898NR JY15 1995 (JY2?) 33.68, Cal Copy Copies--500 boat handbooks, 500 windsurf handbooks, brochures, etc. 1,071.86

Liquid Light sales tax on light sticks 7.76, Seth Clark hose for keelboats 21.62, Seth Clark markers to mark new PFD's 3.34, Fast Bottoms Huey Dewey Louie bottom cleaning 100.41, Fast Bottoms Daisy bottom cleaning 38.68, Fast Bottoms Donald bottom cleaning 38.68, Berkeley Yacht Club Room rental for 8/7/03 gen membership meeting 150.00, Berkeley Yacht Club Kitchen rental 8/7/03 100.00, UC Regents Work study dayleaders billing period 6/30/03 meredith fred neil 3,446.55, Lewis Henslee III tea, cremora, cocoa for hypothermia 5.33, United States Postal Service 1st class stamps for Treasurer 37.00, 10,765.39

And we deposited over $7.5k--$7,620 to be exact—from $7,110.00 in regular memberships, a $240 check for a windsurfing locker, $150 in YRA memberships, $80 in BBQ donations, $30 for a burgee, and $10 for booklets.

Lori (Secretary): Thanks to David Fraser for recently training new club Day Leaders; his Saturday training session was great and added several new DLs to the seriously deficient number.

New Agenda Items:

    1) Saul made a motion to allow Sterling Collins to become a Novice windsurfer after he passes the test. Motion passed, unanimous approval. A friendly additional amendment includes a free membership for Sterling.

    2) Beth made a motion to approve Attilla’s Fast Track Senior Sailing Project. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    3) Peter K. moved to spend $300 on a dock cart for the Sunday morning sailboat racers to carry their buoys and anchors to the dock and back. Motion denied, six opposed, two abstentions.

    3) Cal Berkeley Architecture graduate students Jeff and Chris are designing the proposed CSC clubhouse under the direction of their UCB supervisor. They welcome any CSC members who would like to view the project at the School of Architecture at UC Berkeley. In developing a relationship with Cal Sailing Club, the graduate students are willing to sign a waiver of liability and plan to build the new clubhouse in sections at the UCB campus. The collaboration with CSC, deadline, and project management, is under discussion. Jeff and Chris will provide a detailed schedule from August on, with costs. Proposed deadlines include: Sept. 24th, design, Oct. 17th, site plan, Oct 30, final report. It was mentioned that the Dec.8th deadline was not a good time to build clubhouse. Peter Kuhn motioned to give free memberships to all U.C. Berkeley Architecture students who are working on the project. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    4) Saul made a motion to allow Andreas to give Junior windsurfing tests. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    5) Our Stellar Day Leader Fred, has changed the tide chart to reflect club openings at 1.7 ft. instead of the unrealistic 1 ft. Thanks very much Fred.

    6) Calling all Seniors to teach the Wednesday night keelboat lessons. Several Seniors teach all of the time, but we need more volunteers.

    Saul motioned to adjourn. Motion passed with unanimous approval.